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kisses from kitties

oh gosh


so i got my matriculation exam results. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, YOU GUYS. i'm going to graduate, asljfkls thank god. they went as followed:

english: L
finnish: L
swedish: M (one point from an E!)
psychology: C
philosophy: M

and it goes like this, from the best to the worst: L, E, M, C, B, A, and I. asljflsd. i don't think i really believed i'd get laudatur in both english and finnish but. but. it's funny, though, because when my sister got the mail and told me my results had come, i was all sorts of nervous about it, but right now, it doesn't feel like a big deal at all, even though it sort of is.

but crappity crap, graduation's next week. i just about have my dress, and that's it, haven't got any shoes yet not to mention the student cap and all the preparations and and and. ;_; WAI U SO SOON, WAI WAI.

also, annabean, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. you made me curious, and, and, IT'S YOUR FAULT. (ie. i've now watched the last two sundays' episodes of inspector hathaway lewis and WHY IS HATHAWAY SO CHARMING. he's like, he's so. and he's just. HOW IS HE SO BRILLIANT. i don't even know what, exactly, it is about him but he's just. he's just brilliant.

askljfdl last episode of the friday night project was the one with john barrowman. :DD christ, that's one great episode, there literally wasn't a minute that went without me laughing like a mad person. :D also i'm going to be very, very mad if they don't show the catherine tate show christmas special with colin morgan. because frankly, that's too good not to see properly in the telly. 8D

and new layout, too! basically because the old one looked fugly with the ads coming back and all. :D
kisses from kitties

i think i'm getting the hang of this deception lark.


.day seven

so i went to sleep half past six in the morning, when dad left for work. (that's actually when he left. is he insane? who leaves that early for work? especially considering that he could be there, like, at nine.) i ... got distracted and lost track of time? :D

but it was, idk, nice, i guess. it's sort of reminded me of last summer, when i used to go to bed in the mornings, see the sunrise, fall asleep to birds singing. and then my cat totally hopped onto my bed and drooled on me, but that's just normal.

i cannot get over how beautiful sorgarstef is. it's just. first time i heard it, i cried like a baby, i'm not kidding. this is. this is the piece that makes me want to learn how to play the piano. this is the piece that makes me just, just sit here, that makes me want to cry, and everything's so sad and beautiful and alright. this is it.

and i can't actually remember what else was particularly good that day. i have a sucky memory, i know, i'm sorry.

.day eight finally


... and actually this was yesterday, and i cannot honestly remember what happened yesterday. um. yeah! a friend invited me to come along with her and her mum (and her mum's friend, too, i think) next week when they celebrate may day. i don't know yet if i'll go, but it was nice of them to invite me.

i also got drooled on by one of our cats again. (and it happened today, as well.) it's like her morning's not complete if my bed's not all filled with cat hair and dubious splotches that may or may not be kitty-slobber. haha, but it's all good, at least she wakes me up before noon. 8D

also, you know, i'm sort of starting to really like arthur. not that i didn't before, because he's definitely one of my favourites in merlin, but. but, well. i always like the merlins more than i like the arthurs, but this is really starting to get insanely ridiculous, because it's like arthur icons here, there, everywhere. or maybe i just can't find the good ones of merlin. (also: merlin would be a wonderful pocahontas. isn't arthur perfect as john smith, and gaius as the ... whatitsface tree?)

annnnd new lay ♥ PRAT PRAT PRAT, and all that. i'm probably going to change it again sometime soon, because this one hates me like a mad hating thing, and i had to have a long and fierce battle with it until i got it to work properly. (it still doesn't.) but y'know. it's merlin, and it's got green thingamies (i.e. spring!) so i had to. :D
kisses from kitties

just another soldier on a road to nowhere.

new lay! i actually really like it, all of it, and the spn header is just what i needed. oh oh, and new userinfo, too! i was going to put a picture there, too, but damn it, it kept fucking it all up so i gave up. 8D

on shows:

FIRSTLY. i think i should watch merlin. no, i really, really do. like, seriously. right now. this moment. because you know what? this pretty much convinced me.

SECONDLY. i hate you all who have been fanbratting stargate atlantis and made me watch it and i saw the first ep (okay, not wholly yet, but still) and I HATE YOU ALL HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET INTO YET ANOTHER FANDOM BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME AND I CAN'T RESIST WHY OH WHY. also i haven't even seen the first ep wholly yet and already JOHN SHEPPARD OWNS MY BLACK LITTLE HEART. WHAT.

and i found this little meme that sounded sort of fun;

Put your iTunes collection on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

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kisses from kitties

123456 9 or 10.

changed the lay entirely. i missed the jackianto one, so. ♥

aaaand a few more questions from annabean hikuttaja!

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also, because i'm unable to resist a fun meme, i stole one from popkin16:

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

Tag eight people to do this meme and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag that person back. Continue this meme by sending it to other people. i hate tagging. hatehatehate. so no tagging. do it if you want. 8D

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okay, and now it's far too late (or far too early) and ldjfkls;lfkjdls sleep. ta-ta. ♥
kisses from kitties


new layout at sapphirestar_ ♥ not really new, just the header. doesn't really fit, either, but who cares, since it's 104. :D

also, i realise i should do stuff. like, school stuff. do the art project (wednesday, it's not here yet, is it?) and read to the tests (that start the day after tomorrow) and other such useless drivel.

but i won't. not today. not really. because a) i am lazy, b) persona 3 is awaiting and, finally, c) DO. NOT. WANT. okay.

ta. ♥

eta: there are no words as to how much i love gareth david-lloyd. none, okay. i love that man. he's too precious. 'cheerio, god save the queen, let's talk fisting!'

eta ii: forgot to mention: finland > sweden at ice hockey. PWNS, OKAY. WE ROXXORZ. >D ... >_>