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my boss my hero

Say hello hello hello~

Today was really retarded.
Went to school, left at 1.
Waited for Shyo and Mel and Jacq to show up.
Slept a little.
We went to find Veron.
Who talks to us for like, 2 minutes.
Stuff that she could just have emailed of called to say.
So. Nothing left to do in school.
Mel went to Shyo's,
I went to Bugis with Jacq.
Well I didn't buy anything buuuuut...
I'm probably going to go back and get
that red beret
maybe a pair of converses [sale! 8D]
that white striped top
Oooh, had goreng pisang tho. 8D
Lol the last time I had one was vair long ago. XD
*phails at life*
Hmn. I didn't buy anything but
Jacq managed to blow a hundred in half an afternoon. XD
Then went to Kinoooooo <33333
Flipped through GLB26..
i was kinda surprised to see Nobara. hahahha.
And that jrocker modelling AP...looked damn good.
And now I want more things!!!

and uhmnmnmnn.
I really need to get my hands on those 6 piece beret patterns.
my boss my hero

imma happy kid! 8D but omg post eatage ;_;

but first, a quiz. or I'll forget to paste it, lol.

Which literature classic are you?

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...But I don't want to be a horror novel! :x lol

and LJ ate my entry nuuuuooooooh!!
It was a lovely Sunday going out entry too. ;_;
=_= Okay, suffice to say that sak explored Chinatown Point for the first time, it was a lovely morning/afternoon, went with the Mumses and ahboy...and sak went fabric shopping again too. :D Yay. And bought some magic sponge on the way home too..we <3 daiso! X3 And PS has a new scrapbooking shop made of major win. I heart the interior. and their stock. Like. a personal die cutting machine? Is so cool. 8D
But eljay ate my entry. .____. Mouuu.

Fabric! <3 I'm thinking a cute summery yukata thing..
I think he'll look so cute in it! Ah August please come quickly~~~ >w<;;;
But there's still so much other sewing to do before I can start on anything else.
Gah and overbought for the beige fabric..I think I'll make me a skirt or summing out of it.
And scanner pics ftw! XD

Also, "Could not load default brushes because scratchdisks are full" makes me sad.
Need more mem and processing power kthxbai. D: