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I HAD A MOMENT OF STUPID. UTTER, UTTER STUPID, OKAY, because today i had my english reading comprehension and fuck fuck fuckity fuck, okay, because i did NOT write the title before for the essay. FUCK, I'M TELLING YOU. FUCK.

i don't know, it all went well, it was relatively easy and the essay was a even easier and, and, i just ... my brain went boinks! and i just sort of ... alhfl,ljhfld i didn't know if i should put the title there or not and then i didn't and now everyone's all "omg of course there's gotta be a title!" and i'm just. i don't know if they take points away if you don't put the title there. i did put the number, but. shit. shit.

i will be so angry with myself if the whole thing fucks itself up because i didn't write the title. i already am, but. ljdf;fdlkld. D: and then there's the history/culture thing to do till thursday at the latest, and the matriculation exam for philosophy on wednesday, and just. i am so exhausted.

also, i had this meme lying about:

jessicamee gave me p:

o1. prose. ♥
o2. pterodactyl = myfanwy = torchwood = jackianto. i love my logic.
o3. potter-series. seriously, i will never leave the fandom. it's a curse. XD;
o4. pikku prinssi, which is le petit prince in finnish, omg. ♥
o5. persona 3, which is one of the most awesome games ever, okay. akihikominato, omg, ahahah.
o6. padacocklecki. and that's basically supernatural, right?
o7. pöllö & pp is what my sister calls our cats, even though their names are uuno & jojo. so yeah. :D
o8. pancakes, because food? life.
o9. phantasmagorical. i love that word. surreal, surreal.
1o. peter & wendy. i want to go to neverland.

+ tons of bands and artists and songs. oh yeah.

i need to do the pairings!meme and the hot people!meme that i've somewhere around here but haven't actually got around to doing. it'd certainly make me feel better. XD;;