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and may all your christmases be white.

i suddenly got inspired to write a bit of a fluffy ficlet, because when's the time for fluff if not at christmas? ♥

spn. castieldean.
close your eyes now, if only for a moment
for it's time you get some rest
; assemblage 23

Castiel's already sleeping by the time Dean gets back to the motel, a shock of dark hair peeking out from under the blanket, and Dean smiles, soft and fond and secret because nobody's looking. Cas snuffles, eyes aflutter, the lines of his mouth soft and kissable.

Dean slips in beside him, cold feet digging into Castiel's, and there's a murmur, soft, a sighed dean, and a second later Castiel's already dragging himself across Dean, arms slinging out to catch Dean's hands between their bodies.

A sigh, lashes tickling against Dean's cheek. "Smells like snow."

"Yeah. Go back to sleep, Cas," Dean whispers, fingers stroking idle patterns. "It's still early."

Cas huddles closer, whispers a merry christmas, dean, and Dean fits himself into the curves of Castiel's body, mouth against a collarbone and feet entangled in a mess of skin and bones and scars, fingers tickling against a belly.

They fall asleep, just like that, and if they clutch each other a little closer, well, no one's there to see it.

and it's now almost two in the morning, i'm getting sleepy, and tomorrow it's time for tea and children's programs and good food and an all-around awesome day, so i think this'll be it for now. ♥

Tags: castiel brings all the deans in the barn, christmas, fic: spn
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