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you love me in your heart.


1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

tagging: ... well, no one. if you feel like doing this, consider yourself tagged! except annabean, you should definitely do this, and laura, you too, because frankly, i just like bullying you.

• scissor sisters' i can't decide - i've missed this song so so much and aaah, dw, and, and the master, and i really need to rewatch the whole show. and also midnight, because again, colin morgan. (though of course he'd be in the one episode that's the most creepy of them all. um, but not including blink. because that episode freaks me out far too much.)

persona 4 and the crossdressing. it was fabulous. especially when dad walked past me and i could see him thinking what the hell is she playing, is that a man in a dress? and yes, fabulous.

• it was incredibly sunny today. ♥ not particularly warm, because the wind was cold, but still, it's spring!

• this video i saw in nebulia's journal. i urge you all to see it, i do. it doesn't matter what mood you're in, because if you're sad or angry, it'll make you smile. if you're happy, well, it'll make you even happier. plus, there's tj thyne, omg bones!hodgins ♥!

do you see what i mean? ever since i saw it, i've been grinning like a lunatic, it's completely mad and i love it, i love that whenever i think about it, i smile instantly, i just completely and utterly adore it.

• i'm down to the last five pages of hal duncan's ink. i feel sort of sad, because it's one of the most amazing books i've ever read, but at the same time, it's good, because now i can continue reading other books, too.

• i've started to rewatch merlin. next: the mark of nimueh, and then THE POISONED CHALICE AND OH, I'LL GO PICK YOU FLOWERS, MERLIN, AND OH ARTHUR, I'LL LIGHT UP YOUR WAY WITH THIS INCREDIBLE BALL OF LIGHT EVEN THOUGH I'M DYING AND STUFF. and this actually happens. like, literally.

and again it's a quarter past one at night, w-what is this. :D
Tags: bones, doctor who, meme, merlin, p4
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