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misha collins > the universe

supernatural 7.01; meet the new boss

i totes thought i wasn't going to post anything about supernatural, and i probably won't in the future, either (unless they're very cas-heavy episodes) but this time i had to because CASTIEL IS MY BB. ♥

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anyway, still haven't had time to watch H50, nikita, fringe, doctor who ... anything, really. fml. must do homework so i can watch my shows.
misha collins > the universe

supernatural 6.15; the french mistake

read: the most amazingly crackabulous episode since changing channels. also, in which misha playing misha is the best thing i've ever seen.

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also i am so, so exhausted. man, these morning shifts are bad for my sleeping habits. as in, sleeping, at most, five hours a night and waking up at five thirty in the morning, yeah. not for me. i do quite enjoy the morning shifts, though, so it balances out. but anyway, exhausted, practically falling asleep in front of the computer, no idea what i've just written about the show. so, er, sorry? :D
take a sad song and make it better.

and may all your christmases be white.

i suddenly got inspired to write a bit of a fluffy ficlet, because when's the time for fluff if not at christmas? ♥

spn. castieldean.
close your eyes now, if only for a moment
for it's time you get some rest
; assemblage 23

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and it's now almost two in the morning, i'm getting sleepy, and tomorrow it's time for tea and children's programs and good food and an all-around awesome day, so i think this'll be it for now. ♥