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my boss my hero

you're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow! <3

Memories of our time together
Kono mama kesenaide

Looking for the prettiest view
Jana and me took the lift in that condo
next to St Mikes SJI Jr. >_>
the lift with transparent walls
all the way to the 31st floor
the view there wasn't quite as nice as the other side
the the block
I want
to go back there
with a tripod and my cam
and do a pretty vertical pan
long exposures ftw here 8D
I am terrible scared though
of if omg if I drop something from here...
it's to crack like an
* s p l a t *
Though if only the light pollution wasn't half as bad
perhaps we may have had seen more than just one
We listened and sang Endless Story a fair bit
I tried to
take a photo

[After work you see,
I quietly exit-ed...nobody noticed; XD
Jana called when I was opp Starbucks.
Anyway we met there and talked/sat/took up space
I bought my first drink *ever* from Starbucks!
Let me tell it to you:
Chocolate Raspberry Tea Frappucino
A Verti [did I get that right? XD]
It tastes like
those more expensive choclates
where there's this lovely exquisite sun drenched
sugared sugared sugared
candied and jellied
but still raspberries
raspberry filling and nnnnngh. Good.
at the time
I may have been better with someone warm like
A nice muffin [<3333, btw.]
There were playing old not quite jazzy, not quite big band songs..
something like those 1920s starlets in Shanghai
but in English...
ah, am I making sense?
I don't think so, not tonight. XD]

Anyway before work
I came from dressmaking class
Minna was talking about traveling to
in particular
dreadfully dreadfully interesting
I'm extra glad that I went for the afternoon class instead
I learnt what a centipide is called in chinese too!
I've gone and forgotten it now. Oh dear.
*properly* inserted my first zipper..with help XD
Ah! and and and and!!
Found perfect cutsews next to golden dragon..
Going to get them when I have cash on say Monday, Oh yes.
Oh yes.
Ah, before dressmaking class;
I tried to find a nice red backed cameo
To go with the candystrpe set
No luck, sadly..
Just less than sastisfactory cream/tan ones. D:
Found these kickass zodiac sign buttons <3
[ Oh poodle iron ons small---->tote, large--->jsk/sk
</random idea> ]

Ah when I wakeup
I will work on the candystripe somemore...
Ah, I wonder how this coordinate will work <3
dokidoki desu <3

I need to go now

And tau sar pao
is comfortingly reminicsent of
sun moulin an-pan. <3

And cuddlebuddies
such a fantastic concept
I love it

Jana tried some of my
Chococlate Raspberry Tea Frappucino
[she loved it]
And I tried some of her
Vanilla Latte
[I couldn't stand it]
And we shared a Chocolate Muffin
[oh god warm muffins = i heart manymanymanymanyyy]
If I get sick it'd have been from her and
it's almost 4am, I really have to
go and sleep!

Oh and I did a quick quiz/profiling thing
Will read through it properly later.
Collapse )

And ah, so many people miss IJ.
{I read so many journal entries but i never quite
know what to comment, I'm so bad at it...D:]
everywhere we go...
people wanna know...
who we are....
where we come from...
my boss my hero

still missing IJ.

haha just came back from the kopitiam and wait up i should do this in order yeah.

Okay the day was wake up and sew [ahhh the spotlight ichigo skirt <3], then came online and finished reading truly madly deeply for the umpteenth time..and AP came out with new shoes that looked like they came out of a Maki or Kira illust and ah so cute. In a detached, ah so cute tone. I mean I think they're cute but I don't really want them not like I want the btssb heart buckle ones and okay i'll just shut up here. XD

Then ran around like a idiot abit and got to fishfish barely on time and.
Work and
Another customer gave me an omg, how old are you??
question and I'm like OMG i heart you many many. <3

Anyway walked home with Jana
Who was on the phone with Rebecca
[lol i'm sorely tempted to put Rebecks but I dunno if I should lol.]
And it was so terribly amusing and fascinating to listen
I'm like...school life! Natsukashii na *-*
And hearing of random bits and pieces of 4/4 now..
Ah I wonder how 4/4 is doing.
Haha anyway listened to them for around 2 hours
We walked home really slowly
[And drew on the condensed water on the shop front windows
at velocity XD much fun was had, yus. 8D
And then we plopped down on that concrete block in front of
my place
listened to Jana go on and on
lay down on the block a bit
looked at the night sky
Light pollution obscured stars and an elliptical moon
Blanketed in, blocked by cotton swabs of clouds
Familiar voice, familiar people familiar memories
Thoughts not so different from mine
[haha i'd have written issues, but the associations with that arn't apt here.]
Went to the kopitiam
[told mom on the porch, i love it when there are people you know
[living near you and you can just do stuff together and yeah. <3
she had tehpeng and a horlicks
i had 2 barley waters -the canned variety XD
we talked and talked in that manner IJ girls are likely to do so when together <3
and haha omg she hooked up/omg there are ppl hitting one me/omg she broke up?! [already XD]/omg i like, BUT./omg ew lol/NOVENA FISHFIIIIISH

And then we went home at like 12:30, lol.
haha it's nice, almost like self awareness camp
[omg it's been literally over a year since that]

school life.

haha and I'll prolly be getting a laptop soon. 8D
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my boss my hero

My do list. [it starts like this...]

1) Spotlight ichigo
2) Tsu's ichigo
3) Burberry tartan [wargh it will be so cute!]
4) Green Shirley Temple ichigo
5) katamari candy
7) And damn I wanna cut my hair.
Pause. Would quiet ivory gloves be over the top I wonder.
Ah I went to buy the red cotton, and by cute coincidence, I bought the first and last cuts of the same bolt! 8D How cute
9) The Pig that Wanted to be Eaten.
Fantastic book gotta pick it up again
10) Check that that paycheck was correct.
11) ho'shit is my fishfish uniform clean?? XD *dies*
12) I need to unglue myself from the com badly.
13) Ah gotta go over to Sa's so bad.
14) And Aya's! Katamariiiiiiii. Among other things. XD
15) Organize all them dressmaking + drafting notes.
16) Oh I cut my burberry tartan on the bias, I feel so accomplished! 8D *shot*
17) Fuck I'm gonna wake up early tmr dammit, g'night.

And I miss IJ.
Walked home [went to Arab St and Bugis with toroi-san]
{Ah and my phone has Jap support! 8D which is way cool man. *luffs*
{Ah and the textile centre has crazy cheap lace
{Ah and found another quilting shop}
and that other IJ girlwho lives in the same 'hood
we took the same bus home
walked home together
talked and talked and. and damn I'm envious she has an extre year there

IJ Darling.


[edit] Though yanno when semester starts i'll be up to my ears in all sorts of fun shit or maybe not so much but the point is, up to the ears and. haha what am I saying. But I guess I'll be less whiny about how I miss the arches and attic recesses and the classes Mother St Johns St Micheals St Gabriel St Rapheal the annoying bugs and hey did you see what they've done with the ground floor of St Mikes, they just might be onto something. God I'm shivering and all now hey wait up that's only the air-con why haven't I turned it off anyway I'm playing Corine Bailey Rae way too loud for this time of night and huh, this is pretty catharthic.

Because I'm this stupid thing who doesn't know how to use her free time better, here's some of the brilliant stuff I've been reading.
Here, for brilliant Muraki in FFVII *shivers* Nasty nasty nasty fic, nothing nice about it at all, no. But brilliantly written. NNNgh.
Here, for omg adorable fic with well, Cid [highwind.]gloriously done. I loveeeee. I love it when someone nails his character down just right there yeahhhhh, just like a grumpy old badger and ah it's so cute! *babbles* *flails abit*
Here, for lovely Warren fic and. damn it's been so long since I played with x-men fic.
I should find Walking Wounded again.
It's almost like a favourite book that you keep on picking up..mnm.