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you're lovely., because you're wrecked

supernatural 6.06; you can't handle the truth


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also, been watching haven, and i'm completely hooked. it's just brilliant. i've only got like two eps left, which makes me sadface, but not as sadface as having watched all of warehouse 13. not gonna lie, that ending made me cry, because goddamn it. if i didn't know that we'll get a third season, i'd be so depressed right now. CANNOT WAIT.

and fffffffuck, but my head's killing me. been having headdesks surprisingly often recently, which is so not on. anyway, i'm off to bed now. (and it's not even one in the morning yet!) ta-ta, people!
and people say I'm easy.

supernatural 6.03; the third man

in which castiel is bamf, sam behaves even more suspiciously, dean is dean, and castiel and dean talk about their gay relationship.

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oh oh oh by the way, does anyone know how many episodes misha's supposed to be in? has misha/the producers/writers/anyone talked about it? it'd be nice to know what exactly i've got to look forward to. :D
kisses from kitties

supernatural 5.22; swan song

or, more commonly known as: WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED and THE END OF MY LIFE AS I KNOW IT.

I LOVE THIS SHOW SO HARD I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU GUYS. JUST. THIS SHOW! i just. i'm not entirely sure what i should be even saying here, because fuck, it's that awesome. /hearts hearts hearts

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kisses from kitties

supernatural 5.21; two minutes to midnight

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on another note, i'm actually going to work tomorrow. it'll basically be my first job ever. a bit sad, that, but i've got to start somewhere. it's not a done deal yet, not really - it's just tomorrow and sunday for now, to see if i'd be any good at it, and if all goes well, i'll have a job. if not, well. at least i'll get paid for the weekend. but idk, i'm not too sure about the job either - it's not that i wouldn't like it, it's just that it's a lot of responsibility. i'd be taking care of people, and that'd most likely include giving them their medication and stuff, and i think i'm just worried about messing it up and inadvertently harming someone. plus, they're sort of celebrating an early mother's day there, which means lots of parents coming to see their kids, which means I AM FUCKED because i don't do well with socialising, i just don't.

anyway. long day tomorrow what the fuck i'll be home after nine, what is this bullshit so i'll now read the rest of the little prince (aw, that book, it never fails to make me cry) and get some rest. WISH ME LUCK. :D