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saw this guy in the design canteen -
Skinny and lanky and smirkity lips and the hair's almost just right even :D
XD And then saw him when we were going home - Janis was like omg yes looks like!!
XDDDD Haha so exciting.
Haha and I'm not even a Kame fangirl. XD

XD lol and then saw another guy on the train and me and Janis were like - haha looks Japanese.
Passing resemblance to Toma maybe. XD

So yes.
omg it's so frustrating no JE fangirls in school though. D:

Anyway anyway anyway - today was first day of the Block,
Jacq totally overslept and didn't come lololololol.
Had ComDi, for like...an hour. -_-
Which meant I had free time from 1 30 - 6, how sick is that?!
And nothing to do either, cos the Library Resourse walkthrough/tutorial wasn't showing on the Blackboard intraweb thing.

Maa, read some good books in the Library..
But god, it's so fucking crowded now that the other faculties are back from holiday. :x

Jap class after that...
Haha the sensei's not a native, and her pronounciation's off wtf.
Maa, she's cute in a Bernie and Ms Koh way.

I have a show and tell type thing to do on.....geisha, wtflawl.
Dammit the girl next next to me go wagashi, and the one behind washi. Argh I want :x
Haha maa..

omg and like.
Since Japanese is by another department?
There's this attendance requirement thing. D:
I have to go for Ikoma on Saturday for this 2 weeks. ;_____;
Haha luckily the other 2 weeks are just nice off on Tuesday. :D Lucky~

Homg and like, Jai - the lecturer for ComDi was like all, okay if I cut 1 Nov for the JE seminar - zomg ttly going prz. XD Just hope got seats left. XD;;;;;

lol yesterday okaa san didn't come cos of the rain and chinese; so we just nua-ed in mac and ate alot of funk junk food. I swear sundays arebecomng junk food day of something, omg. XD Then went to the arcarde, mon and cyn got killed by the huge security gaurd, and then mon couldn't find the last animal...which was kinda wasted since she got a..black panther?
☆☆☆☆☆☆ lololol XD Then cyn had to go off,  and me and mon went to nue at long john's lol her juniors were there. XD I finished shukudai [except for the guided essay lol] and tried to do some of mon's chinese worksheets and phail very shittily, lololol. omg and mon writes very laughable drama essays. XD Minna should read her One Litre of Tears inspired essay. XD no wait mon, you should post it. *shot*

lol and then we went stationary shopping in pop and we also got cyn a vair lame but useful present. XD Dunno what wlse to put into her present leh how XDDDDD