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essi's scrapbook.


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[spn] 010109 - present | of how the wheres and whys of now all prove i don't belong ღ everydamnthing

[spn] 010109 - present | header ღ everydamnthing | css ღ milou-veronica

[sga] 010109 - present | header ღ sapphirestar_ | codes ღ blocking

[sga] 010109 - 090109 | ღ unknown
[sga] 090109 - present | ღ unknown

o1. the dark knight
o2. the new world

o1. milk
o2. johnny english
o3. kiss kiss bang bang
o4. boy meets boy
o5. the colour of magic
o6. ai no kotodama
o7. the curious case of benjamin button
o8. my own private idaho

o1. charlie and the chocolate factory
o2. bride wars
o3. v for vendetta
o4. pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl
o5. pirates of the caribbean: the dead man's chest
o6. pirates of the caribbean: at world's end
o7. twilight

o1. la mala educación
o2. tenkū no shiro rapyuta
o3. watchmen
o4. quantum of solace
o5. paris, je t'aime
o6. quest for camelot
o7. king kong

o1. the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor
o2. madagascar: escape 2 africa
o3. antique
o4. miss congeniality
o5. x-men origins: wolverine
o6. ice age: the meltdown
o7. the lion king 1½
o8. indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
o9. night at the museum: battle of the smithsonian
1o. takumi-kun: soshite harukaze ni sasayaite

o1. shelter
o2. les chansons d'amour
o3. star trek
o4. star trek
o5. the day the earth stood still
o6. the outlaw josey wales
o7. x-men: the last stand
o8. star trek

o1. ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs
o2. harry potter and the half-blood prince
o3. girl, interrupted
o4. harry potter and the half-blood prince
o5. were the world mine

o1. the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring
o2. the lord of the rings: the two towers
o3. the fall
o4. the lord of the rings: the return of the king
o5. the fall
o6. national treasure: book of secrets
o7. princess diaries 2: royal engagement
o8. g.i. joe: the rise of cobra
o9. a dog's breakfast
1o. takumi-kun series: niji iro no garasu
11. johnny english

o1. alex rider: stormbreaker

o1. stargate atlantis
o2. supernatural
o3. terminator: the sarah connor chronicles
o4. grey's anatomy
o5. criminal minds
o6. bones
o7. csi miami

o1. stargate atlantis
o2. supernatural
o3. hetalia - axis powers
o4. bones

o1. stargate atlantis
o2. bones
o3. supernatural
o4. merlin
o5. cold case
o6. merlin
o7. top gear

o1. bones
o2. supernatural
o3. top gear
o4. cold case
o5. heroes
o6. lost
o7. grey's anatomy
o8. merlin
o9. doctor who

o1. lost
o2. supernatural
o3. alias
o4. bones
o5. top gear
o6. doctor who
o7. cold case
o8. robin hood
o9. heroes
1o. inspector lewis
11. grey's anatomy

o1. cold case
o2. grey's anatomy
o3. firefly
o4. doctor who
o5. bones
o6. robin hood
o7. heroes
o8. lost
o9. star trek: the original series
1o. csi: ny
11. the tonight show with conan o'brien
12. inspector lewis

o1. csi: ny
o2. star trek: the original series
o3. criminal minds
o4. supernatural
o5. numb3rs
o6. cold case
o7. robin hood
o8. doctor who
o9. torchwood
1o. stargate atlantis

o1. merlin
o2. supernatural
o3. robin hood
o4. dark angel
o5. cold case
o6. csi:ny
o7. true blood
o8. criminal minds
o9. star trek: the original series
1o. stargate atlantis
11. numb3rs
12. bones
13. terminator: the sarah connor chronicles

o1. johnny cash
o2. aerosmith (dream on)
o3. sage francis (sea lion)
o4. amanda palmer (runs in the family)
o5. scandinavian music group (vieläkö soitan banjoa?)
o6. laakso (vesi)

o1. vast (take me with you)
o2. lenka (trouble is a friend)
o3. unkle bob (swans)

o1. placebo (running up that hill)
o2. tori amos (gold dust)
o3. dbsk (balloons, wrong number, mirotic)

o1. jason mraz (i'm yours)
o2. ingrid michaelson (corner of your heart)
o3. neol einsteiger (sorgarstef)

o1. lily allen (fuck you (very much)
o2. lady gaga (love games)

o1. simon & garfunkel (the sound of silence)
o2. bob dylan (times they are a-changin')

o1. volbeat (maybellene i hofteholder)
o2. murray gold (this is gallifrey: our childhood, our home)
o3. ben foster (the ballad of ianto jones)
o4. sigur rós (flugufrelsarinn, hoppípolla)

o1. jen titus (o death)

o1. nalle puh - 80-vuotisjuhlakirja (winnie-the-pooh - 80th anniversary edition) . aa milne
o2. ink . hal duncan
o3. artemis fowl: kadonnut siirtokunta (artemis fowl: the lost colony) . eoin colfer
o4. artemis fowl: aikaparadoksi (artemis fowl: the time paradox) . eoin colfer
o5. the colour of magic . terry pratchett
o6. good omens . terry pratchett & neil gaiman
o7. havemercy . jaida jones & danielle bennett
o8. our magnificent bastard tongue - the untold history of english . john mcwhorter
o9. enkelipeli (el juego del ángel) . carlos ruiz zafón
1o. harry potter ja feeniksin kilta (harry potter and the order of the phoenix) . jk rowling
11. harry potter and the half-blood prince . jk rowling
12. harry potter and the deathly hallows . jk rowling
13. stargate atlantis: nightfall . james swallows
14. the light fantastic . terry pratchett
15. equal rites . terry pratchett
16. mort . terry pratchett
17. on the road . jack kerouac
18. the melancholy death of oyster boy & other stories . tim burton
19. sodan valtiaat (les seigneurs de la guerre) . gérard klein
2o. clouds and eclipses - the collected short stories . gore vidal
21. the torchwood archives . gary russell
22. stardust . neil gaiman
23. the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy . douglas adams
24. the restaurant at the end of the universe . douglas adams
25. life, the universe and everything . douglas adams
26. so long, and thanks for all the fish . douglas adams
27. mostly harmless . douglas adams
28. lohikäärmeellä ratsastaja (drachenreiter) . cornelia funke
29. star wars episode iv: a new hope . george lucas

o1. människans psyke 1: psykologins grunder (the human mind 1: the basics of psychology)
o2. autokoulun oppikirja (driver's education's textbook)
o3. människans psyke 2: utvecklingspsykologi (the human mind 2: developmental psychology)
o4. religion för gymnasiet kurs 5: tro i finland (religion for gymnasium course 5: faith in finland)
o5. människans psyke 3: människan och kunskapen (the human mind 3: humans and knowledge)
o6. människans psyke 4: känslor, motiv och tänkande (the human mind 4: emotions, motives and thinking)
o7. människans psyke 5: personlighet och psykisk hälsa (the human mind 5: personality and mental health)

o1. 100 pretentious proverbs . michael powell
o2. selected poems (1923-1958) . ee cummings
o3. young zaphod plays it safe . douglas adams

030109 - matt smith is the eleventh doctor
200109 - barack obama's inauguration

160109 - i passed my driving theory test
260309 - i got my driver's license
300509 - i graduated from upper secondary school

N.O.R.W.I.C.H. [rodneyjohn - sga] ღ tzi & zaganthi
the best-laid plans [gen - sga] ღ rhymer23
fly wishes to the sky [rodneyjohn - sga] ღ cathalin
primacy [rodneyjohn - sga] ღ chandri
the epic tale of rodney & john, two girl scout cookies in love [rodneyjohn - sga] ღ bitter-crimson
what happens in the clubhouse [rodneyjohn - sga] ღ skoosiepants
consequences of falling [castieldean - spn] ღ pandarus
august [arthurmerlin - merlin] ღ rageprufrock
now done darkness [castieldean - spn] ღ pogrebin
the horse and his (co-star's) boy [bradleycolin - merlin rps] ღ spiny
drastically redefining protocol [arthurmerlin - merlin] ღ rageprufrock
THE RPS OF DOOM[bradleycolin - merlin rps] ღ derryere

050109 the heroes are dead ; spn
040409 you meowed your way into my heart ; 104
280609 sunrise in the morning ; sga
220709 reclist ; rodney & john (sga)

song • solitary man ; johnny cash
book • winnie-the-pooh
film • the new world
tv • stargate atlantis
actor & actress • joe flanigan & q'orianka kilcher
character • lieutenant colonel john sheppard
pairing • rodney mckay & john sheppard (sga)
crush of the month • john sheppard
quote of the month • "you know, the universe is a big place. who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other again." (rodney mckay, stargate atlantis: episode 3.17: sunday.) and because i can: "what else is life but being near you? do they suspect? oh, to be given to you; you to me. i will be faithful to you. true. two no more. one. one. i am... i am." (pocahontas, the new world.)

song • take me with you ; vast
book • oxford thesaurus of english
film • milk & the colour of magic & the curious case of benjamin button
tv • stargate atlantis
actor & actress • jensen ackles & cate blanchett
character • radek zelenka (sga)
pairing • rodney mckay & john sheppard (sga)
crush of the month • dustin lance black
quote of the month • "it gave me the hope to live my life openly as who i am, and that one day i could fall in love and maybe even get married. [...] you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value." (dustin lance black, acceptance speech at the oscar ceremony.) & "you can be mad as a mad dog at the way things went; you can swear and curse the fates - but when it comes to the end, you have to let go." (captain mike & benjamin button, the curious case of benjamin button.)

song • gold dust ; tori amos
book • ink ; hal duncan
film • v for vendetta
tv • merlin
actor & actress • colin morgan & katie mcgrath
character • merlin (& arthur pendragon)
pairing • arthur & merlin (merlin)
crush of the month • bradley james
quote of the month • "you have to go, merlin. you belong at arthur's side. i've seen how much he needs you, how much you need him. you're like two sides of the same coin." (hunith, merlin: episode 1.10: moment of truth.)

song • corner of your heart ; ingrid michaelson (& sorgarstef ; neol einsteiger)
book • artemis fowl: the time paradox ; eoin colfer
film • watchmen
tv • merlin
actor & actress • billie piper & david tennant
character • the doctor
pairing • arthur & merlin (merlin)
crush of the month • colin morgan
quote of the month • "in a land of flags, castles and fire only one man can save the day. that man is merlin." - "watch me." - "with the help of his buddy arthur." - "not so much." - "a lot. a lot of help from me. me! with me! and a little bit of merlin." - "me!" (bradley james & colin morgan, colin & bradley's video diary.)

song • fuck you ; lily allen
book • the colour of magic ; terry pratchett
film • x-men origins: wolverine
tv • doctor who
actor & actress • misha collins & catherine tate
character • james hathaway (inspector lewis)
pairing • castiel & dean (supernatural)
crush of the month • misha collins
quote of the month • [in response to what he'd do if he were a god for a day] "um, i would, i would drain the oceans, and i would turn the entire surface of the earth into a desert. [...] because i like beaches, but i don't like water, so it'd be perfect. that would be paradise. um, no, no, no, i'm just kidding. um, what i would do, end suffering and hunger. i would build a glass castle for my mom on the moon, and then i would have, like, cherry cokes and popsicles for the rest of the day." (misha collins)

song • love games ; lady gaga
book • el juego del ángel ; carlos ruiz zafón
film • star trek
tv • star trek: the original series & inspector lewis
actor & actress • zachary quinto & chris pine
character • spock (star trek)
pairing • kirk & spock (star trek)
crush of the month • chris pine
quote of the month • "storm troopers!" - "romulans." - "ready your blasters!" - "phasers." - "frak!" - "jesus christ." & "and i will not rest until i've killed every terminator in jurassic park!" (kirk & sulu, star trek: confusion - collegehumor originals.)

song • the ballad of ianto jones ; ben foster
book • stargate atlantis: nightfall ; james swallows
film • harry potter and the half-blood prince
tv • torchwood
actor & actress • gareth david-lloyd & helena bonham carter
character • ianto jones (torchwood)
pairing • jack & ianto (torchwood)
crush of the month • tom felton
quote of the month • "but let's be honest, jack. i'm nothing more than a blip in time for you. every day i grow a little older. but you're immortal. you've already lived a thousand lifetimes. how could you watch me grow old and die? how can i watch you live, and never age a day? i suppose we both know that will never be a problem. no one in torchwood ever lives to draw their pension, do they? even if, by some miracle, i survive to see my hair turn gray, or, god forbid, fall out, i don't kid myself that you'd still be around to see it. one day you'll go again, just like you did before. and this time you won't be back. maybe that's what you're dreaming about those nights when i watch you sleeping. maybe that's why, even when you sleep, i see you smile. but you haven't gone yet, jack, i know that. i know you're coming back to me." (ianto jones, torchwood: the dead line - audio play.)

song • o death ; jen titus
book • the torchwood archives
film • the fall & a dog's breakfast
tv • stargate atlantis
actor & actress • david hewlett & catinca untaru
character • roy walker / the masked bandit (the fall)
pairing • rodney mckay & john sheppard (sga)
crush of the month • lee pace
quote of the month • "you told dad i was gay." - "yeah, you were." - "no, i wasn't." - "yes, you were. you had that boyfriend... what's his name?" - "i never had a boyfriend!" - "yes, you did. the weird little guy in the dress." - "amy." - "that was a girl?" (patrick & marilyn, a dog's breakfast.) & "not the time to sleep, now. not the time to sleep. wake up. wake up, its not the time to sleep now. wake up. don't pretend to sleep. wake up. laugh-laugh. not the time to sleep." (alexandria, the fall.)

song •
book •
film •
tv •
actor & actress •
character •
pairing •
crush of the month •
quote of the month •

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