March 11th, 2012

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The War Against Women Is Never Over

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I've been saying this for a while now. If we think civil rights is something fought for on our behalf by other people--that this battle is over and done and we never have to worry about it again, well, we might as well kiss our rights goodbye. Centuries of women being viewed as property doesn't just disappear out of the collective mindset overnight. And if you don't think that the civil rights of other groups of people, such as gays and lesbians seeking the right to marriage, can't ever affect you personally, think again. We've got politicians in this country that are targeting single mothers and gay/lesbian couples as the single-most threat to the family--calling both sets of people 'abusive' to their children.

How's that for a wake up call?

I don't normally post much in the way of politics here. My fandom journal is my fun place. But I'm frequently horrified and appalled at how many of my co-workers and acquaintances have never heard of SOPA, or the Personhood Act, or the Blunt Amendment. Laws are being passed that a good many of my fellow citizens have never heard of--so I say again, civil rights are something you lose because you weren't paying attention. Civil rights for ALL, regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or gender. Because what affects one group denied basic rights has implications for everyone else.

And if you want another (more humorous) look at the situation, (and I believe fighting with all weapons--humor is a particularly devastating one), I recommend this entry from tangotabby

The vid below, however, is utterly BRILLIANT. I can't stop watching it. :-)

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When they marched for the women's right to vote 100 years ago, they were imprisoned, put into strait-jackets and force fed until they vomited blood. They fought for your right to own property, to have access to birth control and your right to an education. This video is fun and clever and hits on some hard truths. And it makes you ask yourself...what I am willing to do today to fight back and protect our rights as women and citizens?