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zomg flying cockroach DNW DDDDDx

eeeeeeeeee. flying cockroach. ._. it's a baby one tho. but still. ._.;;;


demo kane ga inee.
but it's not like i'll spend that much I think?

if i just go textile centre
Plaza sing
wonder where else sells charmns
katamaris! yes there will be katamaris..
how do you string them tho hrmn
hope my pliers don't scarth them omg

rolled outta bed pretty late; like 2 [oops. XD;;;]
spent the rest of the day doing all the shukudai i did't do
surfed in between [cos everytime i check something, poupee sidetracks me..among pther things. XD]

have discovered the wonders of trashy fashion mag scans
pinky cutie zipper vivi camcam you get the idea
lol and ageha, but i haven't ound any yet. XD

Pinky dec is really cute!
Yuusuke is absolutely adorableeeee in the double date shoot
[I can't stand Reina's face tho bleh]
Emi [Kizukura Karen] is all over this issue, which is nice
And Jin's in it too lawl XD And the mag's called Pinky, lololol.
zomg kame is adorable in the lip gloss ad. XD asking to be icon-ed srsly.
yee and mizushima hiro's in a cute christmas date shoot hee. <3333

sort of tempted to buy it haha. XD

was our last lesson


ああああああゴキブリ帰った ・_・;;;;
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my boss my hero


Blue skirt's almost done!
The elastic's stupid and floppy. And curled.
Sooo...we'll have to replace it ne. :/

Sewed most of the day..
But I suppose because we watch so much JE vids and such..
somehow you'll end up talking like a guy. ^^;
Dunno la. But it feels more natural/easier to remember to me.
That said. Can Jin speak in that ojou-sama way?
Jin gambare! XD

I ended watching Yukan Club 6 again. XD
Haha. Ep 7 just aired~
Hrmn Shabake's finished downloading but..
I think I'll wait for the subs ne.
I hope they release them sodt as well. *lazy to dl again* XD

*mulls* then again I suppose I you spent more time on Poupeegirl, it'd be easier to remember how girls are supposed to talk ne. XD

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*sqees happily* I love this song.




general study sources
past papers [but no answers :/]
cool vocab test..can put in keitai..does it work with our phones?
sound files
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my boss my hero

sleigh bells

No I'm not feeling paricularly Christmasy.
Haha am thinking of christmas presents tho, hoho.


It's Tuesday!
Haha somehow it feels like a very long time..
last last Saturday was the last time I went to Ikoma.
Lol I dunno Ikoma's like, stress relief or something. <3333
Haha Jin cut her hair..it's cute yo! XD
And Mon's is now like..chocolate brown? Omoshiroi..
Haha and we watched some Yukan Club before class..
Nyaa and LoveSong subs are really different ne. o_o


Finished our first script draft! :D Yey!
We're out of apples. ;_;
I have one moar essay to write, and editting to do, and a cover page to do as well.
But I'm sqeeing over the the cute cat god one on yaoidaily and zomg there is an anon kink meme for saiyuki and loveless. Nnnnnngh YES. 8D
I find myself reading overly melodramatic NishiKato. zomg.
I saw Katou-san! In the textbook, lol.
Kanji really slows me down. :/
kk reading a bit of fic, then doing essay.
my boss my hero


went to that golden river craft store..
pretty much like a shabbier golden dragon.
stank tho, like something awful.
still i suppose it's good if you need something and are stuck in school?

it's not raining properly.
it's...dripping, for lack of word.
unlike at aya's. mou.

watched yukan club 4 and hataraki man 5..
I like how yukan started out [bidou~ XDDD]
but...the spooky part fell a bit flat on it's face I think.
Hataraki Man, on the other hand, despite being unsubbed [still wtf.. ;_;]
I found more engaging. Maa.
Still. Blonde Junno is really growing on me. XD <33333
Zomg Koyama will be guesting on the 20th Nov ep for Yukan Club!!!
Hahahaha. First Kurosagi, now Yukan Club...when will he get his own drama? XD
but gosh Koyama ounds really bad in the weeeek live for every perf so far.
even with tegonyan backing him up.
ah well. It's JE... XD

Japanese class in school is frikking boring. esp today.
srsly. ;_______________;
Apart from the culture part, where things pick up a bit.
Ah, it's pretty pathetic isn't it..



Haha had instant noodles for dinner, with Jane and Aaron and jane's friend.
Natsukashii ne <3 made me think of St Gabriels and all.
Haha I haven't sene a mon drink coke lite in ages alr. XD


haha and now I'm fangirling with Shion? hahaha <333
my boss my hero


It's been a lovely long weekend :D

Today woke up late,
watched SCP <333
popped by school for assignment consultation
got back my phone's earphones from Nic
shopped in bugis
2 tops + kickass hoodie
haha I wasn't paying though.
But still.
Came home..
finished colouring After5 assignment..
I'll finish the production drawings in class la. Nnngh.
Need to rummage for fabrication stuff
Ah need to pack for Ikoma too :D
Aaaa shukudai wa mada..
I hope there are still prep class slots for Saturday. 8D;;;;;;;;

Yukan Club Ep 2 airs tmr night~~~ <333

No subs for Hataraki Man yet..

Haven't gotten my hands on Moyashimon yet >w<;;
my boss my hero

*melts into goo*

Haha. backlog again..

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Friday 19th Oct
Hur hur had curry puff for breakfast. :D umai!! karai kedo XD;
Anyway, wore my ichigo tiered skirt for the first time~ <3333
Haha it's so lame finished it in September somemore..
Worked on evening wear assignment in class,
went for lunch with jessica, shyo and rachel
food at the chinese cooked food stall was better than usual, ahah.
Pottered/drew/did HOC quiz in the sewing room again,
went home with Rachel.
lol used the busstop across the road..it's been a vair long time since I went some from there.

Next week...is going to be quite rushed.

weekend - complete evening wear assignment; FIPD final mood board + thumbnails
Monday - HOC final assignment consultation
Tuesday - evening wear deadline 6pm work in class if need
Wednesday - FIPD final - illust work complete in 3 hrs
Thurs - FIPD final - production drawings complete in 3 hrs
Friday - HOC final assignment deadline 6pm

Ha. hahahahaha. shit la.
Shit must no bum around this weekend.
Except Sunday. ;p
Day of Rest dammit. XD

Oh yeah, next sem's timetable came out on Thurs.
Rachel and me checked out everyone else's since the system is this awesome stalker-y tool. XD
I have classes 12-3 and 6-9 next block. D:
Haha haven't decided wheather to cut the 6-9 class on Tues,
it's Japanese as well.  Haha. stupid shit.
Which reminds me, need to sign up for the JLPT3 prep course asap!
And I need to return my library books on Monday too.
my boss my hero


Library reading [Try borrowing Cleopatra too]
Lavander - [diamonds, thread off white]
Orchard -Kino [research], Art Friend[yellow felt]
Dinner, meet w Mon + Jin?

Tanoshimi desu. :3

my boss my hero


Today..I woke up late, again, at 12.
That's kinda how it's been ever since Textile Fundamentals and Manipulation ended.
That works out to be over a month...良くないですね。

まあ昼ご飯を食べたら、ネットをしました...そのあと、ブロデリー苺スカートのベルトが作った。久しぶりで、作り方があまり分からなくて、ちょっと困るだった。 でも最後に何とかできたので、よかったな~ まあ、そのより、やっぱりひるで手作りな物をしますね。。部屋がとても明るくて、気持ちだ  

ゴムはまだ入らないけど。イコマ行かなくちゃ ハハ、休みの時楽しいね~ 今日はモウモウが食べかったし、隣のクラスのイケメンも見たし ハハメッチャ面白かった、イケメンが見たいから、ファンギャルの感じでモン&Co.が急に一緒に来た。
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ああそうだ。大切な仁へ: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICALのRIPはこっち
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my boss my hero


okay I feel really sleepy.

Portfolio review tmr.
Which is some big big big deal crap.
And everyone's going
            omgomgomg whaaaaaaatwhatwhatwhatwhat.
And the lecturers give out
            vague, unhelpful lastminute! and sounding out-of date information.

going to follow Bernie's advice and just bring whatever -_-
Vernon's unhelpful emails be damned.

stick into A3 file:
2D Art A3 - acrylic
2D Art A3 - pastel
FMerc - Shanghai ppt [print in the morning]
VMerc - Draping exercise [print in the morning]
DigiEss - kowaii usapon shirt. [morning. print.]
TexFun - Fibres ppt [morning. print.]

stuff that doesn't fit in a file:
TexFun - Fabric Book
TexManip - Tie dye sample book
TexManip - Packaged shirts
TexManip - Pairwork

Ack should print out the prompts and shit and maybe scribble and think about them in the train or something like.

あああああもう朝7時起きないと... いやだああああ。x_x
my boss my hero

poly eatz ur brainz desu.

So we were coverting SGD into yen during Ikoma today right?
Jin and me took an obscenely long time to do it. =_=
Can't do maths! Bah. Awful.
I can't do Sec 1 problem sums anymore either.
Sec 1!!
Ye gods.

Design history and culture started today, it's pretty cool.
It has a totally retarded time tho. 3-6. -_-
Of course, it could be worse, so.
Ernst the lecturer and Devin the tutor tell such amusing stories. XD
The class reminds me of Lit somehow, hoho.
I wonder if we get to do essays?
*is shot* I know, buuuuut...I miss writing stupid canned essays! XD
And Lit essays! lolololol. Wonder how many pages I can manage now.

Sound the bells, ring the alarm! The truth, the truth is coming and it will prowl the streets like a lion! Beat up my children, shun my family..

No wait fail. that's a terribly convoluted quote.
-_- no moar skillz desu.

I miss firing quotes at each other before the exams. :(

I want to do lit againnnnnnn *whines and is annoying*

Shyo and I thought we finished out pairwork project.
sadly it's not to Veron's tastes / the marking scheme.
:/ We really like our final piece...
Buuuuuut Veron likes one of our 2minutesflat! experiments way better =_=
Although I suppose I'd rather she tell us, because what we need is the grade.
But meh.
So we made a ttly gay pride rainbow, 10minuteflat screenprint, which she pronounced, okay. =_=
Not quite happy with it tho.
Wanna do another tmr morn.
Anyway tried draping the one we liked best on Natsuki;
He looks like a total girl. Bahahaha XD

(No one believes me when I say he's a boy.
And then my maid asked me why he has a penis. SHOCKU.
And then my mom asked me where his boobs were, for the Nth time.
And then I realize I got my tenses all confused.)

Of course, I'm the one who's planning to make him a cute pink yukata and that carosel print dress that's been in my head forever.. XD

And he rly needs better hands. I wishwishwish luts hands matched. ._.;
and tabi feet would be nice. ._.
but I don't think you can put 2piece hands/feet on a body that uses 1piece hands/feet? mou.