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thank pitchforks and pointed ears.


.day eight

i. today i woke up to david hewlett tweets! ♥

ii. saw three clips from next week's supernatural episode here. there be awesomesauce! (and spoilers. obviously.)

iii. more top gear! more rewatching of crusoe! more bones!

iv. also, 2.13 of star trek. it was quite the lulz. as they, um, usually are. it's slow going, i know, but hopefully it won't take too long to watch seasons two and three and then, finally, see the incredibly gay that is the search for spock the movies.

v. this. l-lol what.

vi. found this misha interview and ohhhh man, yes. Collapse )

but i think it's sleepy tiems for me now. it's only 1:59 am but i'm sort of falling asleep here anyway. ta-ta! ♥
you're lovely., because you're wrecked

till armageddon, no shalam, no shalom.


yoinked from kitsu84

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

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also, tagged by blualbino!


1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

i. saw the three first episodes of crusoe, and good god, i love it so much it's insane. i mean, seriously, just, nngh. and the amount of otp in it's just absolutely ridiculous, i love it. and then i rewatched the first episode, because out of all the days my sister and i could've chosen to watch the eps, it was today when they started showing it on nelonen (and we didn't even know it - i randomly noticed my dad watching the telly, and went all, that looks famili-- ASD;A;ALJFDL). glee!

ii. top gear started again!

iii. today's bones ep made me especially happy, because there was lots and lots of sweets. sweets dressed as a redshirt from star trek! MANATEE-SOUNDS OF UTTER JOY.

iv. apple pie! ♥ (also, rewatched supernatural 2.11 & 2.12. obviously this is the same thing as apple pie, because dean equals pie equals sammy equals impala. yes.)

also, tagtagtagging, if you want to do this: rommipullo, hikuttaja, aopt, popkin16, summersiren, nebulia, onlyechoes & jessicamee. ♥ :D
kisses from kitties

he's got a grave mental disease.


.day two

• supernatural!
• re-runs of alias! sark! will! VAUGHN, EEP.
• mum went to the store and randomly brought back loads of chocolate.
• our cats are total idiots (no, really, they are) and i love them.

.day three

• finishing team member social links in persona 4.
• rewatching merlin episodes 1.03 & 1.04. god, do i love the poisoned chalice. (i love how merlin keeps moaning about "faster, arthur. go faster!" when he LIES IN A GODDAMN COMA.)
• while watching said episodes, i just suddenly paused and started writing merlin fic, instead. it was very odd, and brilliant, too, to be actually writing something.
• today's bones was brilliant, what with loads of sweets and even loads of zack!
• surprisingly enough, i woke up at nine (i usually wake up at, i dunno, noon) and it was nice, being able to have a normal day.

also, supernatural seems to be everywhere these days. in persona, i now have personas who're called uriel and lilith (and she, of course, is of the devil arcana). uriel's a bit useless, but i keep him anyway, because uriel. i sort of crack up everytime i see him, though. and, apparently, in arthurian legend there's something called the winchester manuscript, and yes, they mean the city, but still.

also, wikipedia, the source of unimaginably true truths, made me sort of choke.

In the 1989 Doctor Who serial Battlefield it is implied that Merlin is a future incarnation of The Doctor.

In 2006 and 2007, the Vancouver-produced television series Stargate SG1 used Merlin and Arthurian legend as major plot points in both Season 9 and 10. Specifically, Merlin is portrayed as an Ancient whose superior knowledge of the universe is the source of many components of the legends.

because what. ffffff what. i mean. WHAT? i think i might have to watch said seasons because this is too cracky to be true. d-does this mean that john sheppard is merlin's great-great-great-whatever-grandson? I BET HE IS. THE EARS TELL ALL.
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you love me in your heart.


1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

tagging: ... well, no one. if you feel like doing this, consider yourself tagged! except annabean, you should definitely do this, and laura, you too, because frankly, i just like bullying you.

• scissor sisters' i can't decide - i've missed this song so so much and aaah, dw, and, and the master, and i really need to rewatch the whole show. and also midnight, because again, colin morgan. (though of course he'd be in the one episode that's the most creepy of them all. um, but not including blink. because that episode freaks me out far too much.)

persona 4 and the crossdressing. it was fabulous. especially when dad walked past me and i could see him thinking what the hell is she playing, is that a man in a dress? and yes, fabulous.

• it was incredibly sunny today. ♥ not particularly warm, because the wind was cold, but still, it's spring!

• this video i saw in nebulia's journal. i urge you all to see it, i do. it doesn't matter what mood you're in, because if you're sad or angry, it'll make you smile. if you're happy, well, it'll make you even happier. plus, there's tj thyne, omg bones!hodgins ♥!

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do you see what i mean? ever since i saw it, i've been grinning like a lunatic, it's completely mad and i love it, i love that whenever i think about it, i smile instantly, i just completely and utterly adore it.

• i'm down to the last five pages of hal duncan's ink. i feel sort of sad, because it's one of the most amazing books i've ever read, but at the same time, it's good, because now i can continue reading other books, too.

• i've started to rewatch merlin. next: the mark of nimueh, and then THE POISONED CHALICE AND OH, I'LL GO PICK YOU FLOWERS, MERLIN, AND OH ARTHUR, I'LL LIGHT UP YOUR WAY WITH THIS INCREDIBLE BALL OF LIGHT EVEN THOUGH I'M DYING AND STUFF. and this actually happens. like, literally.

and again it's a quarter past one at night, w-what is this. :D
kisses from kitties

this is fierce wretched.

.one as of now, i only have one exam left: finnish, written part on monday and fucking hell yes, then it'll be over!

.two it's gone, idk. i wouldn't say well, but surprisingly adequately. i doubt i'll get laudatur in english, even though today's written part went pretty well, but the listening comprehension was just nnnaaaargh. and in swedish, my combined preliminary results are about 84/114, so that sounds like an m, which is alright because the exam was goddamn hard. and psychology, who knows, and. yeah.

.three I'M SORT OF HAVING A LOVEHATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GRAPES, as in i love them beyond belief but i've had grapes with me to every single exam i've had, and that's a pretty huge amount of grapes.

.four exhausted me is exhausted. i'll be so fucking relieved once i'm finished. but then i'll have my driving test, 'cause, y'know, i sort of failed on thursday when i had it the first time. *shifty*

.five the obligatory fandom squee: BONES. TONIGHT. TONIGHT'S BONES. THE FINALE OF SEASON THREE. I MEAN. WHAT THE HELL. BECAUSE ZACK. AND. AND ZACK, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, OH MY GOD, SHOW, BREAK MY HEART INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES, WHY DON'T YOU. DDDDDDD: ... and yet i loved it ridiculously much. ♥ nnaaaargh, show, what you do to me. on the other hand, sweets remains amazing and cracked cracky.

... okay moving on. have a book-ish meme:

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and considering the fact that it's now 1:11 am, and i've slept five-six hours these past few nights, i'm gonna go to bed. because sleep! sleep is good! ta. ♥
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