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olen jo nähnyt tämän elämän; kaiken sain ja vielä enemmän.


turns out it took a day longer than i thought - got back on tuesday afternoon. haven't posted/commented anything, though, because i've spent these last few days only going through livejournal, and i haven't even begun watching all the shows i missed during our trip. TWO WHITE COLLAR EPISODES, HERE I COME.

anyway, the trip was lots and lots of fun! ♥ on our first day in sweden, i got the worst sunburn ever, but not nearly as bad as my sister who actually managed to get a second degree burn. like, not even kidding. it was ridiculous, and i lol. anyway, and we sat in the car a lot and a lot and a lot and on wednesday, we got totally lost in the mountains (and my mum and i were only wearing crocs sandals, and as much as i love 'em, i gotta tell you - not a good thing to wear if you ever decide to get lost in the mountains) and MOUNTAINS, I HATE YOU NOW, and ate lots and lots of food and candy and whatever and had lots and lots of fun. except for the mountain bit, but we don't talk about that.

all in all, a pretty awesome trip!

but now that i'm all caught up with eljay, it's time to start in on the shows. which brings me to TORCHWOOD. OH DEAR GOD WHAT. i'm getting all anxious about it, like i'm sort of actually really looking forward to it, because torchwood is my show and i've missed it so bad, and how can you not like having jack harkness on your screen? but on the other hand, NO IANTO. i feel like i have to dislike the fourth season (or at least not love it as much) because of ianto, but but but but I DON'T WANT TO. BECAUSE TORCHWOOD.

confused panda is confused!
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