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31 December 2007 @ 12:33 pm
tpc mos yesterday~~

haven't had mos fries in a while.
eating chocolate cookies and fries together at the same time...it's interesting, at any rate, lol.

!! you went to paris meh?
OMG no sak Tokyo Tower!!!

lol yes i suck. orhz. XD

it's the last day of 2007~~~~~
the weather's good. :3

Really should decide on a uni course ne. ._.;;
Like seriously pick a few. ._.;

we're growing old.
iyadaaaaaa. ._.

oh! went mag browsing after mos.
i rather like esquire, lol.
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07 December 2007 @ 12:47 am
lol, these two days have been so fun. XD

Had another amusing dream.
There was an eroero, hollywood spy film scene in TanglinClub...6mins! lol
Some blond woman and some JamesBond wannabe. XD
Then suddenly was running around this very plush carpety place.
looking for somewhere to sit down i think.
And then somehow was in jail with Jin and Mon?
But it felt like Sec4 retreat or something.
We were sitting on our beds talking crap.
Jin on the left, then Sak in the middle, and Mon on the right.
Both of them had light kiwi green blankets and mine was rose..
You know those knit blankets that you see in Hk hospitals? those types lol.

Anyway it rained yesterday...
But went out with tsu anyway XDD
Slowly dragged out arses to Kino
Browsed all the mags she missed and bought the glb
then went down to the food court and tsu ate like nuts. XD
Our entire dinner was made up of little snacks hee
mont blanc [lol i had my first one~ thanks tsuuuuu <33333] and tori q and old chang kee and wagashi and.. alot la.
Then I went over and there was katamari and retarded music and tetris and katamariiiiii~
lol Aya's origami's crane katamari was so sad. missed by 41!!!! Haha.
Sak....still sucks as katamari
Tsu...made a new planet for the Sumo level XD
Hee let's watch Victoria's Secret and Golden Compass <3333

omg and the fudge Aya bought was daaaaaamn good, nnngh.

Then today today today..
Slowly dragged arse to town and tried to do xmas shopping...
Haha me and Aya felt stoned and generally nuaed.
Down and Out in London and Paris...
ANd LocoRoco haha.
Book, PSP, and Aya's chai latte.
and Sun Moulin pastry hee
The honeydew chocolate is good! Sak likes! XD
Aya thinks it's weird lol.
Hrmn then settled half of Kiwi's presents at Isetan~
yanno, the Barbie Disney Princess/fairytale series..
the print on the skirts would be perfect as a rori print in say, flocked velveteen. *_*
with some sparkle in it! like metallic thread outlines or something.
The style's like the Princess Emeraude/Jade Country arc in TRC,
yanno when they're recapping the legends. *-*
The silouettes with the blacked-in skin, i dunno what style that is.
Sak wants a fabric factory. XD

Lol then Sak had an early dinner of NatsumiFish at Mos,
and we nua-ed again. Ttly stealing ur book btw kthx. XDDD
Lol and Aya planned xmas dinner. This year will be quieter na
And ants! Do ants have arseholes? It's such a cute book.
[expensive too lol]

Lol then went to Bugis, had rori panel meeting, it's all so exciting! hee

I want some milk tea ice cream hurhur.

argh still looking for cute portable speakers. wai cannot fiiiiiind. :/

Dammit and someone buy mai stuff. :/ Moniesssss.
Should try sell more things.
I wish it was like Poupeegirl, so easy to sell and buy. XD
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10 November 2007 @ 12:08 am
went to that golden river craft store..
pretty much like a shabbier golden dragon.
stank tho, like something awful.
still i suppose it's good if you need something and are stuck in school?

it's not raining properly.
it's...dripping, for lack of word.
unlike at aya's. mou.

watched yukan club 4 and hataraki man 5..
I like how yukan started out [bidou~ XDDD]
but...the spooky part fell a bit flat on it's face I think.
Hataraki Man, on the other hand, despite being unsubbed [still wtf.. ;_;]
I found more engaging. Maa.
Still. Blonde Junno is really growing on me. XD <33333
Zomg Koyama will be guesting on the 20th Nov ep for Yukan Club!!!
Hahahaha. First Kurosagi, now Yukan Club...when will he get his own drama? XD
but gosh Koyama ounds really bad in the weeeek live for every perf so far.
even with tegonyan backing him up.
ah well. It's JE... XD

Japanese class in school is frikking boring. esp today.
srsly. ;_______________;
Apart from the culture part, where things pick up a bit.
Ah, it's pretty pathetic isn't it..



Haha had instant noodles for dinner, with Jane and Aaron and jane's friend.
Natsukashii ne <3 made me think of St Gabriels and all.
Haha I haven't sene a mon drink coke lite in ages alr. XD


haha and now I'm fangirling with Shion? hahaha <333
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01 November 2007 @ 01:44 am
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09 September 2007 @ 02:02 am
as is this koyato pimp post.
omg, they're going to be my new OTP at this rate XD

hee anyway went for Aya open house...and going to acjc makes me vomit blood cos i can't find my way around. -_- phail, haha. hee anyway went :D:D:D:D with rachel and then bummed around with cyn while aya cleaned and we warble ~Kiss~ and random shit and then finally finally Mon came and we all went Provence~ haha spent more $ on food again XD Anyway it was a very cute fangirly afternoon <3 Went to Aya's for dinner, bummed and napped before dinner..haha we're such pigs. Went to Kino for some art deco before going home [homg 174 was so fast today wtf], commode has some rly cute socks thatmake me rly wanna get  a pair of black  boots to go. D: meep.

And then I came home and started looking for koyato fics omg.
omg i'm so unproductive PHAIL.
but like. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee koyato OTP!! XD

Eeeee omg FIC so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *flails*
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03 September 2007 @ 10:33 pm
-fix mon's voodoo doll (tmr)
-titanic compre last question(tmr)
-portfolio review - written component (wed)
-tutorial 3 (wed 3pm)
-return mon's kelly clarkson cd (tmr)
-take home fabric journal + visual merc assignments (tmr and wed)

omgomgomgomgomgomgHAIRSPRAY WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
Haha had the shortest lecture ever, watched more kickass documentary, then took 518 to Cine..ugh I dunno my head hurt after that busride. x_x; haha anyway had subway for dinner, the free meal top up thingy was so nice! haha i was lika, orororororo?8D when I found 2 cookies in the bag. XD; Haha yeah. And yeah hairspray is so much funnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Homg am totally getting the ost off Mon when she gets it. XD  Hee and all the froofy skirts in the show made so happy. And the breaking out in song and dance and the colours and basically everything!! And that John Travolta's dancing in heels? lol sugoi!! The Turnblacks (?) are all so cute la. And now I'm very curious as to the exact workings of a fatsuit.. fascinating. Ah and that prothetics book in Basheers, it's so cool to read through. *-*

Anyway l really really really <3 Love Addiction and Shige's solo in NEWS. Love addiction, I only really really really like the chorus, the opening is cool and all, but it's something you have to see i think. Shige's on the other hand, I really like it the sound of it right from the start. I need to make rips! lol must get the programs and all that shit. haha, actually I like all the sols on NEWS, except for maybe Ryo's...?

Mrs Ayatsu missed the spot on the way home, so we had to go one round, lolololol. Hee and then we wandered around that cd shop in hopes of finding the hairspray ost (sorry, but do you sell hairspray here...? 8D lolololol)  but diddn't and just went, omg it's such a huge cd shop. And then I took the bus with cyn and mon and joey home, I haven't been to that stop in ages. I heart the bus arrival screen thingoo!! omg like, every stop needs that, majorly. *-* Giggle yeah it's been there for quite a while I know. Sorry, don't read the news. lol.

Giggle and now am home and hee just watched the happiness PV....omg it's amazing, they made a totally adorable PV outta how...dorky and retarded Arashi gets. lololololol. It's amazing how it works. XD I love the coloursssssssssss innit! 8D Haha which reminds me I don't have Happiness...need to find someone who has it.

Waaaaaai basically kyou wa meccha tanoshikatta~~~~~ <3333333

giggle so now, have work to do, yeah shall clear tutorial 3 and portfolio review essays now! 8D
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うわ~ 今日もええだったぜ!^^v
Met with Mon and Aya and Cyn to study, we were actually productive for once. o_o sugoi!! haha. We moved alot though. 3 tables in Mos, then 2 tables in Mac, then we went to Long John's. lololol. And everyone loves ~Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song..ahhhh i don't have the DVD special ver PV tho. D: Maaa... lol we almost went to watch Hairspray, but well, not enough time. Aya's like, ttly a housewife now na...XDD She went home early to...cook. sporfle. 8D Then after a while the 3 of us wandered round More Than Words (omg i'm so happy it's back in tpc. ;_;) and Comics Connection (lol) for like, god knows...but in the end, we didn't buy nuthin'. lol. So mon still needs some cute keitai strap thingy..maa. And I have no idea how one fixes a voodoo doll thingamabob or how anyone can actually believe in them buuuuuut.... サッキがんばります!

で、うちに帰ったら、花盛り9を見た~ *-* It's so cute when Nakatsu breaks out in Ikenai Taiyou. XD kyaaaaa, and next week is confession! And lots of Shirota Yuu by the looks of it. doki! cough it's also the ending...? or is it 12 eps. no i think it's 10.. argh. Sigh the manga art isn't what I usually go for though. :/ But it could be worse. The style, it's a little like Ouran manga ka na? Gah and I rly hope Heat Island gets upped... and subbed... It's a cute yakuza street comedy kinda thing. Hee and Yuu-kun's starring~ XD

Hee, and my love for Lovely Complex has been rekindled. *-* Caught up with the anime over the weekend (Aya 3Q!! <3 Yappari okaasan ichiban da!! XD) and all up to ep 20, and after that sqeeed with cyn, and then we somehow went to sqeeing over how cute akito?agito? is. Hee I <3 Air Gear art, but I don't get the plot, lol. And then regressed to sqeeing about Nakahara Aya's art *-* Hee I love it, it's got that fashion illustration kinda feel to it. Hee she puts Risa and Otani in such cute clothes and all. <3 Can't really find any scans of the splash pages tho, so I'm feeling alittle deprived of lovecom art. ;_; homg and then......I spoilt myself and dl-ed the finale chapter. And read it raw, lolololol. (sugoi, I understand it! kansaiben da moun! maa, almost. XD;) Maa, there's a sequel tho. Imaginatively titled Lovely Complex Plus. lolololol. wtf Nakahara sensei?? Lol

I just really really really rlyrlyly want a lovecom artbook published. ;_; hoshi!!

Haha anyway's tmr's pretty full; research in the libraby at 10ish, lecture at 3-6, then...it's Hairspray with Mon and Cyn and Aya and Mrs Ayatsu! XD kay it's almost 3, totally hitting the sack.

omg. monthly taobao ordering service thing on sgcafe. Devide by 3 instead of 5 (to include shipping and handling)..it's about the same as shipping it yourself really. omg. SHOES. dokiiiiiiii! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. okane ga nai. XD
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01 September 2007 @ 12:25 am
Today was a totally lovely day :D
We had beautiful weather. <333
Blue skies and bright sun and pretty colours and we went back to IJ for teachers day..
The teachers were all so cute and saw so much of our year <3333
It was just so good seeing everyone yanno :D
I heart these people so much. <3333333
No one like that anymore it seems sometimes.
and like omg, the hall finally got aircon. @_@
For the first time in eleven years!, I said, omg the hall is bloody cold.
haha. so weird and annoying.
Woke up late; missed mass (damn,)
sat through the not very good but kinda cute entertainment..
Went to the rooftop~ , went in [unsuccesful] search of bubble tea..
Went to Aya's~
And sqeed over Never Ending Wonderful Story and Hana Kimi 2 because Nakatsu is just so adorableeeeeee
And then we got caught in the fogging on the way out.
I never knew it was so bad. X_x;;;

Post pics later, Mom's holding the cam hostage. lol.

<3 <3 <3 <3!!!!

Random observations.
Kayashima is mostly greys and blacks with the interesting scarf and.or skinny tie thing
Sano is whites whites light greys and the dash of navy
Nakatsu is bright warm colour red white green orange (blue yellow) always with a jacket
Mizuki...is sorta ugly JE worthy tartan shirts and sleeveless hoodie things..
Nanba get slates and navy with the kinda beng necklace..

omg i'll dling so many screencaps. XD
Hanazakari saiko da~~~~~~! <333333333
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25 August 2007 @ 11:45 pm
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28 May 2007 @ 12:46 am
holy, just inherited a ipod nano.
like, everything I've had up to now was 512, but this is 2GB!
[No Sa, not an opportunity for you to say something. ;p Haha]
Lately have been getting lots of techie gadjets and upgrades and such..
Like new phone, earphones, backup drive, external drive..homg issa meccha cool.

Also, I'm gonna order a normal skin Ling as soon as he's in stock.
[After which I will still have monies in the bank, gasp! haha, but that's not the point no. XD]
And eventually a Cherry boy maybe..
They'd be so adorable together. *-*

[Today I just realized my final project for AEP was just a glorifies IVMerc kinda thing...lol]

DOD's new DOC twin set is beautiful! *-*

Ah and yaoi_daily's reposting Fingertip Love!!
AH I love that one <33333
Haha this morning I had an adorable fluffy dream thing set in there too <33333

And today, I got a grand total of one shirt design settled..ahaha...wtf..

Okay meeting Aya tmr at TPC for breakfast, let's sleep earlier ne~
Ooh and tmr will have to buy a shell/skin for the ipod and maybe headphones..
Like the adorable ones on swimmer...
Just plain ones then I'll stick random sparkly shit on it, yes. XD

Tomorrow I'll bring my cam along..I haven't done that in a while.
Should start taking pictures again.
Mmmn. And what else ah..
Oh yarrrr. Quickly shoot the beanbag cat idea before leaving the house??
Ugh, but prolly no time...
Maybe if I set it up tonight./
But no backgroun arghhhhhh
Bah i'll just stick the kitty in my bag, haha.
omg I dunno what I'll wear tmr!
Maybe the blue ichigo or something..
I doubt 2D art Fundamentals will be clean anyhow.
Yarrr, blue ichigo, haha.
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11 April 2007 @ 12:57 am
Lovely complex is going to be my next fandom, oh my god yes.
[And it's so straight!!]
Hahaha but it's like cho adorable la!
And Teppei was in the live action movie.
And the Kansai ben!!
And it's so colourful!! Visually, I mean.
Although I wish their sch uni was a little cuter...

Haha I'm at Aya's right now, and i'm reading the scalations..
Ahhh but somehow it's very slow, although just now it was very fast ;_;
Kiwi own Sak! 8D
*inside joke*
ANd I <3456789 minna ne!!!

Haha hai ijou!
*goes back to scanlations*
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05 April 2007 @ 12:18 am
way too little hours in days - wake up late go for dressmaking class/sew then it's work at fishfish then i bum around on the net.

Need an overhaul here.
Eat at home more and at regular times and more veg, fer fucks sake. I...got a little constipated there. Which makes for a rather grumpy Sak, hmn. Whoopsie. Also. OhMaiGawdSHUKUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII. *dies* tmr morn i gotta draft a bodic at home, then I gotta do a mad scramble for the material, then Kadomay, then FishFish...Friday morn is free FOR SHUKUDAI then it's a mini sleepover at Aya's till Saturday 6-10shift at Fishfish. The next morning and afternoon is for shukudai-ing [that sounds like dying there, lol] and sewing because dammit, my spotlight ichigo set must come to pass so I can wear it on Monday ;_; *wobbles* And Sunday night I'm working. [everyday except Fridaypublic holiday------> more pay, but NUUUU. effing genius. *keels over*]

*deep breath*
Basically I have Thursday night night, Friday morning and Sunday morning for [alot] of shukudai.

Recap a little

AJ concert with Aya~
last minute wore my pink floral to kinda go with her green knit.
Saw Cyn and Kiwi and Sabrina and omg Sam [hobbit] joined AJ band! :o
Did Not Know.
Hermy was in the audience along with some random people from IJ so yayz! 8D
Ah and Mummy Chu was there!
Ah. didn't get to take a single photo. *sad*
Sak agrees with Aya on that the AJ band uniform isn't the nicest anyway XDDD *shot*
[black sharp suit, classy, but then the dumb satin tie in yellow or pink...kills...]

Dragged my stupid arse over to TP.
take the train+bus from tampines route and it takes 90 bloody minutes.
518 may be salvation.
I shall have to try, yus.
Took me the whole damn day and then there was work.

Woke up late and then
afternoon at Kadomay
Interrupted by a call
had to go for work at fishfish cuz of that
nice, but still. *annoyed*
wanted to walk round ppl's park and bugis street.
Made the butt bow for the candystripe! ^^
<333 desu~
I really like those buttons

Wednesday [today]
Bummed the day away with toroi-san in PS and Clarke Quay and Kinoooo.
Then work.
had a lovelyyyyy supper *-*

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