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sur le fil.

a meme from onlyechoes:

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

1. Sherlock (BBC)
oasljfl,alfkjlsfjlskjflskjflds. WHAT TO SAY SO MUCH TO SAY. it's pretty much the perfect show, except it could have more episodes. AND MOFTISS COULD STOP BEING SUCH A TEASE, but you can't have everything. it's definitely my favourite reincarnation of the sherlock holmes-franchise, though, despite the major differences it has to the books. idk, i love the modern setting, the actors, writers, scripts, plots, characters, everything. i can safely say that andrew scott's moriarty's my favourite of all time, oaslkjfls.

doesn't hurt that it makes sherlock/john so ridiculously easy to ship, but that's just a plus.

2. Your studies in University of Helsinki
it's been going pretty well! haven't failed any courses yet, at least, so that's something. they've all been quite interesting, too (well. the subjects were interesting, but some of the teachers managed to make it so much worse). haven't quite gotten the hang of everything yet (WRITING ACADEMIC ESSAYS WHAT I AM SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH EVERYTHING) and starting next week, i'll have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning every monday and almost every friday but uh. otherwise, it's really really good!

i have no idea what i'll actually do with the english bit, work-wise, but honestly, i've still got at least four years to figure it out, i hope.

3. Favorite words

scatter, gossamer, onomatopoeia, fracture, inspire, palimpsest, sepulchral, elegiac, petrichor, defenestrate, awesomecakes, tummy, valedictory, aquiline, crisp, cornucopia, denouement, murmur, lissom, eloquence, azure, supercalifragelistikexpialadocious, ephemeral, ingénue, giggle, grandiloquent, procrastinate, whimsical, pitter-patter, synecdoche, sycophant, indubitably, inconceivable, heebie-jeebies, wrecked, lickety-split, skullduggery, cheerio, twat, clotpole, echo, oi.


4. Plans for next summer
BEING LAZY ABOUT EVERYTHING (read: play assassin's creed/read fic/read books/watch telly/fangasm about everything) ALL SUMMER LONG. except that bit where i'll probably be working the entire time, too, but eh. we'll hopefully go on a family trip again this year, they're always fun. no idea what that'll be though, we've pretty much gone through entire finland like twice already, so idk idk. decidedly not think about school stuff, that's for sure.


5. Films you've seen so far this year
YAY LISTS. not listing the rewatches, though.

01. the millenium-trilogy. AWESOMECAKES. who knew swedish films could be so good?
02. l'empire des loups. eh, pretty good. jean reno's almost always worth it.
03. ratatouille.
04. the black cauldron. what could go wrong with disney?
05. journey to the center of the earth.
06. j. edgar.
08. war horse. GROSS SOBBING EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING HURTS. except the germans speaking english to each other with very fake accents, that hurt like a bitch but wasn't beautiful at all

6. Cats
LOVE THEM CATS. ♥ definitely my favourite animal, if only because we've always had cats. in fact, the cat we have now, i basically grew up with her, she's only a year and a half younger than i am. idk, they're just so cute and cuddly. except our cat, she's not very cuddly at all, except when i'm gaming, 'cause then there's no room beside me in the armchair, so she has to get on my lap.

but anyway, cats! love 'em to bits. i don't constantly have to look out for them, but they're always there when you need some company. ♥

7. Breakfast
i love breakfast, but i hardly ever eat it. mostly because when i have the day off, i sleep so late that it's pretty much almost time for lunch when i wake up, and if i have to wake up ridiculously early, i don't feel like eating anything because i'm far too tired. oddly enough, it doesn't matter how early it is or how tired i am, but if i'm in a hotel, i'll eat like i haven't had food in days.

but i do adore a cup of tea in the morning, though!
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