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i think i'm getting the hang of this deception lark.


.day seven

so i went to sleep half past six in the morning, when dad left for work. (that's actually when he left. is he insane? who leaves that early for work? especially considering that he could be there, like, at nine.) i ... got distracted and lost track of time? :D

but it was, idk, nice, i guess. it's sort of reminded me of last summer, when i used to go to bed in the mornings, see the sunrise, fall asleep to birds singing. and then my cat totally hopped onto my bed and drooled on me, but that's just normal.

i cannot get over how beautiful sorgarstef is. it's just. first time i heard it, i cried like a baby, i'm not kidding. this is. this is the piece that makes me want to learn how to play the piano. this is the piece that makes me just, just sit here, that makes me want to cry, and everything's so sad and beautiful and alright. this is it.

and i can't actually remember what else was particularly good that day. i have a sucky memory, i know, i'm sorry.

.day eight finally


... and actually this was yesterday, and i cannot honestly remember what happened yesterday. um. yeah! a friend invited me to come along with her and her mum (and her mum's friend, too, i think) next week when they celebrate may day. i don't know yet if i'll go, but it was nice of them to invite me.

i also got drooled on by one of our cats again. (and it happened today, as well.) it's like her morning's not complete if my bed's not all filled with cat hair and dubious splotches that may or may not be kitty-slobber. haha, but it's all good, at least she wakes me up before noon. 8D

also, you know, i'm sort of starting to really like arthur. not that i didn't before, because he's definitely one of my favourites in merlin, but. but, well. i always like the merlins more than i like the arthurs, but this is really starting to get insanely ridiculous, because it's like arthur icons here, there, everywhere. or maybe i just can't find the good ones of merlin. (also: merlin would be a wonderful pocahontas. isn't arthur perfect as john smith, and gaius as the ... whatitsface tree?)

annnnd new lay ♥ PRAT PRAT PRAT, and all that. i'm probably going to change it again sometime soon, because this one hates me like a mad hating thing, and i had to have a long and fierce battle with it until i got it to work properly. (it still doesn't.) but y'know. it's merlin, and it's got green thingamies (i.e. spring!) so i had to. :D
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