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tingles. :3


came home..
the com eats up my life.

today it's been the weekly drama, comdi project research, and then hataraki man marathoning.
Also have new songs!! Hee. <3333333 *cuddles Sa*

Hataraki Man anime's pretty different from the drama na.
The biggest difference is how they portrayed Shinji and Sugawara.
Ah, and the anime's sexual undertones are way stronger. It's prolly even stronger in the manga ka na..
Shinji's a bit more of a bastard in the manga, but he's so sweet and adorable in the drama. [well, so far anyway, lol.]
Sugawara's slighty nicer and funnier in the anime, and also easier on the eyes. Maa.
Couldn't they have cast someone more ikemen?!
But without looking at the character design for Sugawara, the actor fits the character character really well I think.
Mmmmmmmn. Shall find scanlations.

It's scary how much I can relate to Hataraki Man though. o_0;
Haha and all the staying up.
Although this block, when I stay up, it's hasn't been so much about doing work rather than procrastinating. *shot* lol. Maa, in anycase, this tern's over after next week. :D Looking forward to after the final Japanese presentation [which is a very kua zhang and retarded skit, zehi mite kudasai! XD kitto sugoku omoroi to omou kara ne XD] on MOnday, so after that can just concentrate on the Comdi final - we're going to design a Singapore doll. *mulls* Jai brought up a pretty good point; many times we attribute Singaore's lack of a 'definitive' culture due to the fact that out history doesn't stretch back as far, and we're descended from mostly immigrants. But if you look at the US, it's pretty much the same - just that Singapore doesn't go back as far and we didn't have as much drama... lol like they had their civil wars and all? Maa.

Yanno in the old sec school track, before it was rennovated, YiLin would always whack me with the sorta dandelion looking weed. Hurt like a bitch I swear.

haha that was pretty random wasn't it. maa.

Talked to Wyncy over msn last night, hisashiburi da wa, hontou. Haha her blog's called ai no kakera. Tsubasa chronicles no kai?! Maa demo kawaii ne. ^^ It was pretty fun, we really caght up. VSC sounds pretty fun, ii na.. Zomg and also? VSC-ers, as a general rule, score frikking high. -_-;;; There was someone in another class who got....3.89!!!!!!!!!! for gpa. O______O kowaii... Ore mo hoshii na.. x3 I think I'm gonna get pretty low for ComDi, hope it's not a C :/ Japanese should either be A or Z, so I suppose it's not bad... bad omg, there are people getting straight Zs, so scary!! o___o haha then again, it's pretty doable I think, especially for foundation. *mulls* And there are quite a few people in VSC who've had previous training and know what to do, so that probably contributes to their m4d high gpa..ka na?

Maa, have to meet Jane and Aaron to practise for Monday, so gonna wake up at 12 then meet at 2 at tampines [why so far =____= haha maa ee ya..]

yosh, sleeping. 6 hours!