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the most beautiful thing you can ever spend.

27.06 → 04.07

... or something like that, we're not absolutely sure yet when we'll be back. seems kind of silly, doing a hiatus post, what with not having posted anything at all in two weeks, but at least you'll know why i'm not commenting on your posts, eh? anyway, we're going on a bit of a family trip again, this time through sweden and then back to finland again. quite looking forward to it!

(annabean, my darlingest, i don't know if you've already read my letter (probably not, if you spent midsummer with your family) but we'll most likely go through jyväskylä, probably sometime during this weekend, so if you're there, it'd be great to meet up. 'CAUSE I MISS YOU LIKE A CRAZY PERSON, AND I NEED TO GLOMP YOU TO DEATH.)

anyway, we'll be leaving in a couple of hours, so i have to go finish packing. hope you'll all have an awesome week, and i'll see you when i get back. ♥
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