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for a while, i had a bit of a sewing block. ._.;;; like, JSK or skirt?? lace?? could I possibly sell this off?? zomg crap why is this white so blue and brihgt??! and why did the colour bleed onto my white cutsew and alice trump socks?! ;_______________________;

haha stupid thigs like that.

In the end I started a blue skirt, and I'm prolly gonna make a sleeve top to go with it. ^^ It's the blue swiss cotton~ ^^ I need lining and a better matching blue tho, so I'll go to Chinatown tomorrow. >w<~ Started on a felt applique for that awesome $3! blackxhot pink pullover, buuut... I ran outta black embroidery floss. -_-;; whaddaya know. And I seem to have lost all my seam pickers.. wtf. XD;;; hrmn and some blue ribbon for the beading lace.. Maybe I should get a cooler beading lace from lavender. Hrmn. I have to go there anyway ne.. cos I forgot 2m for kuro's jsk lol. XD;

also, took more photos of the damn cats, hurhur.

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I love Chirstmas singles! >w<
I hope NewS does one. Preferably a capella, or bossa nova or jazz or even a little ska? Hee. >w<
Also? this vid is absolutely hilarious. XDD Eeteuk~ You have such nice arms. >w< <3333
zomg and search shokugan on flickr. So many goodies!! 8D *rolls*
And why isn't there a *smiling* or at least happy looking Lati white, srsly. -_-;;
my boss my hero


First day of the holidays!!
Slept in, rolled outta bed at 12.

Spent most of the day on poupee, doll sites and taking pictures.
Oh yeah and faxed milennia walk, hope they get back soon. ^^;

zomg and watch that sugata sanshiro preview special thingoo.. shige kakkoi! he looks good in meiji clothes. Mmm. demo yappari chotto...ossan poi. XD nanka seishun no kanji inee jan.. XD soshite...KISS SCENE?! haha personally I don't think there will be, but you never know lol.

zomg, also, news in popolo january IS ADORABLE. and jousei jishin as well. *hearts madly* the popolo shoot is filled with so much member ai prz!! and koyashige love. 8D And Tegonyan is looking especially adorable. *wants one* lololol.

Anyway got these neko nekos a while ago but..
Wasn't that into shokugan and stuff until recently.
Because after all the crapload of mindless photo surfing research for the last module..
It kinda grows on you. 8D
I wanna go to Suntec.. and Sunshine... *rolls*

then again, Leekeworld has these totally kickass December preorder wigs, and these tinys [this one has such a kickass body srsly. 8D so posable!] are ADORABLE. *flails* also, with Mon and Cyn going to Japan, and Xmas shopping, and the Love Com illust book out on xmas.... I really have better things to spend money on. RLY. And I really should be sewing and taking comissions if I want to get Louis from the March Iplehouse group order...

but we might be having another money sucking hobby.
ah well. 8D

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Also, prz to check out this fantastic reconstruction of Bag End. It needs hobbits I say! Haha used to read Elijah slash... But the Viggo/Orli ones tended to be better I think. Haha and like,  the elves! And all that terrible, epic! melodramatic  fic from whats her name.. Morgana. lol. And that one time when Sa changed my LJ bg to this really O_____o whut?! Gandalf/Legolas manip from theban... Hahaha good times.
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