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lol, these two days have been so fun. XD

Had another amusing dream.
There was an eroero, hollywood spy film scene in TanglinClub...6mins! lol
Some blond woman and some JamesBond wannabe. XD
Then suddenly was running around this very plush carpety place.
looking for somewhere to sit down i think.
And then somehow was in jail with Jin and Mon?
But it felt like Sec4 retreat or something.
We were sitting on our beds talking crap.
Jin on the left, then Sak in the middle, and Mon on the right.
Both of them had light kiwi green blankets and mine was rose..
You know those knit blankets that you see in Hk hospitals? those types lol.

Anyway it rained yesterday...
But went out with tsu anyway XDD
Slowly dragged out arses to Kino
Browsed all the mags she missed and bought the glb
then went down to the food court and tsu ate like nuts. XD
Our entire dinner was made up of little snacks hee
mont blanc [lol i had my first one~ thanks tsuuuuu <33333] and tori q and old chang kee and wagashi and.. alot la.
Then I went over and there was katamari and retarded music and tetris and katamariiiiii~
lol Aya's origami's crane katamari was so sad. missed by 41!!!! Haha.
Sak....still sucks as katamari
Tsu...made a new planet for the Sumo level XD
Hee let's watch Victoria's Secret and Golden Compass <3333

omg and the fudge Aya bought was daaaaaamn good, nnngh.

Then today today today..
Slowly dragged arse to town and tried to do xmas shopping...
Haha me and Aya felt stoned and generally nuaed.
Down and Out in London and Paris...
ANd LocoRoco haha.
Book, PSP, and Aya's chai latte.
and Sun Moulin pastry hee
The honeydew chocolate is good! Sak likes! XD
Aya thinks it's weird lol.
Hrmn then settled half of Kiwi's presents at Isetan~
yanno, the Barbie Disney Princess/fairytale series..
the print on the skirts would be perfect as a rori print in say, flocked velveteen. *_*
with some sparkle in it! like metallic thread outlines or something.
The style's like the Princess Emeraude/Jade Country arc in TRC,
yanno when they're recapping the legends. *-*
The silouettes with the blacked-in skin, i dunno what style that is.
Sak wants a fabric factory. XD

Lol then Sak had an early dinner of NatsumiFish at Mos,
and we nua-ed again. Ttly stealing ur book btw kthx. XDDD
Lol and Aya planned xmas dinner. This year will be quieter na
And ants! Do ants have arseholes? It's such a cute book.
[expensive too lol]

Lol then went to Bugis, had rori panel meeting, it's all so exciting! hee

I want some milk tea ice cream hurhur.

argh still looking for cute portable speakers. wai cannot fiiiiiind. :/

Dammit and someone buy mai stuff. :/ Moniesssss.
Should try sell more things.
I wish it was like Poupeegirl, so easy to sell and buy. XD
my boss my hero

bossa <3

I think I'll make a requesting post for jazzy things. *-*

Went to Chinatown after the rain..
I ended up spending way more than expected. ^^;;

-The remaining 3m of the blue parasol print.. ^^;;;;;
-A pack of lovely crocheted strawberries [it's got flowers on it too!!]
-2 reallllly soft pompoms for shoe clips
-Clips on earring backs to make shoe clips

stuff I really needed
-Blue ribbon [zomg super cheap! *-* Auntie ILUUUUUUU!]
-Blue lining
-Seam ripper ._.;;;; lost mine again..

Wa loli seems to be really popular lately or something. [on sgcafe...] o_0
Dammit WHY?!?!?!?!? do they keep saying
'My wa loli is coming this month1111"
"Got any cheap wa lolis????"

It's. fucking. annoying.

Hrmn lets try making a few waloli style things.
I kinda wanna try it myself really. o.o

Milennia walk called!
So I think i'll use a model but...
sweatdrop. cannot, so far. oh dear..
Jacq and co are hiring a make&hair artist. o_o sugoi..
Wonder if I can borrow the guy too. o_o;
o_o i know nuts about make&hair. o_o
If really cannot we have to do it ourselves. ._.;;;;
oh well.
hahahhaaha mon was like. sak, CMI.

Kitto nantoka naru sa! XD

Imma gonna make a half mask to go, yeah. 8D Wine red and velvet and gold and feathers
Mmmhmnmmnmn makes you think of Anne Rice Blood and Gold. Marius <3

Hrmn so go spotlight before Heros.
Cos there isn't anywhere else with those feathers. *sadface*
That I know off anyway.

Edit: and nails. Mmmmmn. Yeah. 8D Now I need acrylics. and the nail..glue..thing. Shit i need someone who knows this crap dammit. 8D

Koda Kumi has a really lovely voice. *-*
But then, I only have one track from her. ^^;

edit2: omg. "Dogs". damn good. nnnnngh. The clothes! The colouring. *-* And the characters. Well. Basically it's another cool dystopian manga with a a good dollop of angst and comic relief. Badou is fucking hilarious. XD And the really small wings! I love those. Small wings just about the width of the shoulders like vestiges of what was. I love that image. <3 Art isn't so great in the first chapter. But. After that? OMG nnnnnnngh. damn good. sdhfglkdafjh I WANNA KNOW MOREEEEE. but. discontionued?!?!?!? ;______; you taunt me. ;__________;

also, ketsumeishi. christmas single. oh yeah. damn good. <33333333333 *hearts madly*
k 2 30 better sleep if I wanna get up earley for more sewing time.
haha my mom's smitten with the ipod. XD lol.

and my com is not reading my phone.
and my mom's com keeps giveing the sector drive error.
I'll try my bro's com. aklsdhfg.
it's been working perfectly fine you know. ;____;
go get drunk you stupid shit. ;___;

I should get a ruffling foot. ._.;;
I'll call up the Sakura supplier auntie.
Haha oh yeah did I ever say?
My machine's really called a Sakura. lololol
Still damn noisy tho.
I wish it was half as quiet as the SILENT!!!! new Jukis in the sewing room. ;_;
Ah well.
It has its charms.~

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my boss my hero


You know what?
This entire season so far.
There hasn't been anything by the rori brands that i like, omgreallyreally want!
Apart from the Paris window print hur.

Haha it's good, it's good. XD

Angelic pretty's going more hime...?


Mmmm, had our final for Japanese today, which was the skit..
Haha so much fun. 8D
Nic's group was frikking hilarious. So, so awesome. XDDD
2D mahjong paper kimono, flippy wig kopped from Jennifer's store, fan and Memoirs of a Geisha dance spoof.
Serifuu mo sugoku wasureta kedo, sugge umai! XD And the hot pink clogs! hahahaha.
lol no peeektures cos i am a retard.
Lol and Jane wore her frikking high boots with vair sexy buckles.
Made her legs look damn long. 8D
And Aaron was pretty awesome in those patent 5" ankle boots. 8D
Meccha meccha kirei ni aruita~ *-* Sugoi ne.
Haha Sak was bloody short..
Only wore geta. lol.


yay focus on Communicating Design Ideas now.
uwa shitakunee ze.. D:
skgkljfdkjgfdjah. yasumi ga hoshiiiiii.
ah yabe ikoma no shukudai wa mada.. .____.;
neh mind. next week do all. >:3


I want to go to the toy shops and all in Suntec.
And maybe walk through Toys r Us.
Btw, calico critters are SO CUTE. *dies*


I've decided: sewing stuff will be my holiday job. 8D
Unless there's a nice short term job floating around hur.

dammit i wanna do takuya angel stuff but there are no suitable prints here dammit.
haven't found any TA worthy ones at yet.
bright, saturated, sakuran colours dammit..

sugoi, the powerpoint skeleton's all coming out..
my boss my hero


omg, look here. <333

Shiro kodana? haha it's the first time I've heard that, but it's CUTE.

I want a [pretty cute skinny] boy to dress up now. >w<
[Tesshi? omg or Toma! XD Hahahaha and Junno!
Because Granmarie has such a ghei wardrobe. I love the stylist XD
Haha or anyone of the Jrockers, ahaha. Sexy thiiiighs. XD
Hee wait or Jeajoong? XD]

Haha I suppose that's why we have dolls.

I wanna see more girls and boys in boystyles. x3


You know I can't stand how on sgcafe they keep going..
"lolitas to sell!"
When they're selling their [invariably crappy raschel lace infested] clothes.
What are you, rori pimp? ;p

I think I'll restring Natsuki anyway.
my boss my hero

*melts into goo*

Haha. backlog again..

Collapse )

Friday 19th Oct
Hur hur had curry puff for breakfast. :D umai!! karai kedo XD;
Anyway, wore my ichigo tiered skirt for the first time~ <3333
Haha it's so lame finished it in September somemore..
Worked on evening wear assignment in class,
went for lunch with jessica, shyo and rachel
food at the chinese cooked food stall was better than usual, ahah.
Pottered/drew/did HOC quiz in the sewing room again,
went home with Rachel.
lol used the busstop across the road..it's been a vair long time since I went some from there.

Next week...is going to be quite rushed.

weekend - complete evening wear assignment; FIPD final mood board + thumbnails
Monday - HOC final assignment consultation
Tuesday - evening wear deadline 6pm work in class if need
Wednesday - FIPD final - illust work complete in 3 hrs
Thurs - FIPD final - production drawings complete in 3 hrs
Friday - HOC final assignment deadline 6pm

Ha. hahahahaha. shit la.
Shit must no bum around this weekend.
Except Sunday. ;p
Day of Rest dammit. XD

Oh yeah, next sem's timetable came out on Thurs.
Rachel and me checked out everyone else's since the system is this awesome stalker-y tool. XD
I have classes 12-3 and 6-9 next block. D:
Haha haven't decided wheather to cut the 6-9 class on Tues,
it's Japanese as well.  Haha. stupid shit.
Which reminds me, need to sign up for the JLPT3 prep course asap!
And I need to return my library books on Monday too.
my boss my hero


Links, because today is yay!

Adorable cutsew..ah Aya click, somehow I think you'd like it. <333
TSUMORI CHISATO - oh, the discoveries to be had on Poupee. XD
23000yen for sweater is kinda retarded tho prz. D:
I'd totally buy BABY's MA Princess gold embroidery dress with all that monies prz. *dokidoki*
I can't quite figure out that collar tho.
It looks like Sasuke's collar..
It's been appearing more and more...but..
I still can't quite figure out how it's done. :/
Maybe I'll look for a tutorial somewhere na. <3

Gorgeous, gorgeous colour. *-*

WaldoPancake...somehow, it feels very..healing, ka na? haha
Charming. Yeah charming's the word. <3

Harry the supermodel. Click for teh lulz prz. XD
And all was well. XDDD

Macarooooooons. *_* meep.
Homg and the green macaroon fairy is so adorable. <33
[Also, to quote Ouran....rich bastards. lol]
Although, I suppose, this type of blog, it's more Aya innit. XD

Second Risa icon in the teasers.
*_______* This is really why I want the illust book.
kdsfkgdlkfg I can't wait for it to come outttttttttt.
Hurry Christmas Hurry Fast...Ah wasureta. XD; That chipmunks song.

Haha that style, it kinda reminds me of Air Gear.
Ah and there's this illustration in my fashion drawing book that looks like Otani..
albeit taller. XD As Cyn pointed out. Haha I shoud scan it or something.
Kakkoi da yo XD

Giggle was rewatching that ya-ya-yah show clip where massu and tesshi and all had to dress up at princesses. And then...it was the first time that I noticed Shige there! *major, major major major fail* XDDDDD I was like...omg USOOOOO!! XD

Uwa, soshite iyo iyo kasa GETTO shimashita~~~~! *________* *kirakira* Haha ureshii, meccha ureshii~~~ 155 ribbon dake deshita da shi~~~~ haha the funny thing was, I saw another umbrella going for 400ribbons the page after. XDDD stupid overpricing.


Today, as usual for Sunday, went out~~
And Kiwi came too~ <333
Haha the last time I saw her was Pirates.
Upon inspection of the organizer book...
That was 3 months ago. =_=

Anyway..met at PS..then walked to kknm...bummed around, I don't think anyone bought anything except  muffins and chicken pie. Incidentally, the cute muffin shop? Is owned by a Mr Johnny. XDDD Walked to Bugis after, Mon and Cyn bought them voodoo dolls, then went to Kino and sqeeed/browsed random stuff...Ahhhhh Oct KERA has stickers from BABY's halloween print!! >W< HOSHI! HOSHI~~~!!! ^^;;; Maa, didn't buy it ne. Anna Tsuchiya seems to be to Kera what Mana is to GLB? Haha and the AlgonquinsxKera? I Liiiiiiiike. 8D Also also also, Btssb VS SEX POT revenge was fun. Haha but srsly, after awhile...it looks kinda the same ne. XD Haha sumimasen. Kiwi got a bit annoyed at me for browsing so long I think. XD;; Maa, after that went to MOS and had lots of fries and milk tea. <33333

Next week, arcade + puri? XDDD

There was this otaku looking guy reeeally fussing over his [very cute rori] MSDs in kknm.

It was just a veryverybriefmoment   , but for a justashortsplitsecond?
I thought...that's kinda gross. ._.;;;
haha after that I went, ah that dress is so cute <3

Haha uhm that's not very diplomatic/correct, I know, I know. *sweat*

EDIT: Ah, Takaaki Kusaka! Her style reminds me a bit of Nodame..but a touch easier to get used to maybe. It's so sweet <3
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