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07 November 2007 @ 03:33 am
Haha I need to write one more draft but I've been catching up with the flist and such.

Woke up at 3 today - slept at 4. What I was doing...researching meido cafe. Where I can safely say that watching dancing maids is for school. omg some of them are so cute tho. ;_;  Like there was this valentines special kind thingy, and they give you chocolate and all and I was like. aaaaa kawaiiiiiiii!! *rolls* The latent fanboy in sak. haha. maa it's not like I go MOEEEEE! maa. and there was anotherone, with neko mimi -「最初はニャア!ジャンケンポン!」ウワ、カワイイすぎるぜ;_;ちょっと恥ずかしいけど、ときどき「バイトとしてメイドはええかもね...」と思いますね。^^;Maa, but it's not like the local one has nice uniforms, and I cmi anyway. XD It's scary tho, some cafes actually release DVDs...?! Maa. Read too many otaku blogs as well, lol. Haha but I found out wtf firefox keeps freezing everytime I was dl-ing something. >w<;; haha and himegyaru can be found patronizing maid cafes? haha. I'd love to go to a butler style one tho. Or the new gakuen kei one. Of course, Mon maintains that the best would be like the cafe in the Hana Kimi finale. XDD Haha I just remember I still haven't watched it subbed, nor the special. *sweat* maa.

Ah oh yeah the other night yesterday yesterday? maa.] it rained pretty much throughout the entire night.. オレ全然寝ませんでした - 面白すぎサイトとかからね^^;Nanka.. Maa was researching for ComDi, but it quickly degenerated into 'oooh shiny!!! *click*'. Amari yokunai ne. X3;; Maa the main point is that it was just really refreshing staying up with the rain. With the rain? Haha it sounds strange dosen't it. Maybe like a Destiny Island morning. Or Karuizawa? XD

Mmmmn. homg the flist has been so good today. :D
kickass!! causual artbook Bleach cosplay. Damn someone needs to do LoveCom versions. 8D
Lenneth! *-*
Ichi Rittoru fanart? It made me think of Nodame at first tho.
Haha I haven't watched it. Still!! haha. まあ泣きたくないからね。
And then of course, NewS on HEYHEYHEY. XD love!! Ostuska Ai doesn't look as good tho, doushite kana.. Hee Tesshi's looking so adorable lately - it's like 2.0 or something. XD Haha and Shige beating out Oguri Shun and MatsuJun is also vair awesome. XD The gap between him and the top three is like, zomg!! tho. Haha maa, but it's Pi, Jin and Toma, dakara shoganai komona. XD

Homg and like. Keep the Faith PV. Kakkoii!!! Sugoku kakkoi ze.  i rofled at the opening logo thingy tho. XD But zomg, the PV is so awesome! 8D The extreme slow mo might have been overused a tad much, but zomg it makes it cool so who cares right?  Keep the fangirls happy dammit. XD Haha and how is it that Maru look so...dasei in a kakkoi PV?! Maa Ueda looks vair good with the fluffy hood. Tho I went o_o bukkake shot?! at one of his close ups in the rain. XD And Jin looks so huggable in his sweater thing. Furetai yo.. haha omg and Koki looks about as piakia in Yorokobi. WHAT is with the shades?!  hahahaha.  Hrmn and Junno's roots are showing here. XD I've gotten used to his hair tho. XD; キレ.カコイイ?

ヤベ...も4時だ。 shit. my draft is so skimpy. I'll just do a skeleton then.


I'm writing in a terrible, terrible style, I know. It's pretty annoying ne. ^^; Maa that how sak's mind sounds like right now?

EDIT - omg Alice9 on HEYHEYHEY? Sak wants to watch~~ >w< *prods cyn*
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16 July 2007 @ 10:15 pm
Heh, just came back from HP: OotP.

[nothing particularly spoilery. just things like why it sucked and things they cut. ;_;]

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05 July 2007 @ 07:55 pm
new fabric
arab st kampong glam little india
field trip
IV Merchandising
make up
omg fabriiiiiiiiiic!
stupid grumpy uncles at aik bee
going again tmr?!
if can make it on time
magna carta
wig ordering
tanjoubi omedetou, massuki! XD
chotto osoi dakedo ne~ XD

sorry no time so...word associations. ahhh I haven't read any ryo jweb entries lately..

busy busy busy busy.
mood boards due tmr
haven't started
not sleeping tonight?!
last night
only 2 hours
beddo-saaaaa~n ;_;
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