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you meowed your way into my heart; 104


i can't believe i forgot watanuki's birthday. I'M SO SORRY, HUGGLEBUNNY. i'm sure doumeki'd be happy to make it up to you. but in the meantime, have some nice watanuki torture. ♥

you meowed your way into my heart
pairing 104 / douwata
words ~2,400
rating pg?
notes i'm not entirely sure about this fic - it's been ages since i finished a douwata fic, so i'm pretty nervous about whether or not i can still write them in character enough. *cries in corner* i-i hope i've succeeded. ;o;
summary in which doumeki may or may not have turned into a cat, yuuko continues to remain mysterious and inconceivably evil, and watanuki goes not-so-quietly insane.

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it's 104 day ♥

& it's 10:11 luxordmarluxia WHUT pm here and little less than two hours until the 104 day ends. because i forgot all about it. don't kill? just ... maim a bit? and stuff. and spent all day playing kh ii. which is irrelevant, but, ahaha. riku's a good distraction. so yeah, two hours to go and OMG I MUST NOW WRITE 104 FIC. QUICKLY, QUICKLY. OH SNAPS.


12:49 pm; wrote it.
1:03 am; posted it. O SHIZZLE, I DIDN'T MAKE IT. i ... was distracted by this fic i read?

also, because doumeki always seems to be the one making the first move, and i thought, oh, what the hell, why not shake it up a little, a bit? xD;

so happy 104 day, you insane people, and hopefully our boys got their shit together and actually, y'know, did something good like i dunno, shag, maybe? and were able to give us fanbrats lots to squeal about. ♥

a sliver of dissonance.
pairing 104
rating pg

The shadows fall into place, shading Watanuki's eyes and mouth, makes the curve of his shoulders look soft and fragile (a tiny push and he'd fall into pieces, and Doumeki holds still, holds quiet, doesn't move but for the whisper-sigh of exhale, inhale, exhale again).

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like a punch.

... so i wrote a fic.

a birthday fic for popkin16, who requested jealous!watanuki. i admit, there's not much jealousy going on here at all, for which i'm sorry - it was supposed to be this short, lighthearted thing, but it expanded and grew and wouldn't fucking stop and i had no idea what i'd unleashed upon the world done. er. (in my mind, doumeki has a rather unhealthy bordering on disturbing obsession with inarizushi. do forgive. xD)

also, something noteworthy: it's over 4,500 words long. 4,500, what is this. I DON'T WRITE FICS THAT LONG. I DON'T. WHUT.

a romance, of a sort. (or: how watanuki went insane.)
pairing 104
rating pg
Minutes pass, three, seven, thirteen. Only after a good amount of time does Doumeki break the silence, his voice soft and inquiring and odd mix of hopeful and pleased as he says, "Watanuki? Are you asleep?"

Watanuki doesn't answer.

"Goodnight, Watanuki." There's soft white noise, and then Doumeki's voice crackles from the phone. "Kimihiro. Kimihiro, I–" He hangs up.

Watanuki clutches the phone tightly in his hand, and continues to breathe in the same, rhythmic pattern until he falls asleep.

so happy extremely belated birthday, melissa, and i hope you like your gift. ♥

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i has fic?


i have come to the realisation that 104 is hard to write. because:

a) they are far too extreme and who the hell is like that, really, and

b) they don't swear. seriously. i swear. i do. so much. i like putting the odd 'fuck' and such in my fics, because it feels more natural and real like that. but 104? no. they don't say 'fuck'. WHY WON'T THEY, DAMN IT.

so i wrote the follow-up to the follow-up. alk;lfdksl. it went from fun to it will rot your teeth in seconds!fluffy IN A SNAP. OH SNAP. oh my god the fluff, seriously. ;__;

also, i'm slightly amused how the spell check wants to change 'watanuki' to 'titanic', 'tangy' and 'wonky'.

the method of getting together despite questionable intellectual capacities. [doumekiwatanuki - in which there finally is a confrontation. pg-13. continuation to the method of saying what you really mean and the method of keeping quiet.]

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a little bit of you makes me your man.

okay so, know what i did? i was drawing a doumekiwatanuki fanart, and guess what. guess. go on, i dare you. i bet you won't.

... i almost, accidentally, drew doumeki with an afro. i shit you not. it was like. my hand sort of went up and down and before i knew it, BAM! there it was, and oh my god he looked so ridiculous i wanted to cry. XDD

also, see, it's summer. well, nearly - today was my last test (philosophy) and, so, practically the vacation's begun even though officially it hasn't. but who cares, right? no school in two days, at least. woot!

and, to celebrate, i wrote ... fic? i have no idea. but still.

the method of saying what you really mean. [doumekiwatanuki - in which watanuki writes a list and is all-around awkward. pg.]

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woah, RETURN OF THE 104.

title: some moments last forever (and some flare out with love love love).
fandom: xxxholic.
theme: 10; just a memory
pairing: doumekiwatanuki.
rating: um. pg?
disclaimer: IF ONLY. D:
summary: five different times doumeki and watanuki didn't find each other. (+one time they do.)
a/n: written for 30_hugs.

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did i do all that and more?

i hear my friend's little brother (whose birthday was the 1st of april) always told their mum when they were small that 'i'm your april fool's'. idk, that's cute. and i thought of watanuki, and of doumeki, and wrote this in an, uh, hour? ... though i should be reading right now since it's actually test week, but nah. who cares?

asleep on a sunbeam. [doumekiwatanuki, hints at r - established relationship]

Doumeki chuckles and presses a kiss on Watanuki's brow. "You alright?"

the sad things is - this might be the dirtiest i've ever written. and considering there's no actual dirty.

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title: here where the daylight begins.
fandom: xxxholic.
theme: 17; orange; color
pairing: doumekiwatanuki.
rating: pg, probably. or less.
disclaimer: nah, sadly.
summary: Watanuki is almost ethereal in the early morning light, and Doumeki wants to treasure this moment, lock it away in his memories and keep it there, suspended.
a/n: written for 30_hugs, and because i read one of the angstiest fics ever, i needed something happy. sort of. title shamelessly stolen loaned from vienna teng's harbor.

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hyuu~~ douwata time! ♥

i wanted to write kiddie!douwata, but when i did, it just sucked. liek woah. and it made me mad and depressed. and so i finished a fic that's been somewhat ready for a week now:

title: merits of passing notes, or: doumeki's great plan to get in watanuki's pants.
summary: passing notes in class has never been a good idea. not that doumeki cares. [doumekiwatanuki. pg-13?]
a/n: i'm not entirely pleased with this, but, oh well. it's slightly au, in a way. and i've really no idea where the hell this came from :o ... but doumeki'd totally use smiley faces in notes. IT IS ONLY LOGICAL. >D

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