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my boss my hero


aya woke me up for posting results.
*cuddles aya*
*rolls around*
yay TP took me.
yappari on the other end of the line as aya.
and then my mom comes back from dunno where and goes
haha i passed by the lasalle building it looks vair nice.
meh. T____T
it's only tampines dammit.
*startes at lasalle letter*

oh shush now.
deadlines's the 12th at any rate.
going to go shower [omg i feel dirty after all the packing. the house is a war zone, 3rd floor especially. haha.]

*goes to sit in the sun*

oh we throw out that useless filing cabinet, so now the window just behind the bed can be opened. It's a bit noisy to open it at night, but it's nothing terribly annoying and waking up with sunlight and a bit of wind is just lovely. <3 mweeee~ i think a windchime would be nice. I have those cute $1 ones from chinatown, but the sound isn't nice.

Oh watched fireworks on Sunday. I guess since it was the 15th they had it or something. Sat by the window sill. It's pretty nice, that window. Though the view is half obstructed, but it's okay. ^^ Mmm, I wonder if hydreangea would survive in my planter box. Ahhhh the other day I saw a beautiful bush of it. *envies* I didn't know it could bloom *that* well here!

ah, hanabi and windchimes, how summery.
it's a bit early though, innit. X3

meep. shower. :x

-get vanity+bath's lights changed
-shower pouf. *mourns for the old one*
-lol that's it.

40min to
-pack bag
-run through jidoushi and tadoushi one more time, one more chance
 uwa, byousoku 2 isn't out yet
-breakfast [last night's spaghetti maybe]

and hmn. i still need to find that bennie k song that i wanted. let's do it later today~