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the girls with the curls in their hair.

so! still nothing much going on in my life. work's still good, though i've discovered that i don't always like some of the co-workers i, at first and mistakenly, thought i liked, but that's alright, because they're not that bad (mostly i just want to tell them to shut uuuup, because at times they just say stupid shit). also, i get paid three weeks after i send in my work shift list, whaaaaat. why does it take so long why why why. it's not like i need the money right now or anything, but haha, i just like checking my account and seeing that i've ~suddenly and unexpectedly~ got more money.

but that's about it. other than that i suspect i'm getting a cold, but idk yet. could be i'm just thinking about it too much. hope not, though, because colds suck hard.

also, meme!

1. Comment to this, tell me to give you 3 people.
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures GIFS (BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I ROLL) and the names of the 3 people.
4. Label whom you would fuck, marry and kill.

blualbino gave me jared, jensen and misha.


because the guy has freckles. what can i say, i'm weak.


because holy shit, imagine actually marrying misha, which would mean not only could you fuck him (repeatedly) you could HAVE HIS KIDS OF AWESOME and SPEND TIME WITH HIM. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, ACTUALLY. because yeah no kidding i would never let go of hiiiiiiim that's a lie. 'cause i'm not a stalker. trust me. heh?



I'M SORRY, MY DARLING. but if it's any consolation, i'll be faking your death and giving you to my darlingest annabean who'll take very good care of you. (ALSO I MISS SAM'S FLOPPY HAIR. WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, HAIR? COME BACK AND BEAT THE MONSTROSITY THAT'S TAKEN OVER HIS HEAD.)

also, warehouse 13? so awesome. about to start watching season two, and am so damn excited. (though i lol'd when michael hogan was in that one episode. not to mention macpherson, because roger rees just makes me think of ROTTY ROTTY ROTTY and that just breaks my brain. also MARK SHEPPARD! :D) and and and claudia? oaslkjfdls;alfkdjsl definitely my favourite. ♥
Tags: meme, tv: warehouse 13

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