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between us i see; spn.

so this is old. i wrote this for the dean/castiel roll the dice challenge, and that was ages ago. and since it's buried somewhere in the first page (i think?) i've decided to post it here, as well, because a) if my computer dies a fiery death again, i'll have it here, safe and sound, and b) i'm ridiculously meticulous about having all my fic in one place, ie. my memories. SO THERE.

♥ enjoy?

theme 1 - hugging ; between us i see ; 543 words.
(sort of) established relationship.

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kisses from kitties

michael sat on my knees, and whispered to me all about the meanies.

changed my layout! ♥ :D

and this, because perhaps, with some luck, it'll help me get rid of this sucky writer's block i've had for some time now:

Post one-to-two sentences of every unfinished piece of writing you have, fic or non; maybe it will motivate you to finish.

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yeah, not so much the "every unfinished piece", it's just the most recent ones. and now, sleepy tiems. about time, too, considering the fact that i've almost fallen asleep three times this last hour or so. ta-ta! ♥
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kisses from kitties

the return of the insane, or: sga ficlet.


i'm sort of back. i say sort of, because i've had a new hard drive since monday, but i've been busy getting everything working again, deleting everything that's been damaged, and going through all the stuff that's worth keeping (which, unfortunately, hasn't been half as much as i'd've liked) so i haven't had the chance to respond to comments yet. and i've been going through the comms, too, asd;fldj. jesus, but people at deancastiel have been busy. THERE'S LIKE OVER A HUNDRED PAGES OH MAN OH MAN.

every wordpad file i had is now utterly destroyed, which, well, sucks. it's not a big deal about all the random fics i'd started (most of them like, a line or two long) and i don't care about the various school stuff i'd had there, but i'm really frustrated about the few fics that i'd almost finished. sga, spn, 104, just, what the fuck. my epic 104 fic of angst and doom is gone, and i'd been working on it for over a year and it was MY BABY. AND IT'S GONE. DDD: (popkin16, that includes the rodneyjohn rec list i promised you, so i'm sorry, but it'll take even longer now. /w-wibble)

fortunately, most of the icons i'd saved seem to be alright, at least, so that's something. :D

a-and i just spent half an hour writing a small rodneyjohn ficlet, oh my god, it was so random. i read something about a fest including rodney, john, a bed, sandwiches, and making out, and i was ... inspired. um. i'm still really insecure about my rodney, i have no idea.

sga. rodneyjohn.
sunrise in the morning, stay awhile, you know that i'll be thinking of you now and everyday ; frank sinatra.

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kisses from kitties

you meowed your way into my heart; 104


i can't believe i forgot watanuki's birthday. I'M SO SORRY, HUGGLEBUNNY. i'm sure doumeki'd be happy to make it up to you. but in the meantime, have some nice watanuki torture. ♥

you meowed your way into my heart
pairing 104 / douwata
words ~2,400
rating pg?
notes i'm not entirely sure about this fic - it's been ages since i finished a douwata fic, so i'm pretty nervous about whether or not i can still write them in character enough. *cries in corner* i-i hope i've succeeded. ;o;
summary in which doumeki may or may not have turned into a cat, yuuko continues to remain mysterious and inconceivably evil, and watanuki goes not-so-quietly insane.

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kisses from kitties

the heroes are dead; spn.

goddamn, i wrote supernatural fic. and i finished it, even! it feels like this isn't fully finished yet, like there should be something else, something more. but i don't want to force it, so. here it is, done. 8D

.the heroes are dead
pairing castieldean [spn]
words ~2,300
rating pg

Dean is tense, spine coiled, all sharp angles and rough edges, and Castiel doesn't know how to make it better. He cannot make Dean forget. He cannot make Dean forgive, cannot make him forgive himself. But he can help, he can aid Dean in his time of need, and he does.

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kisses from kitties

and may all your christmases be white.

a bit of a fluffy ficlet (written in, like, thirty minutes, omg) because it's christmas and i wanted desperately to write something, but i didn't know what. so i wrote this. ♥ (googling is my friend, because math sucks. or i do, either way. :D)

sga. rodneyjohn.
these comforting sounds you make ; mew.

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also: it's 3:02 am and it's christmas. it doesn't really feel like it yet, but the tree's decorated and the tomorrow we'll eat loads of yummy food and omg, it's even snowed and i should reallyreally go to sleep because it's children's programs time tomorrow morning. ♥ :D

so hey, you all crazy people:

kisses from kitties

i has fic?


i have come to the realisation that 104 is hard to write. because:

a) they are far too extreme and who the hell is like that, really, and

b) they don't swear. seriously. i swear. i do. so much. i like putting the odd 'fuck' and such in my fics, because it feels more natural and real like that. but 104? no. they don't say 'fuck'. WHY WON'T THEY, DAMN IT.

so i wrote the follow-up to the follow-up. alk;lfdksl. it went from fun to it will rot your teeth in seconds!fluffy IN A SNAP. OH SNAP. oh my god the fluff, seriously. ;__;

also, i'm slightly amused how the spell check wants to change 'watanuki' to 'titanic', 'tangy' and 'wonky'.

the method of getting together despite questionable intellectual capacities. [doumekiwatanuki - in which there finally is a confrontation. pg-13. continuation to the method of saying what you really mean and the method of keeping quiet.]

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kisses from kitties

woah, RETURN OF THE 104.

title: some moments last forever (and some flare out with love love love).
fandom: xxxholic.
theme: 10; just a memory
pairing: doumekiwatanuki.
rating: um. pg?
disclaimer: IF ONLY. D:
summary: five different times doumeki and watanuki didn't find each other. (+one time they do.)
a/n: written for 30_hugs.

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