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my boss my hero

In other words, I love you~

I'm in an incredibly good mood~
Lol I think it's Mon and her happy shiny mood today~
Talking to Aya and Mon~
Yappari rabu rabu da! <3
lol and happy white day <3
perhaps it was Nanao-chan's totally random white day sms <3
Oh and then I remembered how all the recieved files were going to the D drive somehow, and rewatched that cute Masshoon clip. Aishiteru, honey~! Kyaaaaaa, I love fanservice. [omg is there another part btw?!] And Massu is so adorableeeeeeee. *rolls around* And Shoon! Makes this adorable salary man. <3 Hee, it's so cute when they put them in suits and specs. Haha and then found this song in there, it's so fluttery and rabu rabu~ Even my Mom likes it, lol. <333
I wonder if the Valentines hearts are still up in fishfish <3
Pi-chan is working today too! <3
hee, there have been so many hearts in this post.

Ahhh it'd be even cuter with lots of random emoji and kira kira, but well work's in slightly more than half an hour and I really need to be fed, lol. There are no leftovers in the fridge, le horreur!

Bai bai~ <3