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glomping santa clause since '90

and may all your christmases be white.

despite eljay grinching christmas, i felt like writing something fluffy. that something fluffy turned out to be not christmas-related at all, but who cares? i actually managed to write something not totally horrible, so i thought i'd share! ♥

H50. dannysteve.
the planets bend between us; a hundred million suns and stars
the sea filled in this silence before you sank those words
and now even in the darkness i can see how happy you are
; snow patrol.

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but now, it's getting late and despite being twenty-one, i'll want to wake up early tomorrow for tea and children's programs. also because our cat will wake me up with her yowling, but that's irrelevant. there's no snow and i don't really feel like it's christmas yet, but the tree's decorated and tomorrow will be awesome, so hey, all of you darlings: