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oh gosh


so i got my matriculation exam results. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, YOU GUYS. i'm going to graduate, asljfkls thank god. they went as followed:

english: L
finnish: L
swedish: M (one point from an E!)
psychology: C
philosophy: M

and it goes like this, from the best to the worst: L, E, M, C, B, A, and I. asljflsd. i don't think i really believed i'd get laudatur in both english and finnish but. but. it's funny, though, because when my sister got the mail and told me my results had come, i was all sorts of nervous about it, but right now, it doesn't feel like a big deal at all, even though it sort of is.

but crappity crap, graduation's next week. i just about have my dress, and that's it, haven't got any shoes yet not to mention the student cap and all the preparations and and and. ;_; WAI U SO SOON, WAI WAI.

also, annabean, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. you made me curious, and, and, IT'S YOUR FAULT. (ie. i've now watched the last two sundays' episodes of inspector hathaway lewis and WHY IS HATHAWAY SO CHARMING. he's like, he's so. and he's just. HOW IS HE SO BRILLIANT. i don't even know what, exactly, it is about him but he's just. he's just brilliant.

askljfdl last episode of the friday night project was the one with john barrowman. :DD christ, that's one great episode, there literally wasn't a minute that went without me laughing like a mad person. :D also i'm going to be very, very mad if they don't show the catherine tate show christmas special with colin morgan. because frankly, that's too good not to see properly in the telly. 8D

and new layout, too! basically because the old one looked fugly with the ads coming back and all. :D
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