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thank pitchforks and pointed ears.


.day eight

i. today i woke up to david hewlett tweets! ♥

ii. saw three clips from next week's supernatural episode here. there be awesomesauce! (and spoilers. obviously.)

iii. more top gear! more rewatching of crusoe! more bones!

iv. also, 2.13 of star trek. it was quite the lulz. as they, um, usually are. it's slow going, i know, but hopefully it won't take too long to watch seasons two and three and then, finally, see the incredibly gay that is the search for spock the movies.

v. this. l-lol what.

vi. found this misha interview and ohhhh man, yes. Collapse )

but i think it's sleepy tiems for me now. it's only 1:59 am but i'm sort of falling asleep here anyway. ta-ta! ♥
kisses from kitties

when god is gone and the devil takes hold, who'll have mercy on your soul?


.day six

i. i finally bought mew's newest album today! ♥

ii. i've absolutely no idea what it's called (china-mix, it says) but it's quickly becoming my favourite food. it's sort of ... fried rice, peas and maize, and curry powder and. stuff. it's quite simple, but it's delicious!

iii. episode 1.02 of the mentalist. i'm really starting to love this show, ohgosh. (plus, the boy from the episode's the same one from supernatural 4.11, family remains! :D)

iv. saw the last three episodes of crusoe, and asd;alfjld;jsl; the otp is absolutely fabulous.

v. this interview with misha. asd;aljfld;aljfls i pretty much knew all about what they were talking about but i never say no to more misha. like. god, idek. I actually spent some of my class time pretending that I was a Russian foreign exchange student. :DDD WHY IS IT THAT NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES IT JUST LEAVES ME BEAMING. also! Collapse )

alright, so it's 1:17 am here, which means spn 5.01 will air in a few hours. ahhhhh what i wouldn't give to be able to see it right away. D: SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY. D: butbutbut. i'll just have to wait until tomorrow, so. hopefully i won't die out of utter despair.

kisses from kitties

she said, "i don't believe in god."


.day four

i. dinosaur castiel. no, i'm not even kidding. it is that good.

ii. the first chinese lesson! admittedly, i was feeling really lazy about it (that's what you get when the course takes place seven p.m.) but fortunately, it was really nice, our teacher seems absolutely lovely and the other ones there seem reasonably nice, as well.

iii. more kirk and crusoe! also, the crack that is kirk is just fabulous. how he manages to tear his shirt apart/take it off/conveniently rip it right where his nipples are/otherwise be in some kind of naked state, i have no idea. he must have very many spare shirts lying around.

iv. new promo pictures for supernatural 5.03! ASD;ALJDL;ALJFD THE OTP IT IS MAGNIFICENT. Collapse )
kisses from kitties

fairies away, fetch me that flower.


.day two

i was lazy yesterday and didn't do this, but pretty much crusoe and various fic made it for me. also, tea. obviously. my love for chamomile tea has reached epic proportions, and i'm quite happy about it.

.day three

i. for once i woke up somewhere around nine am. it was a pleasant surprise, because i never wake up before ten if i don't have to be anywhere. admittedly, i only got six, seven hours of sleep, but that's quite alright. nowadays i like starting my days early, for some reason. (maybe because if i do, i'll be tired enough to fall asleep easily at night. like now!)

ii. finally caught up with tsubasa. well. up to chapter 158, at least. i only have, what, 70+ more to go? also, i do miss holic (and writing fic to it!), so i was extra happy to see watanuki in one of the chapters. ♥

iii. more crusoe! eee, giant killer crocodiles! maneaters! also, the kirk.

iv. OFFICIAL MERLIN SEASON TWO TRAILER ASD;ALFJDL;ALFJDL;ALFKJDL OH MY GOD. I MAY DIE FROM GLEE. seriously, just. ahhh. (although that one certain pairing does most decidedly not make me happy, but. still.) MERLIN! \o/

also. SUPERNATURAL IN THREE DAYS! or four for me, but whatever. SO EXCITED.

and the music from were the world mine makes me so happy, ohgosh. ♥
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till armageddon, no shalam, no shalom.


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01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

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1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

i. saw the three first episodes of crusoe, and good god, i love it so much it's insane. i mean, seriously, just, nngh. and the amount of otp in it's just absolutely ridiculous, i love it. and then i rewatched the first episode, because out of all the days my sister and i could've chosen to watch the eps, it was today when they started showing it on nelonen (and we didn't even know it - i randomly noticed my dad watching the telly, and went all, that looks famili-- ASD;A;ALJFDL). glee!

ii. top gear started again!

iii. today's bones ep made me especially happy, because there was lots and lots of sweets. sweets dressed as a redshirt from star trek! MANATEE-SOUNDS OF UTTER JOY.

iv. apple pie! ♥ (also, rewatched supernatural 2.11 & 2.12. obviously this is the same thing as apple pie, because dean equals pie equals sammy equals impala. yes.)

also, tagtagtagging, if you want to do this: rommipullo, hikuttaja, aopt, popkin16, summersiren, nebulia, onlyechoes & jessicamee. ♥ :D