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take a sad song and make it better.

and may all your christmases be white.

i suddenly got inspired to write a bit of a fluffy ficlet, because when's the time for fluff if not at christmas? ♥

spn. castieldean.
close your eyes now, if only for a moment
for it's time you get some rest
; assemblage 23

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and it's now almost two in the morning, i'm getting sleepy, and tomorrow it's time for tea and children's programs and good food and an all-around awesome day, so i think this'll be it for now. ♥

kisses from kitties

between us i see; spn.

so this is old. i wrote this for the dean/castiel roll the dice challenge, and that was ages ago. and since it's buried somewhere in the first page (i think?) i've decided to post it here, as well, because a) if my computer dies a fiery death again, i'll have it here, safe and sound, and b) i'm ridiculously meticulous about having all my fic in one place, ie. my memories. SO THERE.

♥ enjoy?

theme 1 - hugging ; between us i see ; 543 words.
(sort of) established relationship.

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kisses from kitties

the heroes are dead; spn.

goddamn, i wrote supernatural fic. and i finished it, even! it feels like this isn't fully finished yet, like there should be something else, something more. but i don't want to force it, so. here it is, done. 8D

.the heroes are dead
pairing castieldean [spn]
words ~2,300
rating pg

Dean is tense, spine coiled, all sharp angles and rough edges, and Castiel doesn't know how to make it better. He cannot make Dean forget. He cannot make Dean forgive, cannot make him forgive himself. But he can help, he can aid Dean in his time of need, and he does.

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