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★☆★Hee, in 2 hours!★☆★

Making dolls' clothes is fun! Haha, it's probably only cos the design was very simple.
hora hora~

Hee, it has taught me a better way to do waistbands on rectangle skirts <3
[Ah, I also found out sewing in heels makes it easier to sew slower with this machine, cos the acceleration on this one is crazy fast --->likes it, but sometimes you need to stictch slower]
But I need to remember to do the  side seam, THEN roll the waistband, and leave a gap for the elastic for god's sake!! Haha.
And so I find out that an elastic waistband does not, in fact, kill knife pleats.

Ahhhh do you think the gingham ichigos will look nice in knife pleats Haha demo it will need ironing everytime desu ne.
And i need to try one with box pleats!! But, I think the result will be similar. I think I'll use that blue gingham I have; I have no idea why I have it in the first place.  All I remember is I used some to make a pouch for my bro many moons ago.  Haha, maybe it's leftover from P3 contact time. Lol, minna-san who went to IJ Pri, remember crafty Wednesdays? And all the cool aunties! Cross stitch, five stones, beading, mice, drawstring pouches... Looking back, that must have influenced me to be crafty ba. [Lol, then again I'm not sure if it was P3... ]

AH I know, the blue gingham; it can have a cute apron to go with it! It'll be adorable!! White cotton on blue gingham..Ah, why not have cute suspender type things attaching to the skirt too? I hope I have the buttons for that tho. Mmm, and a hair bow; I guess it'll have to be tied with a ribbon ne. Maa, that's easy too.

lol, I know Nagase-kun hates this red tartan. XD But I think it's quite cute. XD;;
Unyaaaa, I'm really looking forward to this Saturday! *doki*
Interview, then town ish with Massu and Nagase-kun and Takki-sempai! Hee, and maybe Shoon and kiwi too! Ah, can't wait to see tsu's dress and Takki-sempai's jackets >w< [suman, saying Nagase-kun's Alice trump dress just sounds dumb. XD] Haha, and puri!!
It's been so long since I took, so that's why I feel very excited. Haha. Hee, sorry, I'm totally smitten with these emoji things, and the fact that they work on LJ too!

Ahaha, today I read KAT-TUN's jwebs; I totally don't get Koki kun most of the time, haha. But Junno is so adorable!
Haha, and Ueda calling himself Tat-chan just makes me go kyaaaaaa~ so cute!! *flail* Haha. Ohmygawd jyanni's is totally eating my life awayyyyyy. Ahhh, I want to find/compile a list of emoji, then I can just copy paste the ones I want.

Anyway since mom isn't terribly big on CNY, we pretty much finished bai nian-ing today.Haha, although it means less angpow monies, I don't mind...because holiday time that you're free to use is very good! Comes in handy too. Things like that.

*re reads post*
Ahaha, wtf. Reading so many jweb translations makes me talk like one. XD;;;; Ah, what the hell, it's kinda fun!! I'm sure it's just a passing thing. deshou ne. Ehehe~

Ahh, and today I hurt my hand. T____T I was gathering the waistband of that tartan skirt, and then suddenly the skin under my thumbnail just detached/ripped out a bit. >_< It's only like, 1.5mm, but it hurts!!  When it poke it that is. XD; Ah, but that torture thing by shoving bamboo splints up there must have been super bad. (lol, I'm sorry, it's all those WW2, Japanese Occupation dramas Ch 8 used to screen at 10. and 7. Haha. I think the subtitles helped me learn to read fast; at first I could never finish reading. And I think my fave SG drama from then was the condor hero one with Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. Maybe I should watch it again. Haha, I wonder if it still can be found. XD; Also, I totally heart but never found the ending song for the condor hero anime (was it made in Taiwan or sth?). T____T I remeber AXN used to screen that one. Ah, and I blame AXN for knowing the Sanzo Ikkou's sob stories so well. And Kougaiji's too. Haha, I wonder who still remembers Saiyuki. (Ah, I still have that gojyo/hakkai doujin from Fukuoka. And that Zoro/Sanji one too. And that Roy/Hughes one too. AH HUGHES!!!!! I cried when they killed him off. ;_____; Ah, I wonder if I should still keep them. And the panda boy anthology. Uhhhhhhhhmn. Yeah.) They re ran it so many times; and the series itself beats you over the head with it! =_= I wish they made Saiyuki Gaiden into a series too, sigh. Gaiden!Goku was so, much cuter. And the Goddess of Mercy was so damn cool. What was her name again? Kanzeon Bosatsu. Haha, I can still remember it! 8D

Lol, that was a long rambly para, I'm sorry.

Haha, and my brother is learning Daite! 8D And NandexDame and Daite Senorita are in his mp3 player. I'm so proud. <33333 And he likes Yamapi! Ahhhhh if this were Japan, I'd send him off to jyanni's just for the fun of it.  *giggle* Although, stories of the jimusho can be rather frightening. o.0;;;;;  And the conspiracy theories behind Jin, and things like that. T_T Takes the fun out of the fandom. Pfffft.

Haha, and this week I have no shifts! I will be sewing. Gambarimas!!
[I have a lace shortage; I hope later this week at least some of the trim shops will be open for business. *dies* I need more white eyelet!! Ah, I should have had the balls to just buy that saturday when I went Chinatown with tsu. T_T]

...Also I think I'll be keeping the ballerina for myself. I hope the Katong uncle still has it in stock so I can make a better version.. [I made a collar with the print; It's super adorable on a black top!!! <3333 Ah, I should also look out for loliable blouses especially when I next go Chinatown. Hmn, maybe I should go Katong SC on sat after Lasalle? Ahhh, but will he even be open. T_T I hope my bro has tuition there this Tuesday then.

hee, I found a cake emoji!  *giggle* Omg the sankyodai abake (kanjani8) is so cute. Ohkura giggling on his mike in the stupid voice...oh my god it's so cute~~~~~!*rolls around on the floor* Haha <3

Haha also,
Audy-sempai & tsu sempai = Takki & Tomoyaya!
Aya = Massu!
Ahhhhhh, it's so cute!

Haha, are all the emoji annoying? It's alot of effort sticking them in! *giggle*

Mmmn, and I really want Sunrise by Bennie K, but I keep turning up dead or sendspace links. >_< I wonder if Jin has it.

{Haha, I wonder how many times I said emoji here. I can't helpit!! XD *is a fangirl* *is turning into a jyanni's fangirl*}