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sleigh bells

No I'm not feeling paricularly Christmasy.
Haha am thinking of christmas presents tho, hoho.


It's Tuesday!
Haha somehow it feels like a very long time..
last last Saturday was the last time I went to Ikoma.
Lol I dunno Ikoma's like, stress relief or something. <3333
Haha Jin cut her hair..it's cute yo! XD
And Mon's is now like..chocolate brown? Omoshiroi..
Haha and we watched some Yukan Club before class..
Nyaa and LoveSong subs are really different ne. o_o


Finished our first script draft! :D Yey!
We're out of apples. ;_;
I have one moar essay to write, and editting to do, and a cover page to do as well.
But I'm sqeeing over the the cute cat god one on yaoidaily and zomg there is an anon kink meme for saiyuki and loveless. Nnnnnngh YES. 8D
I find myself reading overly melodramatic NishiKato. zomg.
I saw Katou-san! In the textbook, lol.
Kanji really slows me down. :/
kk reading a bit of fic, then doing essay.
my boss my hero


The bottom 2 shots here are so cute!
Omg fiiiiiiiiiic. uh, abstract pr0n warning?
But it's good, in an intorspective, thoughtful Yumichika way.
omg and toma and yusuke are SO CUTTEEEEEEEEE. Hora!!
Haha yes and I'm going away from the com now dammit. XD
my boss my hero

feel good vibes! aka such a fangirl. XD

1) more MBMH fic! ah it's so adorableeeeeee. Hee, and her Sakurakouji gives me a yumi vibe here. So. cute. And Makki makes me think Zoro. Hee. So cute.  i <3 peroxide_fic!! XD

2) Newsuuuu~ haha. This performance has such a 8D!! feel good! vibe to it. And matsujun has hair so big and bad, it's almost like a masami. T_T And pi cut a fringe! finally. I wonder if Massu's hair is still blue. Hee Aya's right, Tesshi is super cute when he ends with that thumbs up thing. *sqees*

3) I talked to cyn today! After a long while. It was a good convo. Hee, I shall burn Nodame for her too! <3 Haha and then she went nuts when I told her how Tamaki Hiroshi [is that his name? ] came to SG for a shoot for his photobook. lol. Ahhh I should've gone over to Aya's that day na. T_T Maa ii ya.

4) Pi-chan and Jana are giving me warm fuzzy feelings. Ah, this week I must work hard and sew too! [Ah today I finished Aya's birthday present from me n tsu. It's totally. Adorableeeee! Hee. maybe I shall pass it to her on Friday? Although, Provence is a bit far for me. Maa.] Then next week, if I still don't get shifts, we'll go poke Yong Meng. XD *cuddles* lol, both of them won't come on LJ anyway. Haha, I wonder if Jana has a blog. Then again. I'd rather not venture out of LJ/pitas. Blogspot and sundry irritate me.