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kisses from kitties


new layout at sapphirestar_ ♥ not really new, just the header. doesn't really fit, either, but who cares, since it's 104. :D

also, i realise i should do stuff. like, school stuff. do the art project (wednesday, it's not here yet, is it?) and read to the tests (that start the day after tomorrow) and other such useless drivel.

but i won't. not today. not really. because a) i am lazy, b) persona 3 is awaiting and, finally, c) DO. NOT. WANT. okay.

ta. ♥

eta: there are no words as to how much i love gareth david-lloyd. none, okay. i love that man. he's too precious. 'cheerio, god save the queen, let's talk fisting!'

eta ii: forgot to mention: finland > sweden at ice hockey. PWNS, OKAY. WE ROXXORZ. >D ... >_>