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claim table, 104~~ ♥

ahaha~~ i've claimed doumekiwatanuki at 30_hugs. ♥

here be the table:

001. hazel eyes 002. rainbows and butterflies 003. snap snap!; photograph 004. teddy bear 005. collide
006. oxygen 007. tangled up 008. fairytales 009. footprints 010. just a memory
011. ice 012. run away 013. euthanasia 014. somei yoshino; a type of sakura 015. fait des beaux reves; sweet dreams
016. think of me and i'll be there 017. orange; color 018. the wrong words 019. aurora borealis; northern lights 020. broken dreams
021. sois un ange; be an angel 022. 一期一会; ichi-go ichi-e 023. candlelight 024. love and hate 025. the curtain falls
026. "i never say the truth" 027. splash 028. dust 029. silhouette 030. hug!

though we'll see how this goes, BUT I SHALL REMAIN POSITIVE! 8D

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