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my boss my hero

still missing IJ.

haha just came back from the kopitiam and wait up i should do this in order yeah.

Okay the day was wake up and sew [ahhh the spotlight ichigo skirt <3], then came online and finished reading truly madly deeply for the umpteenth time..and AP came out with new shoes that looked like they came out of a Maki or Kira illust and ah so cute. In a detached, ah so cute tone. I mean I think they're cute but I don't really want them not like I want the btssb heart buckle ones and okay i'll just shut up here. XD

Then ran around like a idiot abit and got to fishfish barely on time and.
Work and
Another customer gave me an omg, how old are you??
question and I'm like OMG i heart you many many. <3

Anyway walked home with Jana
Who was on the phone with Rebecca
[lol i'm sorely tempted to put Rebecks but I dunno if I should lol.]
And it was so terribly amusing and fascinating to listen
I'm like...school life! Natsukashii na *-*
And hearing of random bits and pieces of 4/4 now..
Ah I wonder how 4/4 is doing.
Haha anyway listened to them for around 2 hours
We walked home really slowly
[And drew on the condensed water on the shop front windows
at velocity XD much fun was had, yus. 8D
And then we plopped down on that concrete block in front of
my place
listened to Jana go on and on
lay down on the block a bit
looked at the night sky
Light pollution obscured stars and an elliptical moon
Blanketed in, blocked by cotton swabs of clouds
Familiar voice, familiar people familiar memories
Thoughts not so different from mine
[haha i'd have written issues, but the associations with that arn't apt here.]
Went to the kopitiam
[told mom on the porch, i love it when there are people you know
[living near you and you can just do stuff together and yeah. <3
she had tehpeng and a horlicks
i had 2 barley waters -the canned variety XD
we talked and talked in that manner IJ girls are likely to do so when together <3
and haha omg she hooked up/omg there are ppl hitting one me/omg she broke up?! [already XD]/omg i like, BUT./omg ew lol/NOVENA FISHFIIIIISH

And then we went home at like 12:30, lol.
haha it's nice, almost like self awareness camp
[omg it's been literally over a year since that]

school life.

haha and I'll prolly be getting a laptop soon. 8D
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