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by golly, jim, i'm beginning to think i can cure a rainy day!

yoinked from half the flist!

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!


1. torchwood & doctor who because they're obvs the same shut up
2. merlin
3. supernatural
4. stargate atlantis
5. star trek: the original series

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and that's that. except i'd really planned to rewatch the whole of supernatural before the fifth season starts, but it's not quite going as well as i'd hoped. i just saw 1.14, nightmare, and i'm thinking i'm maybe running a little short on time. um. yeah. 8D also, so behind on my flist. ;_; I'LL CATCH UP, I SWEAR.

i blame the sudden but inevitable onslaught of arthurmerlin cravings i've had these past few days. also, now, SLEEP. and it's not even midnight yet! A MIRACLE! ta-ta! ♥
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you love me in your heart.


1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

tagging: ... well, no one. if you feel like doing this, consider yourself tagged! except annabean, you should definitely do this, and laura, you too, because frankly, i just like bullying you.

• scissor sisters' i can't decide - i've missed this song so so much and aaah, dw, and, and the master, and i really need to rewatch the whole show. and also midnight, because again, colin morgan. (though of course he'd be in the one episode that's the most creepy of them all. um, but not including blink. because that episode freaks me out far too much.)

persona 4 and the crossdressing. it was fabulous. especially when dad walked past me and i could see him thinking what the hell is she playing, is that a man in a dress? and yes, fabulous.

• it was incredibly sunny today. ♥ not particularly warm, because the wind was cold, but still, it's spring!

• this video i saw in nebulia's journal. i urge you all to see it, i do. it doesn't matter what mood you're in, because if you're sad or angry, it'll make you smile. if you're happy, well, it'll make you even happier. plus, there's tj thyne, omg bones!hodgins ♥!

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do you see what i mean? ever since i saw it, i've been grinning like a lunatic, it's completely mad and i love it, i love that whenever i think about it, i smile instantly, i just completely and utterly adore it.

• i'm down to the last five pages of hal duncan's ink. i feel sort of sad, because it's one of the most amazing books i've ever read, but at the same time, it's good, because now i can continue reading other books, too.

• i've started to rewatch merlin. next: the mark of nimueh, and then THE POISONED CHALICE AND OH, I'LL GO PICK YOU FLOWERS, MERLIN, AND OH ARTHUR, I'LL LIGHT UP YOUR WAY WITH THIS INCREDIBLE BALL OF LIGHT EVEN THOUGH I'M DYING AND STUFF. and this actually happens. like, literally.

and again it's a quarter past one at night, w-what is this. :D
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subtle grace of gravity.


it is time, as always, for the end of the year meme. (i actually did this a few days ago, but i never got around to posting it, so.)

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i. i think i've learned how to appreciate tea. i've never much liked it before, even though i occasionally drank it, but. african rooibos can be very addictive. seriously, i've maybe had it like, four nights in a row now, and it's come to the point where i'm soothed just by the smell of it. should i be worried? because it's tea. (it still tastes odd, at times, but that's when i drink it too fast. also, cold tea is just vile.)



iv. so i finally saw the dark knight. and. and. ohmygod, heath ledger. seriously, he is chilling. THAT GIGGLE, ALJF;FLDJKFLD. and, and the scene where he has the knife inside that dude's mouth is just, alfjds, holy shit. and aaron eckhart was fantastic - i'd never seen him before but omg. AWESOMESAUCE.

v. and ohmygod aljkd;fljdsldf MY SISTER AND I BOUGHT STARGATE ATLANTIS SEASONS ONE AND TWO A FEW DAYS AGO AND ALFJ;FLDKJLFJDLJFLASJLA and i wanted to buy the third and fourth seasons too, but it would've been too expensive and THERE ARE BLOOPERS IN SEASON FOUR. *flails* i cannot wait to actually, y'know, own them all and afsdjlf!!! ♥♥♥ !!! I AM DYING OF GLEE.

and i've now seen up to nine episodes from season two and aljfd;fldjs RONON. I AM NOT KIDDING. THAT MAN. ASLKJF;FDLJFSAS. *flails* why am i suddenly craving rononjohn? omg. and and and duet and rodney's (cadman's?) conversation with carson and his pose, ohmygod, the dinner and his little mm at the end and aljf;lfjkdsljf it had me rolling on the couch, okay. xD;

vi. THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR. OHMYGOSH. MATT SMITH. who is this guy? i've never heard of him. i'm not gonna decide anything yet - i'll wait 'til i've seen his first episode as the doctor, and then see if he's any good. i hope he is, i really do. he seems spazzy enough. 8D BUT I WILL MISS TENNANT. I WILL MISS HIM SO MUCH. but i'm sort of excited about it, too, because alfjkl !!! NEW DOCTOR. :DD

and i probably meant to say something else, but i can't remember. xD; TA-TA. ♥
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i met a soldier in a bar. long story.

oh my god. i just. oh my god, doctor who, just. amazing. utterly, so, so amazing. oh. my god. that ending. and i was so pleased with it and so incredibly sad, and it was just brilliant. so, so brilliant.

because. those last three episodes, i just. i don't know. i absolutely loved turn left. but then i watched the stolen earth and i loved that even more. and then came journey's end, and. i just cried. those last ten or so minutes, i just cried. ;___; ... which seems to be a recurring theme because i did that back in both series two and three finales. but yeah. yes. and donna, oh my god. and, and rose, i don't know if i should be happy, or sad, and i think i'm a bit of both, really, and. oh, doctor. i never really thought i'd love this series as much as i do now, but i do. just. no words.

(also yes, GRATUITOUS FANGIRLING AHEAD because OH. MY. GOD. IT'S. IANTO. asdfj;lasjdfj,,,,,,♥. i couldn't stop grinning and jumping up and down in my seat when team torchwood came on screen. should i be worried? because OH MY GOD. AND BADASSING ALL AROUND THE WORLD not to mention the blatant jackianto scenes AND COULD IT GET ANY BETTER.)

i need a rose icon. and a martha icon. and a donna icon. and, um. moar torchwood icons? NO ICON SPACE. D:

i just. i don't even know what to say anymore. it was just amazing, all of it, whole of season four, just amazing. ♥♥♥