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bossa <3

I think I'll make a requesting post for jazzy things. *-*

Went to Chinatown after the rain..
I ended up spending way more than expected. ^^;;

-The remaining 3m of the blue parasol print.. ^^;;;;;
-A pack of lovely crocheted strawberries [it's got flowers on it too!!]
-2 reallllly soft pompoms for shoe clips
-Clips on earring backs to make shoe clips

stuff I really needed
-Blue ribbon [zomg super cheap! *-* Auntie ILUUUUUUU!]
-Blue lining
-Seam ripper ._.;;;; lost mine again..

Wa loli seems to be really popular lately or something. [on sgcafe...] o_0
Dammit WHY?!?!?!?!? do they keep saying
'My wa loli is coming this month1111"
"Got any cheap wa lolis????"

It's. fucking. annoying.

Hrmn lets try making a few waloli style things.
I kinda wanna try it myself really. o.o

Milennia walk called!
So I think i'll use a model but...
sweatdrop. cannot, so far. oh dear..
Jacq and co are hiring a make&hair artist. o_o sugoi..
Wonder if I can borrow the guy too. o_o;
o_o i know nuts about make&hair. o_o
If really cannot we have to do it ourselves. ._.;;;;
oh well.
hahahhaaha mon was like. sak, CMI.

Kitto nantoka naru sa! XD

Imma gonna make a half mask to go, yeah. 8D Wine red and velvet and gold and feathers
Mmmhmnmmnmn makes you think of Anne Rice Blood and Gold. Marius <3

Hrmn so go spotlight before Heros.
Cos there isn't anywhere else with those feathers. *sadface*
That I know off anyway.

Edit: and nails. Mmmmmn. Yeah. 8D Now I need acrylics. and the nail..glue..thing. Shit i need someone who knows this crap dammit. 8D

Koda Kumi has a really lovely voice. *-*
But then, I only have one track from her. ^^;

edit2: omg. "Dogs". damn good. nnnnngh. The clothes! The colouring. *-* And the characters. Well. Basically it's another cool dystopian manga with a a good dollop of angst and comic relief. Badou is fucking hilarious. XD And the really small wings! I love those. Small wings just about the width of the shoulders like vestiges of what was. I love that image. <3 Art isn't so great in the first chapter. But. After that? OMG nnnnnnngh. damn good. sdhfglkdafjh I WANNA KNOW MOREEEEE. but. discontionued?!?!?!? ;______; you taunt me. ;__________;

also, ketsumeishi. christmas single. oh yeah. damn good. <33333333333 *hearts madly*
k 2 30 better sleep if I wanna get up earley for more sewing time.
haha my mom's smitten with the ipod. XD lol.

and my com is not reading my phone.
and my mom's com keeps giveing the sector drive error.
I'll try my bro's com. aklsdhfg.
it's been working perfectly fine you know. ;____;
go get drunk you stupid shit. ;___;

I should get a ruffling foot. ._.;;
I'll call up the Sakura supplier auntie.
Haha oh yeah did I ever say?
My machine's really called a Sakura. lololol
Still damn noisy tho.
I wish it was half as quiet as the SILENT!!!! new Jukis in the sewing room. ;_;
Ah well.
It has its charms.~

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for a while, i had a bit of a sewing block. ._.;;; like, JSK or skirt?? lace?? could I possibly sell this off?? zomg crap why is this white so blue and brihgt??! and why did the colour bleed onto my white cutsew and alice trump socks?! ;_______________________;

haha stupid thigs like that.

In the end I started a blue skirt, and I'm prolly gonna make a sleeve top to go with it. ^^ It's the blue swiss cotton~ ^^ I need lining and a better matching blue tho, so I'll go to Chinatown tomorrow. >w<~ Started on a felt applique for that awesome $3! blackxhot pink pullover, buuut... I ran outta black embroidery floss. -_-;; whaddaya know. And I seem to have lost all my seam pickers.. wtf. XD;;; hrmn and some blue ribbon for the beading lace.. Maybe I should get a cooler beading lace from lavender. Hrmn. I have to go there anyway ne.. cos I forgot 2m for kuro's jsk lol. XD;

also, took more photos of the damn cats, hurhur.

Collapse )

I love Chirstmas singles! >w<
I hope NewS does one. Preferably a capella, or bossa nova or jazz or even a little ska? Hee. >w<
Also? this vid is absolutely hilarious. XDD Eeteuk~ You have such nice arms. >w< <3333
zomg and search shokugan on flickr. So many goodies!! 8D *rolls*
And why isn't there a *smiling* or at least happy looking Lati white, srsly. -_-;;
my boss my hero


today was like a katamari.
Originally me and Melissa were just going got the interview for the dresser job.

We ended up checking out the beading/charms/findings shops along South Bridge [or is it circular.. haha navigationally challenged.], had lunch at a kopitiam around there, walked around central for a little bit, then went fabric window shopping and clothes shopping in People's park, then went to the quilting places in Tanglin - and ended up checking out the toy shop and the flea market too. Which is on everyday for Nov and Dec. :o so exciting.

We ended up spending quite a bit..
Well it's under a hundred, but considering that i will be buying fabric...
~_~ ah well.

I didn't find THE print tho. ;_;
I suppose I was looking for something really bright and cute. Maa.
Maybe I'll order off the net?
There's still haji lane tho, and the really expensive one at Taka, and a number of other places locally if you're looking for kimono prints and all but... Yeah think I'll order off the net. Dammit gotta find someone with paypal. I'm eyeing these two pieces - problem is it's not a big lot of fabric but still.. like an accent, or ruffles or tiers. red x print, i dunno. Or dorrie things! :D There's also pretty much all the prints here...but it's pretty expensive. :x But then considering it's hand printed and a reprint of a vintage and chirimen....... peeeeeeeem. *wants*

there's this really pretty print at the tanglin place though.
Gradiated in cream to seasalt or cream to pink to black.
sakura scattered in a few layers while, self colour and gold.
It's rlyrlyrlyrlyrly lovely.
I like the seasalt alot one but I dunno really how to match it..
The cream-pink-black is really nice but I don't like the pink fading to black.
It's pretty reasonable I suppose..
then again, when was the last time you saw a cream and seasalt rori right?!
I dunno...cream-seasalt then a cream underskirt and a white blouse..
white rockinghorses with cream fishnets? And white pink accents, yes.
Pink tsumami flowers, kinchaku and cords..
or goldenorcheyellow accents would work as well <3
or teal!!

haaaaaayyyyy maybe i should get it anyway...
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my boss my hero

sak wants some takuya angel dammit XD

hahahaha omg it's at 132 now. XDDD

lol anyway anyway anyway.

I crazy mad really wanna do a Takuya Angel/waloli/those jrocker outfits with kimono elements style outfit for EOY -
but it'd be even more fun as a group right? like zomg!! :D
I remember there was a pretty good decora shoot too.
Haha but I know like practically noone on sgcafe ^^;;;
And there's exactly one month to EOY, it's kinda short notice.
*mulls* although it might be a bit more appropiate for streetfest huh...
Aaaaaah still zomg I dunno i dunno...Haha at most it'll just be a lonely warori sak. XD;

lolololol found myself on some chinese mag that was reporting on cosfest. *amused*


COMDI ended early today, and Jacq's rather magnificently yellow tartan pants tore, so we went to the interchange so she could by comething else to wear. XD Jessica and Sak proceeded to take notes on This Fashion's princing and have come to the strange conclusion that diff outlets can sell the exact same thing for a very diff price. Chotto shocku deshita! lol.

then had lunch at Tampines Mall's LJS..
er the fries are nice but the cutlery really sucks.
If you're serving meat that needs to be cut prz to not be providing flimsy fragile disposable plastic for utensils dammit. :x haha and then Jacq said that LJS throw most of the feedback away without reading it, maa.

haha and saw kuro!! lolol
who was meeting her sister
who happened to be at the next table. XD haha


kickass Takuya Angel shoot *-*
New takuya Angel site
..TokyoDacadence may be rather questionable but omg clothes!
Shichi-Go-San....the kids are so cute!! lol and so much crappy raschel lace XD; zomg but the obi. *-*
er some visual kei band
another one? picharrrrs.
because the TA site is hell to navigate..
XD;; I actually like this one.
Cute etsy shop
Cute set on flickr


<3 set on photobucket
i want everything in this post. >w<


yes so.
sak needs to clear school work asap and haul ass and sew 8D
ashdkjg school you are IN THE WAY.
oh shit i forgot to check for yukan club
d addicts here i come XD


I need a jrocker picspam post dammit. clothesssss. hee.
my boss my hero

laughing cow cheese! :D

Today, was pretty unconstructive.
Spent most of it starting at my fabric stash and getting annoyed cos nothing was popping out..
Well I figured out what to do with the candyprint but ;et's save that for the apparel production module eh..
since it should be lined :x
I transferred my copics to another bag..
I tried making a shrug thingy buuuuut...
Haha got the wrong size pattern. XD;;;
Spent alot of the day looking for the perfect shrug tutorial+pattern but..
didn't really find one. :/
Lol should've just winged it from another shrug I alr have. -_-;
so there was my very unproductive day..
sak you suck..

I'm going to borrow all the kumiko sudo books in the Library on monday. :D
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my boss my hero

meccha suki~

homg, tsu got me on facebook and now poupee girl. XD
What next woman?! myspace?! XDDDDD lol
Poupee girl is addictiiiiiiiiiiive! And so much fun!!12345
Except that I still dunno how to add a favourite brands. wtf. :x
Haha today was another good day. :3
Finished the bunny beanie;
it's so cute. I'm gonna make one for me omg.
11-1 was really nice sewing :3
Warm sunshine, no construction noise, and breezy breezes~
My windchimes were being very cute and tinkly. <3
Being at home around that time is so rare. Mmn.

lololol and I forgot that edging both sides = x2
ahahahaha but at least novena is pretty central. XD

I wanna make me a red beret. 8D
The red fleecy thing for fabric journal is perfect.
And the black fleece I just bought.
Omg wait I rmb seeing card appliques.
omg. *flails* Haha and I shall add poms poms!
Like AP's berets. XD

Meep and the mauve/grey dress here with the chrysanthemums is so pretty.
*-* And I spelt chrysanthemum right! 8D lololol
I feel like making a chrysanthemum like that. 8D
Haha I'd prolly die doing it though. XD
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my boss my hero

aslkjgfd. :D

Found the most kickass hoodie tut.
Thing is, I don't really know to get normal knits. :x
Apart from Spotlight.
Still haven't found a pattern for that 6 piece beret thing. Bah.

Anyway. Anywayanyway.
Today went round Bugis and Arab St and Chinatown -
It was more aimlessly wandering about than shopping.
Bought that pink tartan in chinatown,
got the rest of the twill for kuro's dress,
finally remembered to buy bobbins.
Had a bitch of a time looking for a mint green for the Shirley Temple print. :x
Didn't find anything. Sooooo. It's just going to be a skirt.
Gathered and scalloped with a lace panel before the scalloping..yeah it'll be cute.
Tried to look for lace for kuro's jsk too..
Found a sorta okay substitute; but then again haven't tried the farrer uncle.
I'll go there on wed.
Finally bought sandpaper too...so can finish sanding Natsuki. -_-;;
Lol he's being quite neglected.
Oh! And today was dumb.
Went back to Bugis upon realizing I had forgotten to find faceup remover stuff..
But. Art friend and Straits Commercial close especially early on weekends. D'oh.
And then much to my chagrin, SG gahmen doesn't let you sell rubbing alcohol at 90%
unless you have a license. -_- ehh.


tmr - alter mom's blouse, go find some good solvent, the usual study session at tpc.
mon - sand Natsuki, maybe got face ups a shot. XD Work on kuro's dress, maybe try a practice circle skirt with the pink tartan..
tue - kuro's dress, the mint green, natsuki. Then meetup with lawliet, then bum around a bit before Ikoma XD Possibly go Spotlight as well.
wed - dunno, but going over to Aya's with Cyn. Holland V before that - replace black hoodie; go the the lace uncle.
thur - kuro's dress, the mint green, natsuki.
fri - The pink tartan! XD I think a half circle skirt. No wait, I wanna try that Watanabe pattern. 8D
weekend - dunno. Prolly try out that hoodie tut!!! 8D that entails another fabric shopping trip, ooh.

O SNAP I forgot a zipper for kuro's dress. -_-
Nvm. Will be making another trip for the great hoodie tryout. 8D
SG doesn't seem to have much in nice printed jersey though...?

Gah and looking at the sale at Converse - I'm still damn pissed my wite pair got stolen. Warghhhhh.
my boss my hero


omg. omgomgomgomgomg.
My HanaKimi finale raw is hitting like, 145-240.
(lol 11 hardub is at...30-45 XD;;)
Haha following BusuKoi was more like...omg yes it's at 1! thank you so much god.
Anyway I think I need to get me more UVERworld. Yeahhh :D

Mou I dunno what to sewwwww.
Think I'll make dorrie clothes. :D
Hee going over to Aya's on wed..

The AatP show at the Paris Japan Expo was daaaaaamn good. *-*

Sigh why is this break when minna's having promos. =_=;;;

KANASHIIIIIIIIII. ;_______________;
Watched the finale. Raw somemore. omg.
*sob* It's overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ;_______________;
I wonder if they'll do a second season? XD
my boss my hero


I don't feel productive.

Finished the broderie ichigo skirt...
It came out pretty. :D
I think I'll make hair bows and a blouse tie to match.

Played around with dorrie shoe patterns...
I almost have the pattern I need figured out,
just have to see how sewing with the actual stuff goes.
I think I can make a pair of rockinghorse ballerinas.
The wood bottoms need to be done in the PID workshop tho.. :/
Maa, can make some cute MJs in the meantime.
Or try figure out boot patterns. Just for the heck of it.

Watched more BusuKoi...ep 11 is almost finished, and 12 is long done, so. :D
Then I can dump everything in the external, and get back to hanakimi. :D

Tried making some icons...haha phail, i think.
Helped out in bro's and Aya's projects..omg my bro phails prz.

Looked at punky rori clothes...
omg maxcimam makes these adorable detacable bunny hood ear things..
I'm ttly gonna give it a go.
I need to go back to Holland and get that black hoodie first tho.

I need sandpaper in 400 and 600 and 1000 dammit. D:
Wai so hard to get. :x

Dunno what to sew next.
Shirely Temple green ichigo? But I want to turn that into a jsk.
So then we need to get some matching green...?
Which could be quite the bitch innit.
Or maybe..Just buy a cute btssb blouse.
Carousel print? But I think I wanna do that as a jsk as well.
Oh yeah the pink ichigo!
And fix the pink swiss cotton better.
I want to try making a cutsew! X3
my boss my hero

new places

new fabric
arab st kampong glam little india
field trip
IV Merchandising
make up
omg fabriiiiiiiiiic!
stupid grumpy uncles at aik bee
going again tmr?!
if can make it on time
magna carta
wig ordering
tanjoubi omedetou, massuki! XD
chotto osoi dakedo ne~ XD

sorry no time so...word associations. ahhh I haven't read any ryo jweb entries lately..

busy busy busy busy.
mood boards due tmr
haven't started
not sleeping tonight?!
last night
only 2 hours
beddo-saaaaa~n ;_;
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