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holy, just inherited a ipod nano.
like, everything I've had up to now was 512, but this is 2GB!
[No Sa, not an opportunity for you to say something. ;p Haha]
Lately have been getting lots of techie gadjets and upgrades and such..
Like new phone, earphones, backup drive, external drive..homg issa meccha cool.

Also, I'm gonna order a normal skin Ling as soon as he's in stock.
[After which I will still have monies in the bank, gasp! haha, but that's not the point no. XD]
And eventually a Cherry boy maybe..
They'd be so adorable together. *-*

[Today I just realized my final project for AEP was just a glorifies IVMerc kinda thing...lol]

DOD's new DOC twin set is beautiful! *-*

Ah and yaoi_daily's reposting Fingertip Love!!
AH I love that one <33333
Haha this morning I had an adorable fluffy dream thing set in there too <33333

And today, I got a grand total of one shirt design settled..ahaha...wtf..

Okay meeting Aya tmr at TPC for breakfast, let's sleep earlier ne~
Ooh and tmr will have to buy a shell/skin for the ipod and maybe headphones..
Like the adorable ones on swimmer...
Just plain ones then I'll stick random sparkly shit on it, yes. XD

Tomorrow I'll bring my cam along..I haven't done that in a while.
Should start taking pictures again.
Mmmn. And what else ah..
Oh yarrrr. Quickly shoot the beanbag cat idea before leaving the house??
Ugh, but prolly no time...
Maybe if I set it up tonight./
But no backgroun arghhhhhh
Bah i'll just stick the kitty in my bag, haha.
omg I dunno what I'll wear tmr!
Maybe the blue ichigo or something..
I doubt 2D art Fundamentals will be clean anyhow.
Yarrr, blue ichigo, haha.