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.day eight

i. today i woke up to david hewlett tweets! ♥

ii. saw three clips from next week's supernatural episode here. there be awesomesauce! (and spoilers. obviously.)

iii. more top gear! more rewatching of crusoe! more bones!

iv. also, 2.13 of star trek. it was quite the lulz. as they, um, usually are. it's slow going, i know, but hopefully it won't take too long to watch seasons two and three and then, finally, see the incredibly gay that is the search for spock the movies.

v. this. l-lol what.

vi. found this misha interview and ohhhh man, yes.
Dean and Castiel will be bonding further. They go on a mission together sans Sam and Dean also takes it upon himself to bring Castiel to a whore house. Buttoned-down, super serious Cas in a whore house? Oh boy.

"It was a really, really seedy whore house," Misha laughed. "Castiel wasn't as suave as he could have been. He's a bit of a deer in the headlights. It was definitely the most uncomfortable we've ever seen Cas."

god, idek. how is the show so awesome? seriously. i mean, i knew about it, but ahhhh bonding further? deer in the headlights? asd;ajfls;lfjsl no words, okay. none.

but i think it's sleepy tiems for me now. it's only 1:59 am but i'm sort of falling asleep here anyway. ta-ta! ♥
Tags: bones, crusoe, meme, miiiiiiisha!, spn

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