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kisses from kitties

i met a soldier in a bar. long story.

oh my god. i just. oh my god, doctor who, just. amazing. utterly, so, so amazing. oh. my god. that ending. and i was so pleased with it and so incredibly sad, and it was just brilliant. so, so brilliant.

because. those last three episodes, i just. i don't know. i absolutely loved turn left. but then i watched the stolen earth and i loved that even more. and then came journey's end, and. i just cried. those last ten or so minutes, i just cried. ;___; ... which seems to be a recurring theme because i did that back in both series two and three finales. but yeah. yes. and donna, oh my god. and, and rose, i don't know if i should be happy, or sad, and i think i'm a bit of both, really, and. oh, doctor. i never really thought i'd love this series as much as i do now, but i do. just. no words.

(also yes, GRATUITOUS FANGIRLING AHEAD because OH. MY. GOD. IT'S. IANTO. asdfj;lasjdfj,,,,,,♥. i couldn't stop grinning and jumping up and down in my seat when team torchwood came on screen. should i be worried? because OH MY GOD. AND BADASSING ALL AROUND THE WORLD not to mention the blatant jackianto scenes AND COULD IT GET ANY BETTER.)

i need a rose icon. and a martha icon. and a donna icon. and, um. moar torchwood icons? NO ICON SPACE. D:

i just. i don't even know what to say anymore. it was just amazing, all of it, whole of season four, just amazing. ♥♥♥