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supernatural 6.15; the french mistake

read: the most amazingly crackabulous episode since changing channels. also, in which misha playing misha is the best thing i've ever seen.

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also i am so, so exhausted. man, these morning shifts are bad for my sleeping habits. as in, sleeping, at most, five hours a night and waking up at five thirty in the morning, yeah. not for me. i do quite enjoy the morning shifts, though, so it balances out. but anyway, exhausted, practically falling asleep in front of the computer, no idea what i've just written about the show. so, er, sorry? :D
you're lovely., because you're wrecked

supernatural 6.06; you can't handle the truth


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also, been watching haven, and i'm completely hooked. it's just brilliant. i've only got like two eps left, which makes me sadface, but not as sadface as having watched all of warehouse 13. not gonna lie, that ending made me cry, because goddamn it. if i didn't know that we'll get a third season, i'd be so depressed right now. CANNOT WAIT.

and fffffffuck, but my head's killing me. been having headdesks surprisingly often recently, which is so not on. anyway, i'm off to bed now. (and it's not even one in the morning yet!) ta-ta, people!