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imma happy kid! 8D but omg post eatage ;_;

but first, a quiz. or I'll forget to paste it, lol.

Which literature classic are you?

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...But I don't want to be a horror novel! :x lol

and LJ ate my entry nuuuuooooooh!!
It was a lovely Sunday going out entry too. ;_;
=_= Okay, suffice to say that sak explored Chinatown Point for the first time, it was a lovely morning/afternoon, went with the Mumses and ahboy...and sak went fabric shopping again too. :D Yay. And bought some magic sponge on the way home too..we <3 daiso! X3 And PS has a new scrapbooking shop made of major win. I heart the interior. and their stock. Like. a personal die cutting machine? Is so cool. 8D
But eljay ate my entry. .____. Mouuu.

Fabric! <3 I'm thinking a cute summery yukata thing..
I think he'll look so cute in it! Ah August please come quickly~~~ >w<;;;
But there's still so much other sewing to do before I can start on anything else.
Gah and overbought for the beige fabric..I think I'll make me a skirt or summing out of it.
And scanner pics ftw! XD

Also, "Could not load default brushes because scratchdisks are full" makes me sad.
Need more mem and processing power kthxbai. D:
my boss my hero

natsumi burgers!

enough of spicy staff meals...
bought a natsumi burger from the mos
dumped it in with some rice
issa looooooveee
ah I almost forgot all about the mayo x rice combo
[it's really good!]

today in Kadomay I tackled...
Bias binding.
You gotta iron the damn thing out on one side
Then pin it
Then baste it
Then sew
Then iron
Then turn over
Then maybe iron again
Then pin
Then baste
Then sew...
and then, you are finally done.
Dear lord.
Soaking stuff in vinegar solves colour run, apparently.

And around the Kuan Yin Miao, opp Bugis Villiage there is this dirt cheap sometimes have nice prints cloth place. Totally finding it.

And Golden Dragon carries these cool bias tape make things from Clover..hehe.

Okay knackered gonna sleep, I wanna wake up earlier tmr!!

Hmn IJ fiesta next Friday.
To go or not to go?

Ah, I need to take back my prep boards.
my boss my hero

omg 48hours days where are joos?

way too little hours in days - wake up late go for dressmaking class/sew then it's work at fishfish then i bum around on the net.

Need an overhaul here.
Eat at home more and at regular times and more veg, fer fucks sake. I...got a little constipated there. Which makes for a rather grumpy Sak, hmn. Whoopsie. Also. OhMaiGawdSHUKUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII. *dies* tmr morn i gotta draft a bodic at home, then I gotta do a mad scramble for the material, then Kadomay, then FishFish...Friday morn is free FOR SHUKUDAI then it's a mini sleepover at Aya's till Saturday 6-10shift at Fishfish. The next morning and afternoon is for shukudai-ing [that sounds like dying there, lol] and sewing because dammit, my spotlight ichigo set must come to pass so I can wear it on Monday ;_; *wobbles* And Sunday night I'm working. [everyday except Fridaypublic holiday------> more pay, but NUUUU. effing genius. *keels over*]

*deep breath*
Basically I have Thursday night night, Friday morning and Sunday morning for [alot] of shukudai.

Recap a little

AJ concert with Aya~
last minute wore my pink floral to kinda go with her green knit.
Saw Cyn and Kiwi and Sabrina and omg Sam [hobbit] joined AJ band! :o
Did Not Know.
Hermy was in the audience along with some random people from IJ so yayz! 8D
Ah and Mummy Chu was there!
Ah. didn't get to take a single photo. *sad*
Sak agrees with Aya on that the AJ band uniform isn't the nicest anyway XDDD *shot*
[black sharp suit, classy, but then the dumb satin tie in yellow or pink...kills...]

Dragged my stupid arse over to TP.
take the train+bus from tampines route and it takes 90 bloody minutes.
518 may be salvation.
I shall have to try, yus.
Took me the whole damn day and then there was work.

Woke up late and then
afternoon at Kadomay
Interrupted by a call
had to go for work at fishfish cuz of that
nice, but still. *annoyed*
wanted to walk round ppl's park and bugis street.
Made the butt bow for the candystripe! ^^
<333 desu~
I really like those buttons

Wednesday [today]
Bummed the day away with toroi-san in PS and Clarke Quay and Kinoooo.
Then work.
had a lovelyyyyy supper *-*

my boss my hero

you're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow! <3

Memories of our time together
Kono mama kesenaide

Looking for the prettiest view
Jana and me took the lift in that condo
next to St Mikes SJI Jr. >_>
the lift with transparent walls
all the way to the 31st floor
the view there wasn't quite as nice as the other side
the the block
I want
to go back there
with a tripod and my cam
and do a pretty vertical pan
long exposures ftw here 8D
I am terrible scared though
of if omg if I drop something from here...
it's to crack like an
* s p l a t *
Though if only the light pollution wasn't half as bad
perhaps we may have had seen more than just one
We listened and sang Endless Story a fair bit
I tried to
take a photo

[After work you see,
I quietly exit-ed...nobody noticed; XD
Jana called when I was opp Starbucks.
Anyway we met there and talked/sat/took up space
I bought my first drink *ever* from Starbucks!
Let me tell it to you:
Chocolate Raspberry Tea Frappucino
A Verti [did I get that right? XD]
It tastes like
those more expensive choclates
where there's this lovely exquisite sun drenched
sugared sugared sugared
candied and jellied
but still raspberries
raspberry filling and nnnnngh. Good.
at the time
I may have been better with someone warm like
A nice muffin [<3333, btw.]
There were playing old not quite jazzy, not quite big band songs..
something like those 1920s starlets in Shanghai
but in English...
ah, am I making sense?
I don't think so, not tonight. XD]

Anyway before work
I came from dressmaking class
Minna was talking about traveling to
in particular
dreadfully dreadfully interesting
I'm extra glad that I went for the afternoon class instead
I learnt what a centipide is called in chinese too!
I've gone and forgotten it now. Oh dear.
*properly* inserted my first zipper..with help XD
Ah! and and and and!!
Found perfect cutsews next to golden dragon..
Going to get them when I have cash on say Monday, Oh yes.
Oh yes.
Ah, before dressmaking class;
I tried to find a nice red backed cameo
To go with the candystrpe set
No luck, sadly..
Just less than sastisfactory cream/tan ones. D:
Found these kickass zodiac sign buttons <3
[ Oh poodle iron ons small---->tote, large--->jsk/sk
</random idea> ]

Ah when I wakeup
I will work on the candystripe somemore...
Ah, I wonder how this coordinate will work <3
dokidoki desu <3

I need to go now

And tau sar pao
is comfortingly reminicsent of
sun moulin an-pan. <3

And cuddlebuddies
such a fantastic concept
I love it

Jana tried some of my
Chococlate Raspberry Tea Frappucino
[she loved it]
And I tried some of her
Vanilla Latte
[I couldn't stand it]
And we shared a Chocolate Muffin
[oh god warm muffins = i heart manymanymanymanyyy]
If I get sick it'd have been from her and
it's almost 4am, I really have to
go and sleep!

Oh and I did a quick quiz/profiling thing
Will read through it properly later.
Collapse )

And ah, so many people miss IJ.
{I read so many journal entries but i never quite
know what to comment, I'm so bad at it...D:]
everywhere we go...
people wanna know...
who we are....
where we come from...
my boss my hero

My do list. [it starts like this...]

1) Spotlight ichigo
2) Tsu's ichigo
3) Burberry tartan [wargh it will be so cute!]
4) Green Shirley Temple ichigo
5) katamari candy
7) And damn I wanna cut my hair.
Pause. Would quiet ivory gloves be over the top I wonder.
Ah I went to buy the red cotton, and by cute coincidence, I bought the first and last cuts of the same bolt! 8D How cute
9) The Pig that Wanted to be Eaten.
Fantastic book gotta pick it up again
10) Check that that paycheck was correct.
11) ho'shit is my fishfish uniform clean?? XD *dies*
12) I need to unglue myself from the com badly.
13) Ah gotta go over to Sa's so bad.
14) And Aya's! Katamariiiiiiii. Among other things. XD
15) Organize all them dressmaking + drafting notes.
16) Oh I cut my burberry tartan on the bias, I feel so accomplished! 8D *shot*
17) Fuck I'm gonna wake up early tmr dammit, g'night.

And I miss IJ.
Walked home [went to Arab St and Bugis with toroi-san]
{Ah and my phone has Jap support! 8D which is way cool man. *luffs*
{Ah and the textile centre has crazy cheap lace
{Ah and found another quilting shop}
and that other IJ girlwho lives in the same 'hood
we took the same bus home
walked home together
talked and talked and. and damn I'm envious she has an extre year there

IJ Darling.


[edit] Though yanno when semester starts i'll be up to my ears in all sorts of fun shit or maybe not so much but the point is, up to the ears and. haha what am I saying. But I guess I'll be less whiny about how I miss the arches and attic recesses and the classes Mother St Johns St Micheals St Gabriel St Rapheal the annoying bugs and hey did you see what they've done with the ground floor of St Mikes, they just might be onto something. God I'm shivering and all now hey wait up that's only the air-con why haven't I turned it off anyway I'm playing Corine Bailey Rae way too loud for this time of night and huh, this is pretty catharthic.

Because I'm this stupid thing who doesn't know how to use her free time better, here's some of the brilliant stuff I've been reading.
Here, for brilliant Muraki in FFVII *shivers* Nasty nasty nasty fic, nothing nice about it at all, no. But brilliantly written. NNNgh.
Here, for omg adorable fic with well, Cid [highwind.]gloriously done. I loveeeee. I love it when someone nails his character down just right there yeahhhhh, just like a grumpy old badger and ah it's so cute! *babbles* *flails abit*
Here, for lovely Warren fic and. damn it's been so long since I played with x-men fic.
I should find Walking Wounded again.
It's almost like a favourite book that you keep on picking up..mnm.
my boss my hero


or, why half sick things should not sew.
Argh. 3m+ of fiddly Venisian sewn on the wrong fucking way. D:
D:D:D:D:D: desu. T_T
took forever to unpick..and by the time I unpicked, it was too late to cont sewing. >_>

Anyway. Today today today...
Rotted the morning away in front of the com.
Reread Kimi no Tori ni Naritai again..ahh, the art [and story] slays me.
Worked on that cute sailor loli illust thingy...but i'm not happy with it.
:x Maybe I'll use Painter for it all over again from the top.
Afterternoon was dressmaking class - Arg,
drafting is so terribly boring, I'm going to fall asleeeep. :/
After that met up with Cyn at J8 <333333
had a lovely dinner at Sakae..
Salmon Donburi [Cyn]
Unagi Donburi [Sak]
Lots of hot green tea
Tempura Ice Cream [both] *-*
It was gooooood.
Next time, I'd like to try the buffet..
$13.90! 8DDDD
And man, they really butcher irasshaimase like nobody's business.
Then after we skulked arond J8 so Cyn could find a plain black shirt for band..
Sadly no luck. D:
Speaking of which, Aya you now owe me $10 for AJ's band tickets. ;p

Sleeping now.
my boss my hero



...And then we chatted till what, 7amplus, wtf. *amused*
Shut eye for 2 hours.
Finished petticoat base
[and then I burnt it bad on the iron. D: ahaha]
Left with waistband for ETC esque print <3
Then walking round Chinatown with Kuro
[bought red bias for the katamari candy <333]
Then off to Fishfish...
Staff meal was pretty good, surprisingly.
I <3 barrunning.
Cept we had a jam halfway with the soups. :/
Went home, K.Oed.


dragoooooon boating with Mon and Jin. We barly made it in time! [haha, Mon woke Jin up late, so. we watched videos on Mon's phone while waiting. Ahhhh NewSuuuuuuuu! So cute and retarded. I need to find their Spring Con somewhere. Ahh speaking of which did that MU dl finish..

Ahem. But anyway, we got there in time, and we talked about dorama the whole way in the car. [we got fetched by tina-san + shuujin X3] ね仁、あれわほうんとうにきみの夢なの?

Training was pretty tired but fun! Ahhh it took a while for us to kinda get the hang of it, nanka hazukashi yo. The weather was quite nice, overcast and it totally rained halfway, hee. And then we did 300m in that. XD Mon was happy with the rain, yes. Kicked puddles at each other after cool down, it was fun. and kinda dirty, but fun, hee.

Took the train back to TPC for refueling at Mac...yaaaahn Mon treated fries. <3 And we ate non-stop and talked and ate and talked and yeah you get it. Then Jin left, and me and Mon ate the hot fudge sundae...yeah its good. ---->first time eating. I never knew Mon liked it, lol.

Then I went home and K.Oed.
But not before OHMYTIAN!!!ing over well, the repacking of things.
My mom bought new shelves. ._.;;;


On time for Ikoma! lolz.
Dressed up for dinner with Rose and tsu, but had to go home in the end. :/
Mouuuuuuu. Irritatated.
Anyway, after class 4 of us decided to take a mock jlpt 3 for kicks.
{カイリンサン ト トロイサン ト ビアンカサン}
lol no it's just 3 of us for kicks, 1 srsly needs it for the jlpt 2 prep class.
So after arranging it, we went off to Kino to be cheap and sit down and do jlpt tys.
[Ah and met up with kaori_lolita halfway. kyaa, nanka doki doki deshita. yay, first sale! >w<]
Unyaa, and then lunch-dinner----tea? at taka's foodcourt.
Then next time I go pie would be nice, cos I've had modanyaki twice in a row. :/
Maybe omu, but it's liek, ex and i is cheap.
Went back to Kino to do shukudai with トロイサン.
overshot and ended up doing today's as well. D:
went home [okaa got pissed at me staying in kino the whole day and not packing. meep.]
ohmytian the packiiiiiiing.
Haha, found lots of shit.
Like the watercolours Pa was looking for. *dies*
I don't even know why they're there! haha
I wonder if I'll ever get to be formally trained in them.
Sigh, prolly not. :p Not that I;m looking or anything.
But some some formal art training would have been nice I guess.

Pre Advanced 1 ends 8 May. *dies*
TP starts 24Apr [plsplsplspls push it back!! ;____;]
So now I am thinking, see if I can join Jin's and go for the Pre advanced lessons I will miss in the end. [omg, sounded like sth outta JLC.] And if from there, can I join Jin's class for Pre Advanced 2? While catching up with the full time pre advanced 1? cos shit man, if this doesn't work I may have to wait for next freaking year. Or one of the other part time ones to go up.

Okay, should go soon.

Ah, and I'm achey all over now. Like damn, i want a massage chair! </obaasan>
my boss my hero

let's go to the planets~

Kyaa, the pink ichigo sold quick
That was nice~

Collapse )

And zomg, my bro likes genki NewS songs. XD *doink*


I just found out 801 = yaoi. XD


Ooh shiney.
Someone may take the blue ichigo. 8D
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my boss my hero


So I watched Byakkotai part 1 last night...
Damn it's preachy. Kinda predictable too.
It's really depressing!
Ah, it's rather hard to swallow. T_T
Hee, Gisaburou Koki kun's Mom is really adorable though.
And the opening was done quite well; although further in I think they overused the eye shots.
The fanservciey bits were really cute, especially the doggy scene, lol.
Hmn. And zomg the file was huge! Like 900plus MB.


Mmmn, no, nothing else.
Oh Pa came back, all of a sudden, but he' sleaving again today. Hmn.
I'll go back to cutting the pink gingham ichigo.
And make a sales post for the blue. Yeah.
Oh. woke up with Jana calling and stuff.
Yeah. That was it.
I've only been awake today for 2 hours so far. Mmmn.


Hmn. Maybe I'll follow Pi's new drama.
Since it's a rabu comedy thing, with maybe some gakuen. And it has gakuran! Hee.
Ahhh the market needs more comedy type dramas. T_T
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dai dai daiiiiisuki!

Hee, just had porridge for lunch.Lovely omelette-tofu-y thingy to go with it. Mwee~

Hee, and then I finished the blue gingham ichigo skirt. It's so!! adorable with the Red Ridding Hood socks + red polka espadrilles. *w* I think...I may get more of it. XD Haha, sorry, it's like I'm praising myself. *doink* Hee, okay, now to go do the butt bow. Then I can start on the pink one!

Hee, and my Byakkotai 1 is at 55%!

doki doki desu!
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