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MUSE, 22.10.2009



it was just so awesome, i just, i can't even. i'm still all sorts of asd;alfjls;sljs about it, and oh my god, SO AWESOME. i just. i just really can't wrap my head around it. i actually saw them live. just. so, so awesome.

(the only not-so-good thing about it was that we had places pretty high up, and it was ridiculously steep and there was no railing, and we were half-afraid we'd all fall down. hartwall areena's not the biggest ever, but it's still pretty damn huge. :D but it was good, we saw pretty much everything from there and ahhhhhhhh MUSE.)


01. uprising
02. resistance
03. new born
04. map of the problematique
05. supermassive black hole
06. guiding light
07. interlude
08. hysteria
09. united states of eurasia
10. cave
11. unintended
12. undisclosed desires
13. starlight
14. plug in baby
15. time is running out
16. unnatural selection


17. exogenesis: symphony, part one: overture
18. stockholm syndrome
19. knights of cydonia

... i mean. goddamn. they actually finished with knights of cydonia, and that was, like, the song i was waiting to hear and ASD;ALFJDL;ALFJDL;ALJFLD I'VE HEARD KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA LIVE MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE.

also also also ahhhhhhhhh EXOGENESIS. i just. god, i just sat there and stared, because it was just that fantastic, such a spectacle. every damn minute of it, the light show (asd;aljl god, the intro, just, oh oh oh) and and and and and EVERYTHING. and MAP OF THE PROBLEMATIQUE GOD YES. they played pretty much all my favourites, and the only song i wanted to hear but didn't was assassin, but still, god. like. STARLIGHT. AND. AND EURASIA AND ASDS;LFKJDKLMALJFDL UNDISCLOSED DESIRES OH MY GOD THAT WAS JUST SO MINDBOGGLINGLY PERFECT. AND DID I SAY KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA BECAUSE THAT WAS LIKE AHHHH ASD;ALJFLD;ALJFLDK.

i mean, i was there with three of my friends, and one of them's never really even been that huge a fan of muse, but she, too, was absolutely blown away, utterly amazed and she totally loved all of it. and the audience was so into it, too, which made it even better, if at all possible.

and and and AHHHH STILL SPAZZING AND FLAILING MADLY. BECAUSE MUSE! i don't think it's really sunk in yet, that i've actually seem them live now, something i've been wanting do since two years ago and asd;ljkfkls;alkjfls YES YES YES.

just. asd;aljfls NO WORDS. SO BRILLIANT. \o/ ♥
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kisses from kitties

who was that pointy-eared bastard?

• i've lately been quite enamoured with bob dylan's times they are a-changin' and simon & garfunkel's the sound of silence. ♥ idk, i finally listened to the watchmen soundtrack, and i just lovelovelove them.

• so i got tickets to muse's concert, and it took me TWO. GODDAMN. HOURS, OKAY. nnaaaaargh, i can't even believe it. crappy seats, but seats nonetheless, so hey, it's still good. and i got my ruisrock ticket today, too, omfg. eeeee!

• i finally saw star trek today, and oh. my. fucking. god. it was just absolutely brilliant. i want to see it again, and again, and again. and I CAN'T BELIEVE I TOTALLY MISSED CARSON PAUL MCGILLION. ;__; he was there for like a second, but still. butbutbutbut. oh my god, it was so good. and i wasn't expecting eric bana to be there, i so did not. i didn't even recognise him at first, what. and anton yelchin was amazing, ahahaha, he was adorable. ♥ and KARL URBAN OH MY GOD NO WONDER CHRIS PINE'S GOT A MANCRUSH ON HIM, because he was brilliant, nnnngh. and. and SPOCK. AND KIRK. AND SPOCK. AND KIRK. SPOCK AND KIRK. KIRK'N'SPOCK. i might be just a little bit in love, i admit, oh my god. i'm still sort of flailing here. i really, really want to see this movie again. they were just all so. goddamn. good, asd;fldjsl. although i gotta admit the uhura/spock came as a surprise, because it was so random. but i didn't dislike it or anything, i just went sort of huhwhat.

YO, PEOPLE. i wouldn't be opposed to some kirk/spock (or kirk/mccoy, even) fic recs. really. i wouldn't. it'd be quite fabulous, and i would pretty much love you forever. please? ♥

also, i've decided there are reincarnations that go like this: arthur & merlin → john & rodney → kirk & spock. obviously.

also. oh god. today i went insane. because, you see, today, i had the craziest thought that lady gaga's love games is the most perfect crackalicious song for castieldean, i am not even kidding. it scares me that i'm seriously thinking this. BUT DON'T YOU AGREE? it's, you know. it's complicated and stupid, got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid, guess he wants to play, wants to play, a love game, a love game and the disco stick and OH MY GOD IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. i-i really need to see a crack!fst right about now, hahahahahaha. lily allen's fuck you's also sort of perfect concerning the angels; with love, dean. l-lol.

um. alright, i'm off to watch grey's anatomy and downloading first episode of st:tos and finding me some gorgeous icons of kirk and spock.
kisses from kitties

a la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long.

nnnnaaaargh, i am so behind on my flist reading. but then, it's been one hell of a weekend.

so. A LOT OF STUFF'S HAPPENED, but i'm too lazy to write detailed descriptions, so the short version:

→ i graduated from upper secondary school on saturday. i was pretty nervous, but it went fine. i got two scholarships (i'm not quite sure that's the right word to use, but i got awarded for showing great skills in english and some other thing i didn't really get, um) and JESUS MY FEET WERE DEAD AT THE END OF THE DAY. but it was nice, our relatives came over to celebrate and later two of my friends came, too, and we had a really good time. ♥

→ on sunday i went to linnanmäki with a friend. (it's a sort of an amusement park.) hee, i'd forgotten how fun it is to sort of succumb to the horrified laughter that's inevitable when in some of the more scary rides. (we went to space shot for the first time, asd;fldjs, I WAS SCREAMING SO HARD OMFG.)

and, you know, SUMMER VACATION. now it finally feels like it, too, despite the fact that my school's been over for a few months already. and it's been so warm, too, eeeee. (i already have a bit of a sunburn.)

and i'm thinking about going to the ruisrock festival in july. the thing is, i'd like to, i'd really really like to, because there's been all this awesome planning about it but. IT COSTS SO MUCH. DDDD: so i'm not really sure yet. (even though i sort of am. i'm pretty sure i've actually decided already, but i'm just in denial and haven't bought the ticket yet.)


considering that i missed their last concert because of some stupid, silly reasons (ie. we were being DUMB) i am not going to miss this one, asd;lfkjdsl.

oh my god i'm so excited already. MUSE. MUSEMUSEMUSEMUSEMUSE. :DDDDDDD

and, also, because my posts wouldn't be mine if there weren't some otp fangirling: shelter is one of the most adorable movies i have ever seen. i mean it. i watched it last night and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i'm still squealing about it, just, randomly going all "asd;fldkjsl so cute so cute so cute i can't stand it eeeeeeeee" and, and SHAUNYPOO and COOOOOOODY and ahahahaha i really loved gabe ridiculously much considering he wasn't very much in it, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and, well. just, you know. watch it, if you can. ♥

also i had this epic lulz-moment today when i was re-watching doctor who, season two, and i watched the girl in the fireplace and OMG THAT'S MERLIN!GWEN WHUT. i so wasn't expecting her to be there. it was bad enough when uther anthony head was in the previous episode and all i could think about was uther gone alien. ;_; :DD

and now, yeah, SLEEP. :D