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just when I finish homework (at long last...!)

pupe is down for maintanence. ;_;

dammit. wanted to upload some schtuff.

sheet. I hope I have enough ribbons left...

please don't update more shop items just yet kyatharine! >_>



(or i hope the bridal event items are crappy. then can save for yukata event..! >:3)

omg lol okay pupe eats mai laif.

k, should get ready for school..
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my boss my hero



don't feel like doing work at all feel like looking at pretty dresses and pretty dolls


journal to do

sleeve cap to gather


i want some tea..

procrastination is not good for you!
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my boss my hero

too godforsaken early. late. something.

consultation report to hand in in....10 and a half hours.
luckily it's just a glorified essay/report.
George Ng is amazingly lenient, if the work we got back is anything to go by.
Not that I'm complaining of course, hee. <3
Haha when I first saw the guy's name on the timetable, I thought of Paradise Kiss.
chotto chigau da ne. sonna ni kakkokunee da lol.

now let's just hope the print shop is open at least half day tmr? 8D;
haha but not public hol yet what so should be okay right. XD;
(Went to people's park with jacq and nic yesterday.
almost all the cloth shops close lor..)


got on the last train to marina bay today, how bloody awesome/lucky/cool is that?!
and the solitare cards on vista are damn nice. 8D




my throat's damn itchy.
it's prolly gonna feel like crap in another 12ish hours.
exacerbated by how tmr got deadline...
not a good thing to have on the horizon, no.
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my boss my hero

deckles and pencils and clay and plaster

whoa school's really fast.
We're making paper tomorrow! :D
never got to actually make some, so it's pretty cool liek zomg. 8D
all the mucking about in 3D art ess is kinda fun.

Drawing essentials is a drag tho. ._.
neccesary, but a drag. meh.
it's like doing nothing but prep work. ergh.

anyway, am trying out the dry-flowers-in-your-microwave thing now, it's pretty cool. 8D although, night time prolly isn't the best time for this thing, but you make do or do without.. anyway, issa way cool. liek, instant desu!! hopefully they'll be embedded in some cute handmade papers.. :D ooh and the flowers on the fence by the field - they're a lovely lupin. *-*

cotton scraps
lint from the dryer
cotton balls
linen and silk scraps??
vanguard folders
junk mail
magazine pages
old crepe paper
used wrapping paper
cardboard backing/boxes
unused! toilet paper

metallic thread
embroidery floss bits
mandarin seeds
cut grass
those paper punches!
food colouring
water colours?
organic fibres..
my boss my hero


i like how it rolls off your tongue.

*clod clod clod*
up the wooden stairs..
There's a dying cockroach here on the stair landing..
*twitch twitch twitch*
*twitch twitch twitch* *twitch twitch twitch* *twitch twitch twitch*
twitching like it just got rolled up by a katamari..

by the time we went for lunch, it was gone.


Mushroom and chicken rice please?

errr xiao mei ah..
ara. orh.


school is out, whoo. 8D

I'm going to get crappy grades for this module. Ah well.

Was over and done with the iffy presentation quick enough;
Jai's research project seems interesting. Hmnnmnm.

anything goes lingerie competition by triumph.
totally trying it out.
they passed around lingerie during the briefing....
hahahaha. frikking hilarious.

xmas at milennia walk..
I'll fax in my entry form tmr. lol.
Irene dyed her hair black and changed her lip colour.
She loks so much younger. o.o sugoi!

And today all the lecturers [vernon wilson harvey] were wearing black. lol. doushite desu?

Had really quick lunch after presentations and debrief, then went for the lingerie comp briefing, then chionged reading portfolio, ran around a bit [food shyo $$$ file!!!] and printed and punched holes then SUBMISSION! yes and it's over. too late to send shyo off though. haha i didn't even know she was leaving today. XD

Then nua-ed a wee bit, and went for dinner...
we finally decided on the  interchange foodcourt.
watched cheesy family drama!!!! hongkong show and saw the new taku kimu ad. XD
anyway had the best ice jelly there everrrrrrrrr.
nic went to buy dessert since he finished first
one kachang, jacq and me had ice jelly, and mel had bobochacha.

way back when we were into like maybe block 2?
me and mel had dessert there.
the bobochacha was pretty awful.
she swore never to have it again but...
in the end, she forgot desu ne. XD


Came home, slept on the train.
almost got off wrongly at bugis...
fell asleep again and ended up having to get off at tanjong pagar. -_-;;;

zomg speaking of which cartoon kattun with horikitty was adorable. XD
She looked so cute in the pink apron! x3
Ueda is so adorable with specs on! >w< *wants to cuddle* hee
And Junno is...lame. srsly. XD
And liek zomg, Koki you dork. XD <3

haha CYYYYYYYYYN pass me HEYHEYHEY. hee.

came home and watched yukan club and hataraki man...
hahahahhahha. yukan has scrappy acting and weaaaaaak plot, srsly. XD
The fight scenes are really kinda weak..
And the weird CGI ttly ruins it. XD
Ah well. Noriko gets really cute clothes na. *-*


Hataraki Man..
zomg they changed so much that watching the anime only helps so much. :/
You know what. The guy playing Tanaka's pretty hot. Should find out a bit more.
SUBS DAMMIT ep 7 alr. ;________________;


talking to aya..
it's cold.
it's summer, but it's cold?
it's cold...


Ah I'll do my pupe girl coordinate..

Hrm tmr...
drafting the bodice, fax milennia walk, go lavendar if time?
and kino 20% percent off! hrm or sunday also can.

xmas shopping.....what to get?

ah, this song makes you sleepy na. <33333
i'm sekritly hoping for News do what dong bang did and do an a capella chritmas release. 8D
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my boss my hero

いけいけ!o >w< o

grawr friday 5pm then school is over and yukan club and hataraki man will be waiting for me yessssssssss.


zomg btw Lamento cosplay. *-* ghei kittyboys <3333

sklhdgdfg okay to work draw sak draw! makes tables! write relections and biblio! and cover page! andandnandand

hataraki mode, on!

[haha dammit the drama makes it look so easy to get into a working mode, srsly. ._. i oso wan lehhhhh. *shot*]

[UVERworld's vocalist has cute eyes. Watch the UkiyoCROSSING pv. a bit random, but cute eyes, hee. X3 *turns into a fangirly tako* haha
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my boss my hero

haha only aya's cleeeean.

lol did you get the weeeek ref? /lame. XD

Missed the train towards Pasir Ris, so walked a round Bugis.
Thy're doing some renovations, wonder if it'll be done by holiday season. Profits and all.

and then saw Jo Teo!!
Hahahha. So amusing.
We talked a bit.. and then I realized there was a huge group of girls behind her.
Next year's scholars.
Said Hi.
HIIII they said back.
lol cute.

nua-ed a bit in the canteen..
Barely seen Shyo, Rachel etc this block. >w<
Worked on ppt with Jacq and Jess.

lol. Mon was totally channeling awkward Tesshi.
Bright orange shirt, and toilet cleaner blue CJ skirt.
hay it rhymes! lol.

Jin! Was late, how unusual. XD
So cute, now we can sing Chirarizumuuuuu, to ka. XD


Went to school early

Saw the kame lookalike guy in the lift..
6th floor, so he's prolly a third year? dayum.
Unless he was going to the staff rooms.

Worked on rough presentation
Haha shittiest piece of work in a while. XD
HAd consultation with Jai...
basically, MOAR tables and peeeektures.
Everything's deadline has been pushed to Friday..
lucky~ :D

Ended an hour later than expected; at 4.
Rushed down to Aya's,,
Well, got there at like 5 45.
Sak won twice at Katamari!!!! 8DDDDD
Haha did versus mode with cyn in the house and in the town. 8D
Zomg but sak vair nearly got rolled up by Cyn. XD
Sak's good at extracting herself froma katamari ne XD

zomg, and the firefly level is damn fun.
I wanna try eeeeet. 8D
Very bright! Tegoshi desu~! lol.

Took the bus home with Cyn and Mon and Kiwi after. 855?
lol didn't know the overhead bridge there was like that.
My bus was right behind when I changed at Novena too, lucky~

Haha and now we're all at home, and in an msn convo anyway.
Aya's the only clean one. XD Should go shower..
Kay imma gonna go check out mon's blog.
will eeet be another comment spam...
Ooh, and I have pumpkins for supper.

Oh yeah Aya cooked dinner!

What's for dinner tonight...I wanna PUMPKIN! lol. *lame*

Haha so full. 8D
my boss my hero


You know what?
This entire season so far.
There hasn't been anything by the rori brands that i like, omgreallyreally want!
Apart from the Paris window print hur.

Haha it's good, it's good. XD

Angelic pretty's going more hime...?


Mmmm, had our final for Japanese today, which was the skit..
Haha so much fun. 8D
Nic's group was frikking hilarious. So, so awesome. XDDD
2D mahjong paper kimono, flippy wig kopped from Jennifer's store, fan and Memoirs of a Geisha dance spoof.
Serifuu mo sugoku wasureta kedo, sugge umai! XD And the hot pink clogs! hahahaha.
lol no peeektures cos i am a retard.
Lol and Jane wore her frikking high boots with vair sexy buckles.
Made her legs look damn long. 8D
And Aaron was pretty awesome in those patent 5" ankle boots. 8D
Meccha meccha kirei ni aruita~ *-* Sugoi ne.
Haha Sak was bloody short..
Only wore geta. lol.


yay focus on Communicating Design Ideas now.
uwa shitakunee ze.. D:
skgkljfdkjgfdjah. yasumi ga hoshiiiiii.
ah yabe ikoma no shukudai wa mada.. .____.;
neh mind. next week do all. >:3


I want to go to the toy shops and all in Suntec.
And maybe walk through Toys r Us.
Btw, calico critters are SO CUTE. *dies*


I've decided: sewing stuff will be my holiday job. 8D
Unless there's a nice short term job floating around hur.

dammit i wanna do takuya angel stuff but there are no suitable prints here dammit.
haven't found any TA worthy ones at yet.
bright, saturated, sakuran colours dammit..

sugoi, the powerpoint skeleton's all coming out..
my boss my hero


monday - japanese final skit.
tuesday - comdiiii
wednesday - hopefully aya's!! >_<
thurs - comdii final [ i think. o_0;] and aya's flying
fri - holiday!!! [ i think. ]
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