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Portfolio review ok datta. ^^
Nua-ed around in school till around 2.
Hilarious, but I didn't really get some of it,
and I feel asleep..many times.
Ashita..art deco essay, and visuals.
Oh. Facets! :D Finally finished reading it.
The end! Made me go awwwww. And happy woobie.
Youngwoong's ending especially.
Sorta like Amelie.
We watched that for class on Tuesday.
So lovely. <3

I'm looking forward to Sunday's study session already.
Ahhhhh watched HanaKimi 10...
you make my heart ache. ;___;
There needs to be more happy!nakatsu fic. ;____;
And the dress Mizuki wore was well, pretty fugly. D: wai.
Anyway...next up is 11, it;s ending soon na....
I wonder what next season's dramas will be like..

EDIT 23:33 - hee sqeed with cyn and aya over stuff.. cyn reads too much manga, aya has too many clothes to fold....AND OMGOMGOMGOMG ILLUST BOOK FOR LOVECOM is ON SALE 25.12.2007!!! eeeeee I've been waiting. 8DDDD Also, have some kickass AKUROKU cosplay *_____* Also also also.. sugarfrosting is loveeeeeeeeee. :D And liek. there was an earthquake! And I felt it but didn't know it! lololol. And that red flash in the sky...must've been a botched avadra kadavra. and omg gokiburi da. D: