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tingles. :3


came home..
the com eats up my life.

today it's been the weekly drama, comdi project research, and then hataraki man marathoning.
Also have new songs!! Hee. <3333333 *cuddles Sa*

Hataraki Man anime's pretty different from the drama na.
The biggest difference is how they portrayed Shinji and Sugawara.
Ah, and the anime's sexual undertones are way stronger. It's prolly even stronger in the manga ka na..
Shinji's a bit more of a bastard in the manga, but he's so sweet and adorable in the drama. [well, so far anyway, lol.]
Sugawara's slighty nicer and funnier in the anime, and also easier on the eyes. Maa.
Couldn't they have cast someone more ikemen?!
But without looking at the character design for Sugawara, the actor fits the character character really well I think.
Mmmmmmmn. Shall find scanlations.

It's scary how much I can relate to Hataraki Man though. o_0;
Haha and all the staying up.
Although this block, when I stay up, it's hasn't been so much about doing work rather than procrastinating. *shot* lol. Maa, in anycase, this tern's over after next week. :D Looking forward to after the final Japanese presentation [which is a very kua zhang and retarded skit, zehi mite kudasai! XD kitto sugoku omoroi to omou kara ne XD] on MOnday, so after that can just concentrate on the Comdi final - we're going to design a Singapore doll. *mulls* Jai brought up a pretty good point; many times we attribute Singaore's lack of a 'definitive' culture due to the fact that out history doesn't stretch back as far, and we're descended from mostly immigrants. But if you look at the US, it's pretty much the same - just that Singapore doesn't go back as far and we didn't have as much drama... lol like they had their civil wars and all? Maa.

Yanno in the old sec school track, before it was rennovated, YiLin would always whack me with the sorta dandelion looking weed. Hurt like a bitch I swear.

haha that was pretty random wasn't it. maa.

Talked to Wyncy over msn last night, hisashiburi da wa, hontou. Haha her blog's called ai no kakera. Tsubasa chronicles no kai?! Maa demo kawaii ne. ^^ It was pretty fun, we really caght up. VSC sounds pretty fun, ii na.. Zomg and also? VSC-ers, as a general rule, score frikking high. -_-;;; There was someone in another class who got....3.89!!!!!!!!!! for gpa. O______O kowaii... Ore mo hoshii na.. x3 I think I'm gonna get pretty low for ComDi, hope it's not a C :/ Japanese should either be A or Z, so I suppose it's not bad... bad omg, there are people getting straight Zs, so scary!! o___o haha then again, it's pretty doable I think, especially for foundation. *mulls* And there are quite a few people in VSC who've had previous training and know what to do, so that probably contributes to their m4d high gpa..ka na?

Maa, have to meet Jane and Aaron to practise for Monday, so gonna wake up at 12 then meet at 2 at tampines [why so far =____= haha maa ee ya..]

yosh, sleeping. 6 hours!
my boss my hero

omg pinky love.

no, not jin's pinky. XD
it's love too of course XD
and koki in heels too XD

but yes, pinkys!
zomg seeeeeee
so cute! >w<
ack now i want one.. *dies*
cough they're not that expensive anyway.. >w<
if I get one you know why.

there's something about those redressable anime girls from azone too..

okay class is starting at 6, better run down to grab a chicken burger.
haha i hope the kame-lookalike's there. XD
and I'm not even a kame fangirl! haha.

haha had briefing for apparel production 1 with veron just now..in the end it was just jessica and me who went, out of like what 17? haha, and one kelehfeh jacq XD Yeeeee sak wants to sewwwww.. *rolls*
my boss my hero


-milennia walk xmas comp
-doll affair styling comp
-doll affair photography comp

o_o ウワ、全部参加したい!!>w<

the first one is pretty much confirmed la, let's see how the briefing for comdii project 2 goes.

zomg dammit essay in the way
going to go write now. :/
my boss my hero

sleigh bells

No I'm not feeling paricularly Christmasy.
Haha am thinking of christmas presents tho, hoho.


It's Tuesday!
Haha somehow it feels like a very long time..
last last Saturday was the last time I went to Ikoma.
Lol I dunno Ikoma's like, stress relief or something. <3333
Haha Jin cut her hair..it's cute yo! XD
And Mon's is now like..chocolate brown? Omoshiroi..
Haha and we watched some Yukan Club before class..
Nyaa and LoveSong subs are really different ne. o_o


Finished our first script draft! :D Yey!
We're out of apples. ;_;
I have one moar essay to write, and editting to do, and a cover page to do as well.
But I'm sqeeing over the the cute cat god one on yaoidaily and zomg there is an anon kink meme for saiyuki and loveless. Nnnnnngh YES. 8D
I find myself reading overly melodramatic NishiKato. zomg.
I saw Katou-san! In the textbook, lol.
Kanji really slows me down. :/
kk reading a bit of fic, then doing essay.
my boss my hero

ice cream!

was really fun
Cyn and Aya and Sak
went to Central for a lovely lunch and dessert at Azabu Sabo -
They need cuter uniforms, srsly!
[We wish they'd put their ikemen in cute butler outfits...or crossplay meidos? XD
and the girls uniforms should be wa-meido dresses XDDDD]
After that..we went to Dhoby to catch the bus to Aya's
and played DDR XD
Haha first time I've seen the mat.
Aya srsly pwns the mat, Cyn pwns the controllers..
and Sak just sucks, lol.
I wanna be good at it dammit. >w<;
I can't quite imagine kor playing ddr though, lololol.
Hee and then of course, there was Katamariiiiiii~
Vivien's hugeass racing car one is crazy huge. o_o it's like what, 10m?!
When the pass is only 5m o____o

Today Monday
the first two weeks were maddeningly boring
but with competitions and assignments
things are becoming more interesting, hoho.

oh I learnt sth new today
Never mind = ne'er mind = neh mind.
Hence, point to chest, then head to say, never mind.

christmas competition thingy - I think I'll reuse the candystripe OP
jazz it up a bit, maybe give it a capelet thing too. yeah. <3
gosh srsly need to find Irene tmr.
discussing skit with Aaron and Jane after ComDi..
leave at 5 30, can make it to Ikoma  in time la.


zomg found a JE fangirl in Jap class..
but she only likes Yabu and HeySay, so...
cannot really fangirl together la. >_> ah well.
zomg and sensei does not know jyannizu?!
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my boss my hero


went to that golden river craft store..
pretty much like a shabbier golden dragon.
stank tho, like something awful.
still i suppose it's good if you need something and are stuck in school?

it's not raining properly.
it's...dripping, for lack of word.
unlike at aya's. mou.

watched yukan club 4 and hataraki man 5..
I like how yukan started out [bidou~ XDDD]
but...the spooky part fell a bit flat on it's face I think.
Hataraki Man, on the other hand, despite being unsubbed [still wtf.. ;_;]
I found more engaging. Maa.
Still. Blonde Junno is really growing on me. XD <33333
Zomg Koyama will be guesting on the 20th Nov ep for Yukan Club!!!
Hahahaha. First Kurosagi, now Yukan Club...when will he get his own drama? XD
but gosh Koyama ounds really bad in the weeeek live for every perf so far.
even with tegonyan backing him up.
ah well. It's JE... XD

Japanese class in school is frikking boring. esp today.
srsly. ;_______________;
Apart from the culture part, where things pick up a bit.
Ah, it's pretty pathetic isn't it..



Haha had instant noodles for dinner, with Jane and Aaron and jane's friend.
Natsukashii ne <3 made me think of St Gabriels and all.
Haha I haven't sene a mon drink coke lite in ages alr. XD


haha and now I'm fangirling with Shion? hahaha <333
my boss my hero

sak wants some takuya angel dammit XD

hahahaha omg it's at 132 now. XDDD

lol anyway anyway anyway.

I crazy mad really wanna do a Takuya Angel/waloli/those jrocker outfits with kimono elements style outfit for EOY -
but it'd be even more fun as a group right? like zomg!! :D
I remember there was a pretty good decora shoot too.
Haha but I know like practically noone on sgcafe ^^;;;
And there's exactly one month to EOY, it's kinda short notice.
*mulls* although it might be a bit more appropiate for streetfest huh...
Aaaaaah still zomg I dunno i dunno...Haha at most it'll just be a lonely warori sak. XD;

lolololol found myself on some chinese mag that was reporting on cosfest. *amused*


COMDI ended early today, and Jacq's rather magnificently yellow tartan pants tore, so we went to the interchange so she could by comething else to wear. XD Jessica and Sak proceeded to take notes on This Fashion's princing and have come to the strange conclusion that diff outlets can sell the exact same thing for a very diff price. Chotto shocku deshita! lol.

then had lunch at Tampines Mall's LJS..
er the fries are nice but the cutlery really sucks.
If you're serving meat that needs to be cut prz to not be providing flimsy fragile disposable plastic for utensils dammit. :x haha and then Jacq said that LJS throw most of the feedback away without reading it, maa.

haha and saw kuro!! lolol
who was meeting her sister
who happened to be at the next table. XD haha


kickass Takuya Angel shoot *-*
New takuya Angel site
..TokyoDacadence may be rather questionable but omg clothes!
Shichi-Go-San....the kids are so cute!! lol and so much crappy raschel lace XD; zomg but the obi. *-*
er some visual kei band
another one? picharrrrs.
because the TA site is hell to navigate..
XD;; I actually like this one.
Cute etsy shop
Cute set on flickr


<3 set on photobucket
i want everything in this post. >w<


yes so.
sak needs to clear school work asap and haul ass and sew 8D
ashdkjg school you are IN THE WAY.
oh shit i forgot to check for yukan club
d addicts here i come XD


I need a jrocker picspam post dammit. clothesssss. hee.
my boss my hero


Haha I need to write one more draft but I've been catching up with the flist and such.

Woke up at 3 today - slept at 4. What I was doing...researching meido cafe. Where I can safely say that watching dancing maids is for school. omg some of them are so cute tho. ;_;  Like there was this valentines special kind thingy, and they give you chocolate and all and I was like. aaaaa kawaiiiiiiii!! *rolls* The latent fanboy in sak. haha. maa it's not like I go MOEEEEE! maa. and there was anotherone, with neko mimi -「最初はニャア!ジャンケンポン!」ウワ、カワイイすぎるぜ;_;ちょっと恥ずかしいけど、ときどき「バイトとしてメイドはええかもね...」と思いますね。^^;Maa, but it's not like the local one has nice uniforms, and I cmi anyway. XD It's scary tho, some cafes actually release DVDs...?! Maa. Read too many otaku blogs as well, lol. Haha but I found out wtf firefox keeps freezing everytime I was dl-ing something. >w<;; haha and himegyaru can be found patronizing maid cafes? haha. I'd love to go to a butler style one tho. Or the new gakuen kei one. Of course, Mon maintains that the best would be like the cafe in the Hana Kimi finale. XDD Haha I just remember I still haven't watched it subbed, nor the special. *sweat* maa.

Ah oh yeah the other night yesterday yesterday? maa.] it rained pretty much throughout the entire night.. オレ全然寝ませんでした - 面白すぎサイトとかからね^^;Nanka.. Maa was researching for ComDi, but it quickly degenerated into 'oooh shiny!!! *click*'. Amari yokunai ne. X3;; Maa the main point is that it was just really refreshing staying up with the rain. With the rain? Haha it sounds strange dosen't it. Maybe like a Destiny Island morning. Or Karuizawa? XD

Mmmmn. homg the flist has been so good today. :D
kickass!! causual artbook Bleach cosplay. Damn someone needs to do LoveCom versions. 8D
Lenneth! *-*
Ichi Rittoru fanart? It made me think of Nodame at first tho.
Haha I haven't watched it. Still!! haha. まあ泣きたくないからね。
And then of course, NewS on HEYHEYHEY. XD love!! Ostuska Ai doesn't look as good tho, doushite kana.. Hee Tesshi's looking so adorable lately - it's like 2.0 or something. XD Haha and Shige beating out Oguri Shun and MatsuJun is also vair awesome. XD The gap between him and the top three is like, zomg!! tho. Haha maa, but it's Pi, Jin and Toma, dakara shoganai komona. XD

Homg and like. Keep the Faith PV. Kakkoii!!! Sugoku kakkoi ze.  i rofled at the opening logo thingy tho. XD But zomg, the PV is so awesome! 8D The extreme slow mo might have been overused a tad much, but zomg it makes it cool so who cares right?  Keep the fangirls happy dammit. XD Haha and how is it that Maru look so...dasei in a kakkoi PV?! Maa Ueda looks vair good with the fluffy hood. Tho I went o_o bukkake shot?! at one of his close ups in the rain. XD And Jin looks so huggable in his sweater thing. Furetai yo.. haha omg and Koki looks about as piakia in Yorokobi. WHAT is with the shades?!  hahahaha.  Hrmn and Junno's roots are showing here. XD I've gotten used to his hair tho. XD; キレ.カコイイ?

ヤベ...も4時だ。 shit. my draft is so skimpy. I'll just do a skeleton then.


I'm writing in a terrible, terrible style, I know. It's pretty annoying ne. ^^; Maa that how sak's mind sounds like right now?

EDIT - omg Alice9 on HEYHEYHEY? Sak wants to watch~~ >w< *prods cyn*
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my boss my hero


saw this guy in the design canteen -
Skinny and lanky and smirkity lips and the hair's almost just right even :D
XD And then saw him when we were going home - Janis was like omg yes looks like!!
XDDDD Haha so exciting.
Haha and I'm not even a Kame fangirl. XD

XD lol and then saw another guy on the train and me and Janis were like - haha looks Japanese.
Passing resemblance to Toma maybe. XD

So yes.
omg it's so frustrating no JE fangirls in school though. D:

Anyway anyway anyway - today was first day of the Block,
Jacq totally overslept and didn't come lololololol.
Had ComDi, for like...an hour. -_-
Which meant I had free time from 1 30 - 6, how sick is that?!
And nothing to do either, cos the Library Resourse walkthrough/tutorial wasn't showing on the Blackboard intraweb thing.

Maa, read some good books in the Library..
But god, it's so fucking crowded now that the other faculties are back from holiday. :x

Jap class after that...
Haha the sensei's not a native, and her pronounciation's off wtf.
Maa, she's cute in a Bernie and Ms Koh way.

I have a show and tell type thing to do on.....geisha, wtflawl.
Dammit the girl next next to me go wagashi, and the one behind washi. Argh I want :x
Haha maa..

omg and like.
Since Japanese is by another department?
There's this attendance requirement thing. D:
I have to go for Ikoma on Saturday for this 2 weeks. ;_____;
Haha luckily the other 2 weeks are just nice off on Tuesday. :D Lucky~

Homg and like, Jai - the lecturer for ComDi was like all, okay if I cut 1 Nov for the JE seminar - zomg ttly going prz. XD Just hope got seats left. XD;;;;;

lol yesterday okaa san didn't come cos of the rain and chinese; so we just nua-ed in mac and ate alot of funk junk food. I swear sundays arebecomng junk food day of something, omg. XD Then went to the arcarde, mon and cyn got killed by the huge security gaurd, and then mon couldn't find the last animal...which was kinda wasted since she got a..black panther?
☆☆☆☆☆☆ lololol XD Then cyn had to go off,  and me and mon went to nue at long john's lol her juniors were there. XD I finished shukudai [except for the guided essay lol] and tried to do some of mon's chinese worksheets and phail very shittily, lololol. omg and mon writes very laughable drama essays. XD Minna should read her One Litre of Tears inspired essay. XD no wait mon, you should post it. *shot*

lol and then we went stationary shopping in pop and we also got cyn a vair lame but useful present. XD Dunno what wlse to put into her present leh how XDDDDD

my boss my hero


Yey! ^^v
HOC final submission OK deshita~~~~
Haha it was so rushed.
Woke up at like 9 30 and worked till like 6 then mom had to go towards the airport anyway so she dropped and fetched me too. Lucky~~

Then we came home, had dinner (tofu! :D), I watched 3/4 of Yukan Club, went to see GoPoh in TTSH, came home [at 10. ;;;;] finished watching Yukan Clun omg the police cosplay was so cute <333, and Hataraki Man and SCP subbed. <333333 Gah I can't wait for HatarakiMan subs to be out... ._. Ep 1 is being translated. >w<;; Maa.

When I watch Hataraki Man, I think, omg, doing assignments all end up being like that.
So one could possibly compare the stresses of the Block system to the stresses of a publishing company?
Haha maa but the scale is different ne.

Haha and Pa just rushed back from KL to home and just rushed off to the airport.

So, this block is over and no homework for the weekend..
I'll sew tmr. :3
Ah! And Ikoma homework.
I should take a leaf from Mon's book and make my own vocab cards too ne. ^^;;
And Sunday...
mon will try to catch the mysterious prehistoric animal, and there will be more zombie killing as well? Haha.

Dammit i keep trying to put the mp4 ver of the Weeeek PV in my phone but I keep getting the 'couldn't find sector' error which is SO INFURIATING DAMMIT.

Read through the [frikking long, 30+ pages] brief for ComDi which starts on Monday...
Yeah Pi was right, it's a glorified English & Writing class.
Haha it makes me feel like going to Kino and reading all the witty books.
I don't *read* anymore, it's so depressing.
Last one must hae been Deathly Hallows.
Yosh!! Let's go Kino sometime. :3
The sunshiney corner awaits.

Haha speaking of DH,
this is wha the posters in Mustafa read:
Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows. XDDDDDDDD

And dammit, Mustafa's bought MORE retail space.
WTF? srsly.
The existing space isn't properly managed,
Mustafa alr takes up so much space,
and then the smart thing to do is buy more space?!
And glut it with mountains of merchandise??
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