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updating, I has it.

once again i've managed not to post anything in like a month. go me? anyway, been ridiculously busy with university and stuff, and when i say ridiculously busy, i mean so busy i've not even had the time to watch my shows. FFS I'VE NOT EVEN SEEN LAST WEEK'S DOCTOR WHO YET, WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY.

and i really don't have time right now, either, because i've got a shitload of homework to do and it's pretty much all supposed to be finished by monday, but honestly, right now, i could not care less. been sick and fever-ish since wednesday, so i've not really had the energy to do anything yet. (let alone phonetics - it's official, i hate phonetics. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER ANY OF THIS, OASLJF;ALKFJLD.)

also, because i can't not: THE SUPERNATURAL 7.01 PREVIEW. WHAT THE SODDING FUCK. /rage

anyway, just wanted to let you guys know i'm still alive and kicking. i'll now go back to decidedly not doing homework, and just being in half a coma on the sofa or something.
Tags: tv: supernatural, university and its horrors

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