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so JLPT was today.
holy fuck was very nearly late.
kept on smsing/calling jin in the car. XD
o__________o made it just in time.
as mom was dropping me, the bus came too
a whole *herd* of people alighted and stampeded..
well, it's dramatizing a little, but it makes for an effective picture. XD
Should pass la..

Went to Expo for Mon and the IT fair.
Had Macs for finner, and brought mon and lynn their dinners too.
Mac fries turn to crap in like what, 20min?
They're like timebombs or something. Of tasteless salted potato crap.
Funny how temperature makes such a difference.
Mos fires don't have that problem
Neither do Long Jofns
incidetally I love those fries the best. <3

Anyway walked arounf the fair trying to find some cute portable speakers for massuki, but no luck. :/
annoying shit. :/
My bro had an awesome pair, but they shit themselves, the stupid things. >_>

love com illust out in 22days!! 8DDDD omg I can't wait. XD
Shabake subs not out yet.
Don't really want to watch it raw, what with the archaic language. :/
I'll watch suummary subbed! and cat in the red boots then. XD
hahahaha oh yeah just watched yukan club 7.
GEIGH SHIT HALLO. worse than usual. ong yukan club is SO TERRIBLY MADE. XD
I mean just because it's like tailor made for きゃあきゃあJE fangirls....

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my boss my hero


珍しいやな。 :)




「Cat in the Red Boots]も。


Another gorgeous, gorgeous update on yaoidaily. 8DDDDDDD

omg, also, 恋愛診断/-Ren'ai Shindan-/"Love Diagnosis". O_O
omg it looks damn good.
but also damn angsty.
I'm not one for weepy drams :/
lahdlkhgad the screencap. ;_______;
I wanna cuddle the boys. ;_;
don't be all wangsty and hugging. *woobs*

lol hataraki08 is kinda like king&the clown, just to a lesser degree.
Emotinally vulnerable, and all that.


zomgzomg JLPT3 tmr!
I should do a few papers.
and revise.  o_o
It's a 2 20 so
visit mon at the ITfair in the morning? XD
oooh, and salvation army. 8D
but i has no monies wor.
okay scrap the salvation army. XD
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my boss my hero


i like how it rolls off your tongue.

*clod clod clod*
up the wooden stairs..
There's a dying cockroach here on the stair landing..
*twitch twitch twitch*
*twitch twitch twitch* *twitch twitch twitch* *twitch twitch twitch*
twitching like it just got rolled up by a katamari..

by the time we went for lunch, it was gone.


Mushroom and chicken rice please?

errr xiao mei ah..
ara. orh.


school is out, whoo. 8D

I'm going to get crappy grades for this module. Ah well.

Was over and done with the iffy presentation quick enough;
Jai's research project seems interesting. Hmnnmnm.

anything goes lingerie competition by triumph.
totally trying it out.
they passed around lingerie during the briefing....
hahahaha. frikking hilarious.

xmas at milennia walk..
I'll fax in my entry form tmr. lol.
Irene dyed her hair black and changed her lip colour.
She loks so much younger. o.o sugoi!

And today all the lecturers [vernon wilson harvey] were wearing black. lol. doushite desu?

Had really quick lunch after presentations and debrief, then went for the lingerie comp briefing, then chionged reading portfolio, ran around a bit [food shyo $$$ file!!!] and printed and punched holes then SUBMISSION! yes and it's over. too late to send shyo off though. haha i didn't even know she was leaving today. XD

Then nua-ed a wee bit, and went for dinner...
we finally decided on the  interchange foodcourt.
watched cheesy family drama!!!! hongkong show and saw the new taku kimu ad. XD
anyway had the best ice jelly there everrrrrrrrr.
nic went to buy dessert since he finished first
one kachang, jacq and me had ice jelly, and mel had bobochacha.

way back when we were into like maybe block 2?
me and mel had dessert there.
the bobochacha was pretty awful.
she swore never to have it again but...
in the end, she forgot desu ne. XD


Came home, slept on the train.
almost got off wrongly at bugis...
fell asleep again and ended up having to get off at tanjong pagar. -_-;;;

zomg speaking of which cartoon kattun with horikitty was adorable. XD
She looked so cute in the pink apron! x3
Ueda is so adorable with specs on! >w< *wants to cuddle* hee
And Junno is...lame. srsly. XD
And liek zomg, Koki you dork. XD <3

haha CYYYYYYYYYN pass me HEYHEYHEY. hee.

came home and watched yukan club and hataraki man...
hahahahhahha. yukan has scrappy acting and weaaaaaak plot, srsly. XD
The fight scenes are really kinda weak..
And the weird CGI ttly ruins it. XD
Ah well. Noriko gets really cute clothes na. *-*


Hataraki Man..
zomg they changed so much that watching the anime only helps so much. :/
You know what. The guy playing Tanaka's pretty hot. Should find out a bit more.
SUBS DAMMIT ep 7 alr. ;________________;


talking to aya..
it's cold.
it's summer, but it's cold?
it's cold...


Ah I'll do my pupe girl coordinate..

Hrm tmr...
drafting the bodice, fax milennia walk, go lavendar if time?
and kino 20% percent off! hrm or sunday also can.

xmas shopping.....what to get?

ah, this song makes you sleepy na. <33333
i'm sekritly hoping for News do what dong bang did and do an a capella chritmas release. 8D
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my boss my hero

いけいけ!o >w< o

grawr friday 5pm then school is over and yukan club and hataraki man will be waiting for me yessssssssss.


zomg btw Lamento cosplay. *-* ghei kittyboys <3333

sklhdgdfg okay to work draw sak draw! makes tables! write relections and biblio! and cover page! andandnandand

hataraki mode, on!

[haha dammit the drama makes it look so easy to get into a working mode, srsly. ._. i oso wan lehhhhh. *shot*]

[UVERworld's vocalist has cute eyes. Watch the UkiyoCROSSING pv. a bit random, but cute eyes, hee. X3 *turns into a fangirly tako* haha
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my boss my hero

tingles. :3


came home..
the com eats up my life.

today it's been the weekly drama, comdi project research, and then hataraki man marathoning.
Also have new songs!! Hee. <3333333 *cuddles Sa*

Hataraki Man anime's pretty different from the drama na.
The biggest difference is how they portrayed Shinji and Sugawara.
Ah, and the anime's sexual undertones are way stronger. It's prolly even stronger in the manga ka na..
Shinji's a bit more of a bastard in the manga, but he's so sweet and adorable in the drama. [well, so far anyway, lol.]
Sugawara's slighty nicer and funnier in the anime, and also easier on the eyes. Maa.
Couldn't they have cast someone more ikemen?!
But without looking at the character design for Sugawara, the actor fits the character character really well I think.
Mmmmmmmn. Shall find scanlations.

It's scary how much I can relate to Hataraki Man though. o_0;
Haha and all the staying up.
Although this block, when I stay up, it's hasn't been so much about doing work rather than procrastinating. *shot* lol. Maa, in anycase, this tern's over after next week. :D Looking forward to after the final Japanese presentation [which is a very kua zhang and retarded skit, zehi mite kudasai! XD kitto sugoku omoroi to omou kara ne XD] on MOnday, so after that can just concentrate on the Comdi final - we're going to design a Singapore doll. *mulls* Jai brought up a pretty good point; many times we attribute Singaore's lack of a 'definitive' culture due to the fact that out history doesn't stretch back as far, and we're descended from mostly immigrants. But if you look at the US, it's pretty much the same - just that Singapore doesn't go back as far and we didn't have as much drama... lol like they had their civil wars and all? Maa.

Yanno in the old sec school track, before it was rennovated, YiLin would always whack me with the sorta dandelion looking weed. Hurt like a bitch I swear.

haha that was pretty random wasn't it. maa.

Talked to Wyncy over msn last night, hisashiburi da wa, hontou. Haha her blog's called ai no kakera. Tsubasa chronicles no kai?! Maa demo kawaii ne. ^^ It was pretty fun, we really caght up. VSC sounds pretty fun, ii na.. Zomg and also? VSC-ers, as a general rule, score frikking high. -_-;;; There was someone in another class who got....3.89!!!!!!!!!! for gpa. O______O kowaii... Ore mo hoshii na.. x3 I think I'm gonna get pretty low for ComDi, hope it's not a C :/ Japanese should either be A or Z, so I suppose it's not bad... bad omg, there are people getting straight Zs, so scary!! o___o haha then again, it's pretty doable I think, especially for foundation. *mulls* And there are quite a few people in VSC who've had previous training and know what to do, so that probably contributes to their m4d high gpa..ka na?

Maa, have to meet Jane and Aaron to practise for Monday, so gonna wake up at 12 then meet at 2 at tampines [why so far =____= haha maa ee ya..]

yosh, sleeping. 6 hours!
my boss my hero


went to that golden river craft store..
pretty much like a shabbier golden dragon.
stank tho, like something awful.
still i suppose it's good if you need something and are stuck in school?

it's not raining properly.
it's...dripping, for lack of word.
unlike at aya's. mou.

watched yukan club 4 and hataraki man 5..
I like how yukan started out [bidou~ XDDD]
but...the spooky part fell a bit flat on it's face I think.
Hataraki Man, on the other hand, despite being unsubbed [still wtf.. ;_;]
I found more engaging. Maa.
Still. Blonde Junno is really growing on me. XD <33333
Zomg Koyama will be guesting on the 20th Nov ep for Yukan Club!!!
Hahahaha. First Kurosagi, now Yukan Club...when will he get his own drama? XD
but gosh Koyama ounds really bad in the weeeek live for every perf so far.
even with tegonyan backing him up.
ah well. It's JE... XD

Japanese class in school is frikking boring. esp today.
srsly. ;_______________;
Apart from the culture part, where things pick up a bit.
Ah, it's pretty pathetic isn't it..



Haha had instant noodles for dinner, with Jane and Aaron and jane's friend.
Natsukashii ne <3 made me think of St Gabriels and all.
Haha I haven't sene a mon drink coke lite in ages alr. XD


haha and now I'm fangirling with Shion? hahaha <333
my boss my hero


Yey! ^^v
HOC final submission OK deshita~~~~
Haha it was so rushed.
Woke up at like 9 30 and worked till like 6 then mom had to go towards the airport anyway so she dropped and fetched me too. Lucky~~

Then we came home, had dinner (tofu! :D), I watched 3/4 of Yukan Club, went to see GoPoh in TTSH, came home [at 10. ;;;;] finished watching Yukan Clun omg the police cosplay was so cute <333, and Hataraki Man and SCP subbed. <333333 Gah I can't wait for HatarakiMan subs to be out... ._. Ep 1 is being translated. >w<;; Maa.

When I watch Hataraki Man, I think, omg, doing assignments all end up being like that.
So one could possibly compare the stresses of the Block system to the stresses of a publishing company?
Haha maa but the scale is different ne.

Haha and Pa just rushed back from KL to home and just rushed off to the airport.

So, this block is over and no homework for the weekend..
I'll sew tmr. :3
Ah! And Ikoma homework.
I should take a leaf from Mon's book and make my own vocab cards too ne. ^^;;
And Sunday...
mon will try to catch the mysterious prehistoric animal, and there will be more zombie killing as well? Haha.

Dammit i keep trying to put the mp4 ver of the Weeeek PV in my phone but I keep getting the 'couldn't find sector' error which is SO INFURIATING DAMMIT.

Read through the [frikking long, 30+ pages] brief for ComDi which starts on Monday...
Yeah Pi was right, it's a glorified English & Writing class.
Haha it makes me feel like going to Kino and reading all the witty books.
I don't *read* anymore, it's so depressing.
Last one must hae been Deathly Hallows.
Yosh!! Let's go Kino sometime. :3
The sunshiney corner awaits.

Haha speaking of DH,
this is wha the posters in Mustafa read:
Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows. XDDDDDDDD

And dammit, Mustafa's bought MORE retail space.
WTF? srsly.
The existing space isn't properly managed,
Mustafa alr takes up so much space,
and then the smart thing to do is buy more space?!
And glut it with mountains of merchandise??
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my boss my hero


I'm going to be sick.
I need strepsils dammit.
Drinking water like nuts.

Today, we ended class super early. :D
12!! Omg. So amazing.
Haha cos it was like..a 3 hr drawing paper?
Tmr's another 3hrs too.
Yey end early. :D
However, because all the other faculties are back from holiday,
and 12 is like, peak hour or something..
The busstop was frigging crowded. D:
:x Maa.

Came home and watched Never Ending Wonderful Story with softsubs *__________*
lol and a pretty old Hanamaru Cafe ep with Shige. XD It's so cute.
No sign of subs yet for Hataraki Man, or Yukan Club ep 2..
Hee omg and Weeeek PV is out! Well, the preview anyway. XD
Tmr's the real thing~~~
Hee I can't wait XD

Hee and had Ikoma yesterday~~
Haha had dinner at Lido with Mon's class friends and Jin;
Sa dropped by too :D Haha omedetou!!
Ahh everyone's getting sick
sensei mou;
Still undecided on ponning school on Nov 1 zomg.
Ikitai >_<;;
AH it's the 24th today..
need to buy concession tmr.

I should be doing production drawings and Jeanne Lanvin.
Ahhh I'm sleepy.
It's raining everyday.
my boss my hero


It's been a lovely long weekend :D

Today woke up late,
watched SCP <333
popped by school for assignment consultation
got back my phone's earphones from Nic
shopped in bugis
2 tops + kickass hoodie
haha I wasn't paying though.
But still.
Came home..
finished colouring After5 assignment..
I'll finish the production drawings in class la. Nnngh.
Need to rummage for fabrication stuff
Ah need to pack for Ikoma too :D
Aaaa shukudai wa mada..
I hope there are still prep class slots for Saturday. 8D;;;;;;;;

Yukan Club Ep 2 airs tmr night~~~ <333

No subs for Hataraki Man yet..

Haven't gotten my hands on Moyashimon yet >w<;;
my boss my hero


homg, Hataraki Man is good. :D
It's got some really pretty shots, esp the opening <333
and the story and characters are growing on me <3
And there's this super adorable insert at every end, kind of like shinigami's cup GOLDEN!
Yeee watch it watch eeeet! Haha even though no JE boys. XD
I think I'll go watch the anime after the drama.
I'm kind of happy I haven't watched it yet, so it's like you don't have anything to compare the drama to, so you won't b dissapointed? something like that la.

Watched Gandum00 1
....eheh. I don't get it show la. XD
Kouga Yun isn't enough..
But like. Pretty liiiiights. *-* kirakira~
Pretty lights aren't enough either tho. Hur.
Hrmn. Gonna try Moyashimon next. :D The microbes all look so cute. XD

FreeRice is a fantastic idea. :D
Go try it! Donate rice and practise your vocab.
So lovely.

This was really lovely too.

Working on FIPD final moodboard now..It's annoying me D:
Gathering pics was a cinch but putting them together this time round really sucks. D: WAI.

Photoshop is slow as crap.
I don't know why I have so little space in my com. o_0
I've cleared out pretty much everything!
in terms of vids.
My pics and music amount to 10+14=24..
But both of that's on the d drive what. it should be okay innit! >_<"""

program files 4.5..so WTF is that other 20 coming from?!?!?!

Eeeee lolita_lola group order on sgcafe...
[black or red?? x3]
meep even if I alr have a pair or white rori shoes..
I want rockinghorses in white too. ._.
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