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28 November 2007 @ 11:46 pm
Met at Cine to watch Hero.
[wasn't that great a movie really.]
Passed Cyn that phrasebook for Japan.
Rebecs had fun trying out some phrases to jin and mon.
frikking funny. XD
Me and cyn and rebecs were laughing damn hard. XD

Ooh and watched bits of the Balloons Making Of PV
So adorable XDDDD

Ahhhhh and I have like.
No idea what to ask mon to get,
Maybe just JE stuff la. XD

Mmmm, and Hero's... okay la. so so la.
kinda fell asleep towards the end.
Sorry TakuKimu. XD
But the very very end was frikking hilarious,
and the Korea segment was really well done I think.
Highlight of the night was!

We got stuck in a lift!! lolololol
Well, almost.
The door just didn't close properfly and we were stuck for like.
30seconds. XD
Jin was screaming awaty and thought that we'd all die.
The rest of us were laughing/trying to pry the door open/trying to get the attention of people outside [we coulds till see them.]
And Rebecs was getting ready to sit down and pray to God lol
Jin presses the alarm and intercom and the guy was like faintly amused or something.

Oh well.
I've been properly stuck in a lift!! XD

Haha Mon was quite disappointed. XD

The way home was spent rehashing those glorious, almost got stuck in the lift 30 seconds and mon's crappy lift in her block. XD

Haha we're so retarded. XDDDDDD
hahahahah haven't had this much fun in a while. XD

edit: omg. this post makes me jealous. ;____; *want* Japan Expooooo.. ;_;
Singapore has tiny conventions. ;_; Maa shoganai ne. ;_;
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29 October 2007 @ 11:13 pm
saw this guy in the design canteen -
Skinny and lanky and smirkity lips and the hair's almost just right even :D
XD And then saw him when we were going home - Janis was like omg yes looks like!!
XDDDD Haha so exciting.
Haha and I'm not even a Kame fangirl. XD

XD lol and then saw another guy on the train and me and Janis were like - haha looks Japanese.
Passing resemblance to Toma maybe. XD

So yes.
omg it's so frustrating no JE fangirls in school though. D:

Anyway anyway anyway - today was first day of the Block,
Jacq totally overslept and didn't come lololololol.
Had ComDi, for like...an hour. -_-
Which meant I had free time from 1 30 - 6, how sick is that?!
And nothing to do either, cos the Library Resourse walkthrough/tutorial wasn't showing on the Blackboard intraweb thing.

Maa, read some good books in the Library..
But god, it's so fucking crowded now that the other faculties are back from holiday. :x

Jap class after that...
Haha the sensei's not a native, and her pronounciation's off wtf.
Maa, she's cute in a Bernie and Ms Koh way.

I have a show and tell type thing to do on.....geisha, wtflawl.
Dammit the girl next next to me go wagashi, and the one behind washi. Argh I want :x
Haha maa..

omg and like.
Since Japanese is by another department?
There's this attendance requirement thing. D:
I have to go for Ikoma on Saturday for this 2 weeks. ;_____;
Haha luckily the other 2 weeks are just nice off on Tuesday. :D Lucky~

Homg and like, Jai - the lecturer for ComDi was like all, okay if I cut 1 Nov for the JE seminar - zomg ttly going prz. XD Just hope got seats left. XD;;;;;

lol yesterday okaa san didn't come cos of the rain and chinese; so we just nua-ed in mac and ate alot of funk junk food. I swear sundays arebecomng junk food day of something, omg. XD Then went to the arcarde, mon and cyn got killed by the huge security gaurd, and then mon couldn't find the last animal...which was kinda wasted since she got a..black panther?
☆☆☆☆☆☆ lololol XD Then cyn had to go off,  and me and mon went to nue at long john's lol her juniors were there. XD I finished shukudai [except for the guided essay lol] and tried to do some of mon's chinese worksheets and phail very shittily, lololol. omg and mon writes very laughable drama essays. XD Minna should read her One Litre of Tears inspired essay. XD no wait mon, you should post it. *shot*

lol and then we went stationary shopping in pop and we also got cyn a vair lame but useful present. XD Dunno what wlse to put into her present leh how XDDDDD

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13 October 2007 @ 02:25 am
backlog dammit.

And it's a bit belated but....
Happy Birthday Trix~~~~~

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05 October 2007 @ 03:10 pm
Woke up at 10 30..
And then slep again till 2 30. :x

Stupid. x_x

Work to clear today and Saturday,

-HistOfCostume illustrations x3 + colour
-HOC powerpoint..Ancient Persia yo.
-HOC producion drawings + colour
-Fashion llustPD production drawings [finish inking :X]
-[comission] Tha frog hat - eyes and base
-FIPD 5 tops cut and paste [scan today and print on monday..]

since Sunday is prolly all gone to crew stuff. 8DDDD
Hurhur are we going over to Aya's or is it still TPC?

I suck at copics and inking :x

I still can't get over how I managed to wake up at 2!!30!!.

Been rereading Blood and Gold..nnngh.
I should go and pick up Pandora's maybe.
Read it borrowed from the Tanglin library a long time ago.
Oh oh and the one with Quinn and Lestat!
Never picked that one up.
I should be reading more nourishing novels really..
Not all this pretty escapist Anne Rice.
lolololol but it's so yummy. Like a bag of chips 8DDD

Was reading bits from this thesis-turned-book type of thing,
Ancient Greece was vair good for slashy fics, oh yes.
[The obsession with the beautiful youth/boy you see. 8D]
Persia had its share of slashy myths to boot too
The Epic of Gilagamesh - although, I kept thinking of the jrock band. XD

Yeah spent quite a bit of time in the school library on Tuesday and Wednesday.

School's suckily lonely now that we all got mixed up into different classes. :x
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01 October 2007 @ 12:48 am
Back hurts.
Haha Cyn and me kena on the same day.
Stupid. XD

Never go to Art Fiend just before closing time. :x

Poupee girl is fun.
Aya you should join.
You could overrun the san-x catergory with your pigs, lol.

Had milktea~~~~~~
Haven't had it in a while
Homg and the Shige-thon is producing SO MUCH good fic.

I want mos icons. <3 fries too. hee <3

Homg and went through the bleach kink meme *-*
sugoi. tegoshi, sugoi. 8D

School tmr.
What to wear..
Have to wake up at 7
Leave the house at 7 45
Haven't packed bag.
Oh dear.

TRC 167.
Fai and Kuropon. <3333
Things have to get better now right?
It's been omg after zomg after oh crap since X Tokyo. -_-
Also, the colour insert for 167?
Return of all the X/1999 chicken feathers. XD
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29 August 2007 @ 04:21 am


...oh my god it's 5 am what am i doing
i love ikemen_paradise. :D Thank you so much jin XD
I love that the first fic I clicked on was adorable, wooby, wibbly nakatsu centric nakatsu/boy!mizuki.
heart! *dokidoki* <333
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24 April 2007 @ 12:06 am
I swear it's like this recurring...relapse...*thing*
Like I'm totally all over Abio Angel's sculpts, cute cute smiles!
I heart cute cute smiles!
And they're a fantastic deal...
I'm so sorely tempted I won't be able to walk for a week..XD
Damn I'd get like.
that sorta faded pinafore blue in glass or acrylic,
and those new strawberry blond curls fron Luts.
It's be so cute!! x3
Mmn, and also hands from luts.
maybe the heart shiwoo ones. XD


Anyway still sick..
Passed sick as a dog,
but still in mild fever and sounds like a guy
and hacking-up-furball-cough of doom
and stuffy head and nose..

and have I mentionedhow pretty Heechul gets in pretty hair????
like, HOMG.
Like ponytail.
Then the strawberry blond curls.
And the hair-done-up-in-curls
Auuuugh preeeeeettyyyyyyy
Yeah and then the *-* fiiiiic.
*-* kyaaaa. *flutters*
I like pretty things. <3333
And Sa is bad influence, ahaha

Oooh, and shoes from all the taobao-ing arrived.
Issa shinnny. 8D

And tsu will be arriving on Wednesday!! I think.
hahaha yeah. <333

Yeah Orietation camp wassa fun!
Scribbled and blogged in sketchbook...
Design is mecha kawaii and mecha ghei! XD
Haha I heart~

Maid went home, so we are trying to so all the housework..
chotto muzukashii yo.. XD;;;;;

haha anyway tmr Moses is talking to all of us..
So will take the train from Bugis and see how long it takes..
for the record..
Home>>MRT>>69>>TP = 90min
dropped at 518@RafflesHotel>>TP  = 30min+waiting for bus

Yay I have Ikoma tmr!!
Shukudai wa mada desu! XDDDD ahhhh
And can magpie with Mon and Jin too, doki doki da!!

Hee and watched LoveCom [anime], it's mecha kawaii ya!
Osaka-ben ga sukiya!!
Although Koizumi's speech makes me tthink of a coffeeshop shomething..sometimes. XD;
Ahhh and Tegonyan and Massu did the ending song ne~~
I like it ^^ Haha and I like the OP too really, I hope LoveCom will be back for season 2 and all..
I mean shoujo manga so it should be a good length right? XD;

Uwaaaa I'm totally not prepared for tmr..

TP in the morn,
then maybe lunch with random TP people?
Then somewhere a little queit,
or maybe Mos <3
and do shukudai
and..I want to make sensei a puriiin!!
[Haha tanjoubi purensento wo kuremashita kara..kyaa. <333]
Okay I will pack materials!!
See if I can finish by tmr evening for Ikoma. >w<
Yosh!! Gambare!!
And and muct pack cute pens and paper for cute notes ne~
Haha and a cute little paper bag to cute purin-san in...
XD uwaaa, dokidoki da~

Maa anyway today I've been packing up the closet..
Issa quite interesting..throwing out alot of things too..
Which is good ne ^^
Also got a new wardrobe from grand aunt...
It's a lovely sset with drawers and a bedframe to go,
it's all in wood stained(?) forest green with cute ornamentation..

Homg homg homg things to pack for tmr
-Red, pinks, black, golden floss
-that half done puriiin
-polyester stuffing, some beans, or rice.
-some cute wrapping paper
-a small paper bag
-cute stationary

-nakayoshi.net file

-art friend card application form [oh i know do purin san and shukudai in kino! :D]
-matric card
-waterbottle, mp3player, phone, wallet, the ususal..and kasa!!

haha I shall use my shiroboo. XD
Okay I gotta take meds quick and go bed nakya!!!

homg what to wear. XD
Ahhhh something cute right??
like, do hair up in misamisa ponytails
and shiroboo, so yappari it as to sth cute..
heart heart jacket
swirly floral cream shirt
...beige flower skirt??

mou i need to wake up at 6 too, bai bai.

homg Sa just came online!! XDDD
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14 March 2007 @ 04:04 pm
I'm in an incredibly good mood~
Lol I think it's Mon and her happy shiny mood today~
Talking to Aya and Mon~
Yappari rabu rabu da! <3
lol and happy white day <3
perhaps it was Nanao-chan's totally random white day sms <3
Oh and then I remembered how all the recieved files were going to the D drive somehow, and rewatched that cute Masshoon clip. Aishiteru, honey~! Kyaaaaaa, I love fanservice. [omg is there another part btw?!] And Massu is so adorableeeeeeee. *rolls around* And Shoon! Makes this adorable salary man. <3 Hee, it's so cute when they put them in suits and specs. Haha and then found this song in there, it's so fluttery and rabu rabu~ Even my Mom likes it, lol. <333
I wonder if the Valentines hearts are still up in fishfish <3
Pi-chan is working today too! <3
hee, there have been so many hearts in this post.

Ahhh it'd be even cuter with lots of random emoji and kira kira, but well work's in slightly more than half an hour and I really need to be fed, lol. There are no leftovers in the fridge, le horreur!

Bai bai~ <3
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25 February 2007 @ 12:30 am
ああああ...bushed; totally. It's been a good day though. I am cho tired though. Let's do this in point form~

8 00-woke up
9 15-mom dropped me off at lasalle [<3]
9 45-intarviewwwww. english oral [examiners look at your pictures; then you discuss topic. =_= but minna brought cool portfolios! *oogles*]
10 35-got lost finding the exit. But 14 came right away just as i got to the bus stop! Luck~y! *kirakira*
11 15-Kinooooooo! And Aya and tsu.
11 30-Opened random idol mags. Potato and such. Much sqeeing.
-"Massu is so adorableeee! But manly! But adorable! Ueda is so womanlyyyyy! *admires* Junno is so cute! Koki has such bad hair! Tesshi's become so slutty! [sob]" and such.]
-Craft books! haha i <3 them so. And tsu sqeed over the engrish + pretty pressed flowers. Long live Engrish!
-Audy came! In soft and cuddly putomayo hoodie. Cuddlyyyyyyyy. *cuddles* 8D
-Went to the Japanese restaurant at taka's food court. Oogled wagashi.
-then Cyn came <3333 in IJ shorts! kyaaa! natsukashiiiiiii desu! XD'
-We ate 3 Ichigo Snows! <33333 Turned it into Ichigo mush towards the end. XD
-We went Yoshi for lunch, proper
-Cine where Audy seriously went kyaaaaa! and fangirled over....ice cream. XD
-Cine's Pretty in Tokyo for well, purikura!! 8D
-So. Much. Fun.
-we went twice. XDDD
-tsu can't cut straight [but we all knew that]
-went to the cute crap shops to look for a cute keitai strap with aya. shippai desu! ;_;
-went to. uh...Mise. XD;;; [I can proudly say I did not buy merchandise. Unlike soooooooome people. XD]
-Kyaaed over the KAT-TUN lip gloss ad poster. I wish it were pinker though.
-Milled around for a frigging long time.
-Why does Pi have so many photos and Massu so little?!
-Pondered with Cyn over how Wyncy really does look like Pi when they both smile/fake a smile.
-I........wonder whether to order a Massu clear file from the Spring 2007 concert goods. ._.;;
-Watched whatever Mise was playing. I like the Angel song! Pi burnt it for me so I put it on in the mornings. XD
-Left after gods knows how long.
-Ice creeeeeeeam. Audy kyaaed over it again. And then kyaaaaed over the Wasabi+Nori flavor. T_T sak and cyn and aya were safe and took milk tea + pearls [they're really the tadpole type stuff]. It tastes like Mos milk tea and luck and friendly and yes. Good flavour of ice cream to share. Minna san please try it! It's the Uzumaki store. *haato*!
-Walked back to taka area. cyn had to go *cuddles* I haven't cuddled anyone in so long! ;_; *flattens cyn* >:3
-bumped into Jin crossing the road!! 8D
-random errand running....aya's facial maskes to rid her ACSian tan [XDDDD]; tsu's toiletries; Aya's school U [in Shaw Centre.. XD]
-Kyaaed over shiny JE vids in Audy's v cool ipod and shit. *sparkle*
-Isetan! Petit Purin is so adorableeeeeee! *audy and sak are ignored by aya and tsu*
-took mrt together
-Novena. Staff meal was okay today! Work. Pi-chan!
-despite being a Saturday tonight; it wasn't a full house, just comfortably packed. I like
-ended well. baugette after closing; portfolio got oogled a bit. *doink*
-Pi's mom dropped me till the bao shop! yay! <3
-I wish Pi were more cuddly; but ah well.


If people say to me, Of course you can get in, you'll be a great designer!
I'll go Eheheh ^^;; sankyuuu ^^;;
I want to say Hee hai! gambarimasu!!! >:3 instead.

Sometimes I think I should, anyway.


doing portfolio + CV is a shiny ego boost. XD


YES, I GO SLEEEEEEP. [and maybe shower]


EDIT: Byousoku 5 Centimeter I love how they did this. *recs like nuts* the ending was a bit naffy, but only very slightly. It's so beautiful. Gah. Can't wait for the next one.
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20 February 2007 @ 12:30 am
1) more MBMH fic! ah it's so adorableeeeeee. Hee, and her Sakurakouji gives me a yumi vibe here. So. cute. And Makki makes me think Zoro. Hee. So cute.  i <3 peroxide_fic!! XD

2) Newsuuuu~ haha. This performance has such a 8D!! feel good! vibe to it. And matsujun has hair so big and bad, it's almost like a masami. T_T And pi cut a fringe! finally. I wonder if Massu's hair is still blue. Hee Aya's right, Tesshi is super cute when he ends with that thumbs up thing. *sqees*

3) I talked to cyn today! After a long while. It was a good convo. Hee, I shall burn Nodame for her too! <3 Haha and then she went nuts when I told her how Tamaki Hiroshi [is that his name? ] came to SG for a shoot for his photobook. lol. Ahhh I should've gone over to Aya's that day na. T_T Maa ii ya.

4) Pi-chan and Jana are giving me warm fuzzy feelings. Ah, this week I must work hard and sew too! [Ah today I finished Aya's birthday present from me n tsu. It's totally. Adorableeeee! Hee. maybe I shall pass it to her on Friday? Although, Provence is a bit far for me. Maa.] Then next week, if I still don't get shifts, we'll go poke Yong Meng. XD *cuddles* lol, both of them won't come on LJ anyway. Haha, I wonder if Jana has a blog. Then again. I'd rather not venture out of LJ/pitas. Blogspot and sundry irritate me.
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18 February 2007 @ 09:41 pm
Making dolls' clothes is fun! Haha, it's probably only cos the design was very simple.
hora hora~

Hee, it has taught me a better way to do waistbands on rectangle skirts <3
[Ah, I also found out sewing in heels makes it easier to sew slower with this machine, cos the acceleration on this one is crazy fast --->likes it, but sometimes you need to stictch slower]
But I need to remember to do the  side seam, THEN roll the waistband, and leave a gap for the elastic for god's sake!! Haha.
And so I find out that an elastic waistband does not, in fact, kill knife pleats.

Ahhhh do you think the gingham ichigos will look nice in knife pleats Haha demo it will need ironing everytime desu ne.
And i need to try one with box pleats!! But, I think the result will be similar. I think I'll use that blue gingham I have; I have no idea why I have it in the first place.  All I remember is I used some to make a pouch for my bro many moons ago.  Haha, maybe it's leftover from P3 contact time. Lol, minna-san who went to IJ Pri, remember crafty Wednesdays? And all the cool aunties! Cross stitch, five stones, beading, mice, drawstring pouches... Looking back, that must have influenced me to be crafty ba. [Lol, then again I'm not sure if it was P3... ]

AH I know, the blue gingham; it can have a cute apron to go with it! It'll be adorable!! White cotton on blue gingham..Ah, why not have cute suspender type things attaching to the skirt too? I hope I have the buttons for that tho. Mmm, and a hair bow; I guess it'll have to be tied with a ribbon ne. Maa, that's easy too.

lol, I know Nagase-kun hates this red tartan. XD But I think it's quite cute. XD;;
Unyaaaa, I'm really looking forward to this Saturday! *doki*
Interview, then town ish with Massu and Nagase-kun and Takki-sempai! Hee, and maybe Shoon and kiwi too! Ah, can't wait to see tsu's dress and Takki-sempai's jackets >w< [suman, saying Nagase-kun's Alice trump dress just sounds dumb. XD] Haha, and puri!!
It's been so long since I took, so that's why I feel very excited. Haha. Hee, sorry, I'm totally smitten with these emoji things, and the fact that they work on LJ too!

Ahaha, today I read KAT-TUN's jwebs; I totally don't get Koki kun most of the time, haha. But Junno is so adorable!
Haha, and Ueda calling himself Tat-chan just makes me go kyaaaaaa~ so cute!! *flail* Haha. Ohmygawd jyanni's is totally eating my life awayyyyyy. Ahhh, I want to find/compile a list of emoji, then I can just copy paste the ones I want.

Anyway since mom isn't terribly big on CNY, we pretty much finished bai nian-ing today.Haha, although it means less angpow monies, I don't mind...because holiday time that you're free to use is very good! Comes in handy too. Things like that.

*re reads post*
Ahaha, wtf. Reading so many jweb translations makes me talk like one. XD;;;; Ah, what the hell, it's kinda fun!! I'm sure it's just a passing thing. deshou ne. Ehehe~

Ahh, and today I hurt my hand. T____T I was gathering the waistband of that tartan skirt, and then suddenly the skin under my thumbnail just detached/ripped out a bit. >_< It's only like, 1.5mm, but it hurts!!  When it poke it that is. XD; Ah, but that torture thing by shoving bamboo splints up there must have been super bad. (lol, I'm sorry, it's all those WW2, Japanese Occupation dramas Ch 8 used to screen at 10. and 7. Haha. I think the subtitles helped me learn to read fast; at first I could never finish reading. And I think my fave SG drama from then was the condor hero one with Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. Maybe I should watch it again. Haha, I wonder if it still can be found. XD; Also, I totally heart but never found the ending song for the condor hero anime (was it made in Taiwan or sth?). T____T I remeber AXN used to screen that one. Ah, and I blame AXN for knowing the Sanzo Ikkou's sob stories so well. And Kougaiji's too. Haha, I wonder who still remembers Saiyuki. (Ah, I still have that gojyo/hakkai doujin from Fukuoka. And that Zoro/Sanji one too. And that Roy/Hughes one too. AH HUGHES!!!!! I cried when they killed him off. ;_____; Ah, I wonder if I should still keep them. And the panda boy anthology. Uhhhhhhhhmn. Yeah.) They re ran it so many times; and the series itself beats you over the head with it! =_= I wish they made Saiyuki Gaiden into a series too, sigh. Gaiden!Goku was so, much cuter. And the Goddess of Mercy was so damn cool. What was her name again? Kanzeon Bosatsu. Haha, I can still remember it! 8D

Lol, that was a long rambly para, I'm sorry.

Haha, and my brother is learning Daite! 8D And NandexDame and Daite Senorita are in his mp3 player. I'm so proud. <33333 And he likes Yamapi! Ahhhhh if this were Japan, I'd send him off to jyanni's just for the fun of it.  *giggle* Although, stories of the jimusho can be rather frightening. o.0;;;;;  And the conspiracy theories behind Jin, and things like that. T_T Takes the fun out of the fandom. Pfffft.

Haha, and this week I have no shifts! I will be sewing. Gambarimas!!
[I have a lace shortage; I hope later this week at least some of the trim shops will be open for business. *dies* I need more white eyelet!! Ah, I should have had the balls to just buy that saturday when I went Chinatown with tsu. T_T]

...Also I think I'll be keeping the ballerina for myself. I hope the Katong uncle still has it in stock so I can make a better version.. [I made a collar with the print; It's super adorable on a black top!!! <3333 Ah, I should also look out for loliable blouses especially when I next go Chinatown. Hmn, maybe I should go Katong SC on sat after Lasalle? Ahhh, but will he even be open. T_T I hope my bro has tuition there this Tuesday then.

hee, I found a cake emoji!  *giggle* Omg the sankyodai abake (kanjani8) is so cute. Ohkura giggling on his mike in the stupid voice...oh my god it's so cute~~~~~!*rolls around on the floor* Haha <3

Haha also,
Audy-sempai & tsu sempai = Takki & Tomoyaya!
Aya = Massu!
Ahhhhhh, it's so cute!

Haha, are all the emoji annoying? It's alot of effort sticking them in! *giggle*

Mmmn, and I really want Sunrise by Bennie K, but I keep turning up dead or sendspace links. >_< I wonder if Jin has it.

{Haha, I wonder how many times I said emoji here. I can't helpit!! XD *is a fangirl* *is turning into a jyanni's fangirl*}
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